#1748 | Sunday, September 8th, 2002
I was flying on United Flight 907 from London to Newark that morning. My British wife was at home in England. We sadly parted on that day in Heathrow airport with my wife telling me I sometimes do things at poor times. I had a weight on me throughout the flight and dismissed it as missing my wife. We had a arguement which led me to flying back home to Montana. My flight was diverted to Halifax, Canada. I was unable to contact family or friends for some time. My wife cried on the phone and said she would give up her life in England to be with me in Montana. She gave up many of her belongings and her way of life to move to Billings, Montana. She and I are happy together and will never part ways, again.
Steven Smith | 46 | Montana

#1749 | Sunday, September 8th, 2002
I was in Colorado and my mom called from Florida and woke me up by saying, "Turn on the television...the World Trade Center is on fire."
I fumbled for the remote control and then saw an image too horrific to fully comprehend, even today. The second plane was flying into the tower and I thought to myself, "my God, we are under attack." I didn't know by whom or why. But I knew this was no accident and we would no longer be the safe nation I had known.
Jennifer | 25 | Colorado

#1750 | Sunday, September 8th, 2002
Ft. Lauderdale, Fl 8:15 a.m. packing my mother's childhood toys while trying to organize the rest of the family to prepare for a very long day ahead all the while trying to boost everyone's spirits as I have done so many times before since she was diagnosed. Today was my mother's first of many trips to the hospital to remove the cancer from her breast. 8:35 a.m. arrive at the hospital and help my mother to the receptionist area to check her in. My brother runs over to us 15 minutes later to say that a small plane has hit one the towers. Stupid pilot I thought why doesn't he watch where he's going. And then I tell my brother to leave us alone now, mom was already nervous enough. 10 minutes later we are all in the waiting room watching the 2nd plane hit the towers. My mother is now screaming for us to make sure her sisters are ok who all work in the Mahattan area. We all had phones with us to report to the family that mom's surgery was over and she was fine. Now we are all using up our battery power before she even goes in making failed attempts to call New York because everyone had the same idea as we did and all circuits proceded to be busy for hours. Still trying to raise the spirits in the room I mention that like us, the towers needed a new roof anyway... this of course was before 10 am and all we could do was sit and watch our hometown crash to the ground. My new home, as of 5 days previous to this day was 4 blocks from the Pentagon. And as I watch my new home get covered in smoke and flames all I now need to do is get hold of my pet sitter to make sure my animals are safe. Yes looking back this might have been minor in the scheme of things but it wasn't minor to me that day. Eventually the day came to end, my aunts were found and were fine (Except for some emotional scarring). My mom's surgery went as well as to be expected, a year later she is now a Cancer survivor and life goes on... but life will never be the same.
Mindy | 32 | Virginia

#1751 | Sunday, September 8th, 2002
I was with my mother and her fiance, in the kitchen of his flat-drinking tea.
When we heard the first plane had hit, we thought it was a small plane gone off course into the building which would have been tragic enough. But as soon as we heard of the second plane and then the Washington and Pennsylvania flights, we knew that it was no accident. Turning on the TV, it was like nothing you can dream of-it was almost unreal what we were seeing. We all felt so afraid, we did not know what would happen next and hoped aginst hope that there would be no more to come. In London, we were hearing about the emergency measures being taken at airports and other institutions and the fear really hit home. I didn't want to leave my family, I was afraid for my partner who was away at work at the time-was he alright? Were my friends in the US alright? There was an enormous urge to 'check in' with everyone just to make sure that they were safe, no matter where they were. It was horrific, watching the news on TV and seeing all this unfolding before you. Just the dread and fear of what might happen next was overwhelming. You knew that we, as a collective of humanity, would never ever be the same again.
Michelle | 25 | United Kingdom

#1752 | Sunday, September 8th, 2002
I was at my Mother's house just outside Toronto Canada, just getting ready for the 4 hour car trip back to Michigan and my husband. My Mom saw the first plane hit the tower, and she called me in. Katie Couric was stunned, and she seemed like she didn't believe the events around her. I immediately called my husband and told him the tower had been hit. When the second tower was hit, I called him again and told him I wouldn't be home that day, the borders were closed, I'd be there tomorrow. Then I sat, watched the television, and cried. I called my husband about 20 times that day. I wanted him to go home and not stay at work. I wanted him to be safe, and I watched in awe for hours. My friend came over and we talked--she had ticket to a movie at the festival in Toronto, but the Film Festival in the city had been postponed due the the event--and I kept crying. All I could think about was those poor people, and New York, and how evil you have to be to plan and commit such a devastating event! Then I got angry.

It took me almost 12 hours to get back home the next day. It took 3.5 hours to get to Windsor Ontario, and the remaining time to cross the tunnel to Detroit. The Bridge line started at least 20 KM outside Windsor, so I did a u-turn on the 401 and drove north to the hick towns, taking backroads all the way to Windsor. The tunnel was packed, but not as bad as the bridge.
The security was high and it was scary.

What an awful day.
J Fynan | 32 | Michigan

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