#1868 | Monday, September 9th, 2002
I was working for a Local Retail Store in Erie Pa, in the Electronic Section for the day.
The Store Security officer asked around 8:32am, why I didn't have the Display TVs on yet. We talk for a few moments, then proceeded to turn all of the displays on. The first news broadcast of the first tower was breaking in. A fellow Firefighter friend of mine called me right away, to tell me that the WTC was on fire. As the Security Officer & I stood there and watched, everything then un-folded, the 2nd plane hit!
By this time, almost all the employees (working at that time) were calling me on the internal phone system, asking what is going on. I then noticed almost all the customers in the store, are now standing in the Electronics Dept. (Over 100 of them) Friends & Family started by now calling our store, telling us to turn the TVs on, something terrible had happened.
I received a phone call from my wife (who is also a Firefighter), she told me to be ready, because Erie County was now on a Status 1 Alert (meaning all fire/ems/police personnel are on standby) At this time, the 3rd plane had hit the Pentagon, and the reports were coming over the news, that there was a possible 4th plane & no one was quite sure where it was, nor where it was going. Cleveland Airport reported, they lost a plane from their radar area, and was possibly headed towards the Pittsburgh Area.
Everyone in the store started to cry, some were screaming, just everyone was in complete disbelief of what they had just witnessed. Our Store manager made the decision to close the store down, and if the customers wanted to stay, they were more than welcome too.
At 4pm, all the employess of our store, along with around approx. 50 customers or so, we held a candle light vigil outside for all the victims.
My wife was called in to her work & placed on emergency status (she worked for Verizon at the time). The Northwestern Pa Verizon team had by this time, started to 'field' all calls coming out of New York City & the surrounding areas. My wife was at her work for 22 hrs to help field the calls, since Building 7 in the WTC Plaza was the Verizon Building and had collapsed also.
As I arrived home, my phone was now ringing with family members & friends checking in & so forth. All of my friends are all Firefighters/Emts aong with my family. Everyone was checking to see who might be going where & doing what, in case our Respective Depts may be needed, in either New York, Washington DC or Shanksville Pa.
I stopped at my wife's work later that evening, to give her a hug, asking her to be careful & tell her that I love her.
Dave Lightner | 42 | Pennsylvania

#1869 | Monday, September 9th, 2002
It has been almost one year to the day,a day that live in the hearts and minds of all americans for the rest of their lives. I remember hearing my friend in the room next to mine talking to someone on the phone, he sounded like he was crying,very upset.So i got up and went in to his room just in time to see the second plane hit the second tower.I had just got up from sleeping still not quite awake.And then seeing this i really wondered if this was real or i was still a sleep and was having a terrible nightmare.I could not take in what i was seeing people jumping to their death from 100 stories up, and buildings crumbling down A plane had hit the pentagon, one had crashed in western Penn. What had happened to the world i knew the night before that terrible mourning.After one year i still can remember that day and i will for the rest of my life.GOD BLESS AMERICA.
Ken Thomas | 44 | Utah

#1870 | Monday, September 9th, 2002
I rememeber i had come home early from work ill and my mother had gone on holiday that day. i sat down and turned the television on and started to watch some chat show like oprah whinfrey. a newsflash came on sky about a possible terrorist action in america, i thought it was a landed plane that they werent letting off the ground or something. i turned to watch it as i was bored. the pictures shocked me. then another plane hit and there was reports of another plane had hit the pentagon, my mind filled with dread and i thoughtthatthere would be hundreds of planes crashing everywhere. then all was calm it seemed although i knew different. i phoned my friend who i knew was athome watching it, later i was on the phone to that same freind cos he was coming to see me, and the first tower collapsed, i almost cried. then the second one fell down while i was still on the phone i watched all day, in a way i felt guilty for watching like it was entertainment, but even tho i was in the uk i was scared. i watched all day as picture after picture and different storys and news gatherings were shown on tv. I will never forget that day and know that i will always try to be nicer to people and help whoever i can because nothing like this should happen again newhere in the world. my heart and love and soul are with all the victims and there familys and friends. my mum has never been to america and is scared of flying now. Everyone around the world must stop our petty hates and squabbling and work towards a better future. wehave enough problems with disease and famine why kill each other.
Chris Noble | 20 | United Kingdom

#1871 | Tuesday, September 10th, 2002
For all of my days, I will never forget 911. I got a call at work that something was going on in NYC. I turned on a radio shortly after the first tower was struck. Like everyone, I hoped it was an accident, but soon realized it wasn't. I don't think I spoke for the rest of the day. I didn't know whether to cry or yell. As the anniversary nears, I think those same feeling will come back. I can't help but think of the children who lost parents that day. How can we explain to them what has happened to us?? As i watched the events unfold on TV, I felt a sense of guilt that I wasn't there to help. I hope that such events never happen again, but if they do, I WILL JOIN IN THE FIGHT!!! God Bless America
Travis | 30 | Oregon

#1872 | Tuesday, September 10th, 2002
On September 11th, I was just home from school and doing my Homework, when my Sister came into my room, looking shocked, and saying, come with me and have a look at this!!!!
I thought: Oh no, what the hell is going on?
But then , when I saw the Pictures on TV, I was shocked too. At the Time I didn't , how many people were dying.
Still I don't really realize what happend that awful day.
Klemens M. | 14 | Austria

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