#1823 | Monday, September 9th, 2002
September 11th will always be in my mind as very few events have affected me the way that day has. I was in my office conducting a training class when one of my co-workers asked to use the television set that was in my training room. When we were able to break for a few minutes I checked in to see what they wanted to see on the TV. To my horror I saw the first tower on fire then the second tower was hit. My company had offices in both towers and we lost many associates and friends that day. The only thing I wanted to do at that point was get to my children and hold them because noone knew what else was going to happen and I feared for their safety. As I watched the events unfold I couldn't help but feel both concern for the innocent people who had died or were injured and at the same time the anger I felt for the cowards that committed this insane act was so great that I have never in my life felt emotions like that at the same time.

My thoughts and prayers are always with those who so bravely and unknowingly lost their lives that fateful day.

I will, as I hope every American, never forget those brave Americans.
David | 36 | Missouri

#1824 | Monday, September 9th, 2002
I was in my first class of the day, Study hall. The day started out slow. I was doing my homework, and all of a sudden the principal and vice principal, walked in and said," Can I have everyone's attention?...... the World Trade Center in New York has just been hit by a plane." It hit everyone like a ton of bricks. All day long, every teacher was watching it on their tv's. They even set one up for us in the commons for lunch time. It was a sad day, people were crying everywhere, and all of the teachers were moping around all day long. It was sad. It was hard to believe that something so far away could affect us in Wisconsin.
Tegan Griffith | 17 | Wisconsin

#1825 | Monday, September 9th, 2002
I Was At Home , in Porsgrunn Norway, it was a rainy sad and awful day..
11th september is a sad day, that we all should remember and pray for the victims that died that day..

Love and PEACE from a norwegian and thai girl.
E. S . S | 17 | Norway

#1826 | Monday, September 9th, 2002
I was actually in Class when the first plane hit. When class let out, I went to go pick up a package and then called my Mom to thank her for what she sent. When she answered, she asked if I was watching the news, and I said "no," not realizing what was going on. She told me to turn it on and filled me in on what happened. I watched the news, and tried to get in contact with friends so that they would know what was going on (not many college students I know watch the news in the mornings). I watched the people jumping out of the buildings; I watched the towers fall. I remember being so ANGRY and so sad--crying a lot over the next weeks. But as time passed, I was so proud of my country--how we rallied together; how we didn't let it beat us. God Bless the USA
Caitlin | 19 | Louisiana

#1827 | Monday, September 9th, 2002
I recall the light streaming into my room. It was my day off and I lazily shuffled my feet to the bathroom to put my contacts in. On the other side of the bathroom wall rested the TV. I heard people screaming and I came around the corner to see my two roommates sitting in the chair in disbelief. One was crying as the other held her close, tears running down their face as well. "We're being attacked," was all one could muster as I tried to understand what was happening. I saw the smoke rising from the World Trade Center Tower and recalled the bomb that happened there some time before. "There's a bomb or something?", was my question to them as the newscaster said, "Let's show this video." It was then that everything slowed down for me, I watched as this plane seared into this building and felt my breath leave me. I couldn't speak, I couldn't do anything. I remember rage coursing through me the same time that the child in me screamed for it's mother. In that moment of feelings the second building was struck and reports of the Pentagon began rising in the news. I felt litterally under attack. These people were finding places of importance to strike and kill who was to say I wasn't next door to the next place on their list? Even still as the memorial comes around I wonder if they would do the same again. Fear rested in me for close to three months. Afraid to go away too long, refusing business trips and being with my family and friends every moment I could. I am too young to ever know how a nation felt with JFK's assasination I often never understood it. The loss of a leader is hard but so many still hold that day close to their hearts. I understand now how they feel.....I unfortunatly understand all too well.

"May you find serenity in the silence of peace, for the silence will be broken and the peace shattered by chaos. Yet within chaos, peace follows it's suit and so the healing will begin and the world shall turn another day."
Cindy Rockwell | 26 | Florida

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