#1753 | Sunday, September 8th, 2002
I was at school when the plane hit the first tower and I didn't know about it. When I came home my parents called me in to see something on TV. When I saw the picture it all seemed like something out of a cheap budget film like "Disaster Movie 3" or something. I couldn't believe it, I just stood there for about half an hour before I moved, I went upstairs and turned on every TV and put them on different channels, so that I could keep track of everything. Seeing the first tower fall was heart-breaking, as I had known from when I first saw the tragedy, that if one tower fell, so would the other one. My heart sunk, and I felt helpless for all those people left in the towers on the high floors, who had no hope of escape. I watched TV until about 3am that night and then again the next morning, at 9 o'clock, when fire-fighters were still at the site, stuggling to cope with anything. I send my compassion out to all those lost friends and relatives that day.
Eddie Heywood | 15 | United Kingdom

#1754 | Sunday, September 8th, 2002
I was given some lecture at work when
this guy burst into the room and said that North Tower had been hit by an aircraft. Some quarter of an hour later he came in saying that South Tower was hit. Two 'accidents' in such a short while. Having no TV at work we tried to check out what was happening on interent - nothing. I drove home as fast as I could and stayed up late watching CNN, Fox and whatever came through. Seeing those aircraft drive directly into the towers - I could not, and still cannot understand how a man can look death so straight in the face, whatever the reason. To this day (just some 5 mins ago), seeing reviews on TV (with the anniversary coming up) I look in awe.

I have one BIG friend in the U.S. of A. She's a great person and I care for her a lot - any day, so think on hearing this news. To make matters worse, she's muslim. She was the one who thought me that not all muslims are terrorists, and that islam nowhere says to go kill like that. I sent her an email and kept wating for a reply which did not come as quick as I wanted. It arrived later in the evening and I felt better.

I think that the primary contingency of closing all air traffic over the US was justified and well thought. I think that the effects of this will take long to settle down, and I hope that no hot heads get too hot and start WWIII. I will accept deaths in the pursuit of eliminating those responsable for this, but nothing else.
Ian Grech | 32 | Malta

#1755 | Sunday, September 8th, 2002
I was at school when the first plane hit the world trade center. The bell had just rang and I was walking to class with one of my friends that I liked and before she went to her class and I to mine. I asked her to homecomming. I felt like I was a million dollars when she said yes, then I went into class. I walked in and everyone was glued to the television. The second plane had hit the tower.
Anderson | 16 | Texas

#1756 | Sunday, September 8th, 2002
I was in school when it happened and didnt find out until my Dad collected us. He explained it to us all and on the way home and our usual noisy car full of teenagers was silent. None of us knew how to say what we were feeling.
When I got home I sat on the sofa and watched the television, so much went through my head. I felt for everyone in there or who had someone they loved in there. I turned off the television and cried for half an hour whilst praying for everyone there.
There was so much to feel, for people in there, those who had people in there whom they loved, the fireman and world leaders. There are still too many feelings to express.
For the future I hope that people will always look back to September 11th and remeber the courage shown, rather than the evil displayed.
Samantha Hunt | 15 | United Kingdom

#1757 | Sunday, September 8th, 2002
My wife and I were going into work a little earlier than usual (5AM here in Hawaii) when we heard on the radio that a plane had flown into the world trade center. Then a few moments later the announcement that the tower(s) had collapsed...I couldnt believe it...thought maybe it was just overblown news reports...

At the time, no thoughts of terrorism, perhaps just a very bad air disaster...then when I got to work and saw the video footage...

Fear, Anger, and ... being stuck in the middle of the Pacific...helplessness.
Newton K. Koshi | 41 | Hawaii

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