#1828 | Monday, September 9th, 2002
I was asleep when it happened. I am on the West Coast so it was still rather early here. I woke to my alarm (which is actually the radio) and heard them say “two planes have crashed”. With that I jumped out of bed thinking “oh my god, Sarah flew in last night”. I ran to the TV and turned it on only to realize that the World Trade Center had been hit. I heard them say that the Pentagon had also been reported as hit as well. I ran to wake my roommate and told her “Wake up, America is under attack.” We both sat in the living room staring at the horrible images on TV. I had to go to work so I called my roommate from my cell phone so she could keep me up-to-date on what was happening while I still listened on the radio as well. When I got to work my boss and I arrived to work at the same time. All she said was “How do you feel?” I answered “Terrified”. We then sat down in her office and continued to listen to the radio reports. Obviously nobody got any work done that day. We just sat there in total shock and discussed our feelings. Oddly enough a co-worker and I had been discussing “Band of Brothers” the day prior (9/10/01) and he said “What if someone attacked us here? I’d want to be protected.” I told him “that won’t happen. Nobody is stupid enough to attack America.” Well, I ate my words that day when I realized it had actually happened.
Tracy | 23 | California

#1829 | Monday, September 9th, 2002
I was in Oregon, holding my baby girls just before waking them for the day, the grey light of morning was just coming in when my husband, who had just turned on the morning news, said Oh my God honey a plane just hit one of the trade center towers. Not knowing what the day would bring the first thing I did was hold my two children and think, Oh those poor children of those families. How lucky I am to be alive holding my children right now.
Kathleen | 32 | Oregon

#1830 | Monday, September 9th, 2002
I was late for work that morning rushing through traffic and as I was walking in the door the first plane hit. As the news came of a second plane, and the pentagon my first thought was my family & friends and trying to account for everyone. And my next thought was how could this be happening here? I spent the rest of the day and next, at work, online, searching for a college friend that lived in NY and worked for Cantor Fitzgerald
It was amazing how many people were in the same situation, being a few hundred miles away in Boston, I connected with people from all over NY and elsewhere looking for loved ones, reaching out to anyone for new information.
A year later it almost doesn't seem real. Again, how could that have happened here? Where I've grown up and felt so safe. The simple fact is that it did happen,and the only thing forus to do is be the people that have made this country so great. No matter what happens to us here, whether it be by our own hands or that of hateful terrorists, we will always be the ones left standing, moving on and providing the rest of the world with vision & hope for freedom. It is the acts of love that occurred on that day(9/11/01)through rescue workers and everyday civilians, that have made us stronger. And me realize, it may have happened here, but the evil & hate that hit us that day will never hurt us again.
Stacy | 25 | Massachusetts

#1831 | Monday, September 9th, 2002
My Mother called me at 6:00am (PST) and I ingnored her call. I woke up and turn the TV on and every channel I watched was broadcasting the events of September 11. I had to go to school and at the time I didn't realize to what degree of destruction would occur. During class my boyfriend text'd messaged me everything that was happening. When I got out of class I called my father, who works on a military base, and he told me they were on lock down and he would be going home soon. I hung up and began to cry. I returned home and watched the events unfold over and over again. I cried harder and harder and fell asleep in my boyfriend's lap. When I awoke I continued to cry and eventually forced myself to go to work. When I arrived at work we were told to go home. I returned home and just continued to watch the tragic events unfold.
Kathy Williams | 25 | California

#1832 | Monday, September 9th, 2002
The morning of 9/11 was a morning i wish i didnt have to live. I was in my room sleeping and my mom woke me up about 11am she was screaming come look a jet hit the WTC im thinking ok what the hell is that anyway and why do i have to get up?I walked down stairs thinking she pulling my leg anyway.And when i saw the T.V. screen i thouht i was going to die all i could do was cry. I was watching channel 11 news and the broadcast lady said if you want to help we need blood for the injured. I jumped up out of the chair and called the local Red Cross. They told me i was to young to give blood. That broke my heart because i knew someone was out there i could have saved and all i could do was watch everything get worse.So seeings how i couldnt give blood every where i went that had a donation jar, and i put my money in there. I was born on Pearl Harbor Day and i always wanted to learn more about it but now i think i know enough.I want to say thank you to all the miltary people who are fighting to protect us and say i always will pray for those we loston the horrible day last year.
Gloria | 16 | Maryland

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