#1858 | Monday, September 9th, 2002
I was at school, a Junior at Kennedy High School. We were in an assembly,and when we left we heard that a plane had hit the world trade center. I didn't get it-i figured it was just a personal plane or something. Then the teacher turned on the TV in fifth period and we watched the towers get hit and fall, again and again. It was horrible. And it was only much later that i heard about people jumping-and falling and splatting and dying. Rumors were flying about a fourth plane that crashed in pennsylvania, and a fifth plane that was still flying. I've never been so scared in my life. All i could think was "what if they keep attacking us? what if we fall? what if we don't survive??"

I didn't know anyone in NY or the Pentagon, but I hurt every time i think of how many died. Or when I see the tragic beauty of that second plane angling its wings to take out as many floors as possible. Or hear "Let's Roll" or see a picture of those three firefighters and the flag. Or look at the candle i keep that i lit during our neighborhood candelight vigil-it's a plain white taper with wax drips and somber memories. On the radio Oldies 100 is giving profiles of those who died at the pentagon-that hurts too.

When will it stop hurting at odd instants, like when i see a picture of the old NY skyline and we joke-but not joke-about how that picture needs to be updated?

Or go see the construction work on the pentagon and the little memorials people leave on the hill where you can see the hole in the pentagon?

Or read about why Bin Ladin did it. It dosn't matter what god you pray to. Those were innocent people. And now they're dead.
Laura | 17 | Maryland

#1859 | Monday, September 9th, 2002
At 9:00 I left my office in North Brunswick, NJ to drive to the main campus of Princeton House, the behavioral health division of the Medical Center at Princeton. I was supposed to attend a regular operations meeting and meet with my two immediate superiors. I arrived in Princeton at 9:30, having listened to the radio en route. The big screen tv in the main area of the facility was on showing both towers in flames. I went downstairs to my boss' office, he was trying to get to the CNN website but couldn't. We went back upstairs and stood with patients and staff watching the horror unfold on tv. When the first tower fell, I commented - somewaht casually - to no one in particular that I had a cousin who worked out of an engine company out of lower Manhatten and I wondered if he was on duty. Within a day or two I learned that Paul Beyer and three of his "brothers" from Engine Company 6 died in the collapse. He was just finishing a shift and was among the first to arrive at the scene. I went back to the outpatient site that I run and met with the staff and patients as a group then sent everyone home. We buried Paul in Staten Island..his home..on 5/31/02.
Marty Demarais | 47 | New Jersey

#1860 | Monday, September 9th, 2002
When America was attacked I was suprised. When we were attacked I was at school in my third our class when I found out what happened. Before september 11 I didnt even know that the twin towers even existed, but i already knew about the pentagon. I feel so sorry for all of the families of all the people who were victims. If I had one wish I would wish that the attack on America never happened to take all of the pain and sorrow away fom the victims families. The only good that came out of this is that America showed how strong we are when we work together. The other good thing is that the victims souls are finally in peace,Amen.
Sephi Ovia | 12 | Florida

#1861 | Monday, September 9th, 2002
I was driving to work when I heard on the radio that the first WTC tower had been hit by a plane. I turned to my local news station, where there was more reports & theories. Suddenly, the reports came in that a second plane had hit the second tower! My sister was supposed to leave for NYC that morning to visit friends & relatives.

I immediately called my mom (who's also a travel agent) & made some comment that my sister wouldn't be flying today, when I heard on the radio the tower had fallen. "Oh my G-d!" I said to my mom. "The Twin Tower just fell!" My mom's news station must have been delayed because my mom didn't believe me.
"What are you talking about? They're still standing!" I told my mom what I heard when suddenly I heard my mom scream herself the same words I just expressed 30 seconds before. We both said nothing for about the next 20 seconds while I listened to my radio & my mom watched the TV.

I went into work, where everyone was glued to the TV, radio, websites...whatever media we could get...I work in a building where I'm isolated from the outside world when working. My husband was calling me on my cell phon every 15-20 minutes to see how I was doing (I'm originally from NYC), my family, & my relatives in NYC itself.

People say they never forget where they were when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon or Kennedy was shot...I believe this event will surpass either of the previous events...there's more media coverage, more sensationalism, & more devestation.
Jodi | 33 | California

#1862 | Monday, September 9th, 2002
I remember sitting in my 2nd period Ecology class when the principal of my high school came on the intercom announcing that the World Trade Center had been hit by a plane.At first I was completly clueless about the whole thing because i didn't know that it was that big of a deal plus at the moment i thought it was an accident. I didn't even know they were speaking about the twin towers untill later in the day...All my life i had known those buildings as the twin towers not the world trade center! The reality of the severness of the whole tragety didn't hit me untill later that day around 5th period (Weight training class) All my friends were glued to the TV and alot of them were crying and all i could do was comfort them because I could not cry.I tried being strong infront of them. Later on that evening when i was home listening to the Radio the song "Proud to Be An American" came on and it was the fist time i had heard it and i couldn't hold it in any longer i just had to cry beacause this is my Country who was suffering and i couldn't help it.From that day on I'd find my self crying a lot...And for the next couple weeks all i could show was my American Pride by wearing red,white and blue! May God Bless the USA and i can't help but to say that I am so proud to say i am American and no matter what i will stand for my Country and our freedom!
Flor Jimenez | 17 | Florida

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