#1733 | Saturday, September 7th, 2002
On September 11, 2001, my husband & I were getting up to get ready for work that day. My husband turned on the stereo, as he does on every day when he gets ready for work as a soldier in the United States military. When he turned on the radio, I barely heard what was going on, when he called me out of bed. He hurried to get his uniform on & told me I was going to call-in because he did not want me leaving the house without knowing what was going on. We knew right away, it was no accident as all the news reports were trying to make it sound. He worked long hours in the first few months after the attacks & he is now away as part of the efferts to fight terrorism & defend our freedoms. As the song by Alan Jackson says,"...the world stopped turning" for me. God Bless America!
Cathy | 27 | Arizona

#1734 | Saturday, September 7th, 2002
I was in IRC (Internet Relay Chat) at the time of the WTC event. It was 11pm in Australia, and I was just getting comfy that tuesday night, as a friend from the chat told us the World Trade Centre had been attacked. I automatically thought "no way, not true". As it sank in, I began to believe and told my brother to turn on the TV. He had the same reaction as I did, and so did my mother and father. We finally turned on the TV and saw it. Here is the transcript of the chat which I logged and backed up on a CD (I won't censor out the swearing because it gives a better impression of what we felt, you may edit it though if it offends people):

[23:00] [@Nebz> shit
[23:00] * PanicC crashes off the pootah chair
[23:00] [@Nebz> a plane crashed into the world trade centre!
[23:00] [@Reapz> again?
[23:00] [@PanicC> lol
[23:00] [@Reapz> or are you serious?
[23:00] [@PanicC> geex
[23:01] [@PanicC> ITS ON MY TV!!!!!!!!!!!!1
[23:01] [@Reapz> no, you guys serious?
[23:01] [@PanicC> yes
[23:01] [@Reapz> No, i want actual truth
[23:01] [@PanicC> i swaer to god
[23:01] [@Reapz> you serious
[23:01] [@PanicC> cross my heart
[23:02] [@PanicC> YESSSS
[23:02] [@PanicC> no shit
[23:02] [@PanicC> on cnn
[23:02] [@Nebz> its true
[23:02] [@Reapz> where are ypou seeing this?
[23:02] [@Nebz> one tower is on fire
[23:02] [@PanicC> breaking news
[23:02] [@PanicC> yep
[23:02] [@PanicC> cahnnel 7 then..
[23:02] [@PanicC> but is over
[23:02] [@PanicC> check others
[23:02] [@Nebz> chan 10 for me like 10 seconds ago
[23:03] [@PanicC> sorry 10
[23:03] [@Reapz> ok
[23:03] [@PanicC> mmm 10
[23:03] [@Reapz> my brother says he reckons its bullshit
[23:03] [@PanicC> good ole sandra sully
[23:03] [@Reapz> haha
[23:03] [@Reapz> you guys were b/sin me
[23:03] [@PanicC> drat? tell him to check papers tommorrow
[23:03] [@Reapz> arseholes
[23:04] [@Reapz> nice try anyways
[23:04] [@PanicC> no
[23:04] [@Nebz> fucking dickhed
[23:04] [@Reapz> can i make topic bot it?
[23:04] [@Nebz> it's true
[23:04] [@Nebz> film too
[23:04] [@PanicC> er, were not
[23:04] [@PanicC> its true
[23:04] [@Reapz> ok... FALL WE ARE GONNA DIE
[23:04] [@Fall> why?
[23:04] [@Reapz> DIE
[23:04] [@Reapz> TRADE CENTER
[23:04] [@PanicC> do ya want me too or u?
[23:04] [@Reapz> i will
[23:05] [@Fall> huh?
[23:05] [@PanicC> IS BURNING
[23:05] [@PanicC> AFTER A PLANE
[23:05] [@Fall> what about em?
[23:05] [@PanicC> CRASHED
[23:05] [@PanicC> INTO IT
[23:05] [@Nebz> FUCK
[23:05] [@Nebz> REAPZ
[23:05] [@Nebz> CHAN 10!
[23:05] [@Nebz> NOW
[23:05] [@Fall> where'd you hear this?
[23:05] [@PanicC> NOWWWW
[23:05] [@Reapz> hahah
[23:06] [@PanicC> DO IT
[23:06] [@Reapz> you guys suck shite
[23:06] [@Fall> i'm on?
[23:06] [@PanicC> FALL- U TOO
[23:06] [@PanicC> y
[23:06] [@Reapz> shit
[23:06] [@Nebz> lol
[23:06] [@Nebz> HOLY CRAP
[23:06] [@Nebz> DID U SEE THAT!?
[23:06] [@PanicC> clip news
[23:06] [@Reapz> FUCK ME
[23:07] [@PanicC> like cats game
[23:07] [@Fall> i'm going to watch cnn!!
[23:07] [@PanicC> exept crash
[23:08] [@PanicC> fuuuuuuuuuuucccccccckkkkkkkkkk
[23:08] [@PanicC> woah
[23:08] [@PanicC> serious shit dudes
[23:08] [@PanicC> jeez
[23:08] [@Reapz> this is fucked
[23:08] [@PanicC> mmm
[23:08] [@PanicC> god
[23:09] [@PanicC> oh sweet heck
[23:09] * PanicC is panicked
[23:09] [@PanicC> lol
[23:09] [@PanicC> cool but horrific
[23:09] [@PanicC> ahhhh
[23:10] [@PanicC> :O
[23:10] [@PanicC> they say it is deliberate
[23:10] [@Reapz> fuck
[23:10] [@Reapz> i hope so
[23:11] [@Reapz> cos i wanna be in New York right now
[23:11] [@PanicC> so who will post?
[23:11] [@Reapz> i already did
[23:11] [@PanicC> oh
[23:11] [@PanicC> u did
[23:11] [@PanicC> cool
[23:11] [@Reapz> yah
[23:11] [@Reapz> world trade centres
[23:14] [@Reapz> dude
[23:14] [@Reapz> you gotta think of it from my view
[23:14] [@Reapz> you just told me that
[23:14] [@Reapz> seems a bit weird
[23:14] [@Nebz> ok
[23:15] [@Nebz> but
[23:15] [@Nebz> LMAO
[23:15] [@Reapz> But seriously
[23:15] [@Nebz> lmao
[23:15] [@Reapz> I dont care
[23:15] [@PanicC> *********
[23:15] [@Reapz> so i went with it
[23:15] [@PanicC> speechless
[23:15] [@Reapz> i shit you not, i thought you's were b/sin
[23:15] [@PanicC> honestly speechless
[23:16] [@Reapz> fuck me
[23:16] *** Reapz changes topic to: 'I SHIT YOU NOT, THE WORLD TRADE CENTER... WENT BOOM'
[23:16] [@Fall> un be flamin leavable
[23:17] [@PanicC> urrr *shakes* urrrr
[23:17] [@PanicC> h-h-help
[23:17] [@Fall> it's on every cable news channel there is
[23:17] [@Reapz> i know Fall
[23:17] [@Reapz> its everywhere
[23:17] [@PanicC> how is this happening
[23:17] [@Reapz> it had to be terrorists.. this could NOT have been an accident
[23:17] [@Fall> bushy's been told
[23:17] [@Reapz> ermmmm
[23:17] [@Reapz> terrorists
[23:17] [@Fall> it's freakin terrorism
[23:17] [@Reapz> yep
[23:17] [@Reapz> im makin a poll
[23:17] [@Nebz> they think terrorists
[23:18] [@PanicC> DREAM
[23:18] [@Reapz> cool
[23:18] [@PanicC> DREAM
[23:18] [@Reapz> HEADSPIN
[23:18] [@PanicC> DREAM
[23:18] [@PanicC> TOTAL HEADSPIN
[23:18] [@PanicC> I am honestly wondering if tommorrow i will wake from this abyss of fantasy
[23:18] [@PanicC> ^^^^ no crap
[23:19] [Gummy> holy crap
[23:19] [Gummy> 'possible' foul play?!
[23:19] [@Reapz> YOU HEARD???
[23:19] [Gummy> they said the first plane turned
[23:19] [Gummy> it's like a movie!!
[23:20] [Fall> finally
[23:21] [Fall> i wonder if those planes had occupants...more than the pilot (sarcasm)
[23:21] [@crazycrap> cos my nick is what this news is
[23:21] [@crazycrap> wow
[23:22] [Fall> www.cnn.com
[23:22] [@Reapz> ok im going guys
[23:22] [@crazycrap> thx
[23:22] [@Reapz> im going to film this in america
[23:22] [@Reapz> Ciao
[23:22] *** Disconnected
Session Close: Tue Sep 11 23:23:18 2001

It shows how I couldn't believe what was happening, and I remember the night so vividly. The next day I wasn't at school, but I did stay up late just to watch it.

- Reapz
Heath 'Reapz' Dunn | 17 | Australia

#1735 | Saturday, September 7th, 2002
i believe that it is not right that we had to have something bad happen to our country to unite like we did. Dont get me wrong i believe in the support of families but in some way we all think that it is wrong.
Robin Britton | 14 | Ohio

#1736 | Saturday, September 7th, 2002
It's funny how you can commit every detail about a specific day to your memory, isn't it?

On Sept. 11, 2001, I was a senior in college in DC, living in an off-campus apartment close to the zoo. My 3 roommates and I were in the process of getting ready for work and classes; one of us had already headed to an internship on Capitol Hill. I had just sat down with my Lucky Charms when my roommate got up without a word and turned on the TV - she had gotten an IM from a friend that something was going on in NYC.

It took us a couple of minutes to realize what we were watching wasn't a movie, and a few more minutes for it to sink in that this was no accident. Confused, we started making phone calls - home, to friends in New York, you name it. I still could kick myself for making the offhand comment to my mom that "at least it's not DC." We sat glued to the TV, half-attempting to keep getting ready and debating whether we should even bother.

Another roommate had just left to go to work - blocks from the White House - when reports started coming in that there was a fire at the Pentagon. My remaining roommate & I just stared at eachother - and grabbed phones again. "Mom," I had to say, "they hit DC..."

I knew that obviously, our puny apartment building wasn't a target - but I sat there terrified, listening to (what turned out to be false) CNN reports that a car bomb had gone off outside the State Department, and that there were fires on the National Mall. Worst of all, we began hearing that there was another plane headed for DC. They didn't know where it would hit, but kept saying it was coming. I can honestly say I never felt so insignificant in my life: no matter what I did, I had no control over what was going on. I would watch the tv, then watch the window, half-expecting to see a plane come hurtling down. Had Flight 93 made it to DC (as I believe it was intended to) I know my roommates would have been in a horrible situation: that plane would have hit either somewhere on Capitol Hill or the White House.

As they began evacuating downtown DC, and things still looked completely uncertain, we tried to track down our roommates while friends, classmates & every family member from here to Florida started calling our apartment. It was a mess - the lines were jammed, there was no signal, it was pointless. We were all fine, fortunately. My one roommate was taken from Capitol Hill to Maryland with co-workers; the other walked most of the way home from the White House after they closed Metro stops. I never made it anywhere, after I called work and was told to avoid the Metro at all costs.

By late afternoon, we were all back in the apartment and trying to figure out what to do with ourselves. We ended up on the rooftop of our building, watching the Pentagon burn - some of the blackest smoke I've ever seen. It was almost surreal, hearing sirens and seeing nothing but military helicopters flying above. The streets were dead, all of the businesses and restaurants shut down with little signs: "God Bless America."

We alternated between cleaning and eating, flipping stations to make sure we weren't missing a thing. It got to a point where I couldn't watch any more, but I was too nervous to sleep. I wonder sometimes if people realize how tense it was in DC for weeks ... we were warned about gas attacks on the Metro, car bombs, suspicious trucks, you name it. Arab governments (the UAE in particular) sent government planes to fly their students home - one guy got pulled out of my Cross Cultural Communications class in the middle of the afternoon. It was nerve-wracking for awhile.

Forget 9/11? I don't need television specials to remind me. I'll never forget.

Jen | 22 | Ohio

#1737 | Saturday, September 7th, 2002
I woke up thinking it was any other morning. Every morning I turn on this local morning show. But this time, this Tuesday morning, the show wasn't on. The first picture I saw was the Twin Towers burning. I thought it was some freak accident. Then I heard them say it was two seperate planes. There then was a new flash.. The Pentagon was attacked. I was terrified. It wasn't supposed to be like this. Things like this don't happen in America. I didn't know if it was a bomb or a plane. I thought, "Oh my god, what is going to explode next." Living in Sacramento, I felt like a viable target. What about the Capitol Building? I went out to our living room and sat down with my family. That's when the first building collapsed. My sister began to cry and I began to cry, as I am now thinking about it. I went to school, but I really didn't want to. When I got there one teacher had a TV on and that's where I watched the second tower tumble to the ground. The bell rang at school and I walked throught the campus dazed. I couldn't believe it. I had been to NY a few years before and the only things I remember are the beautiful skyline which is now completely changed and how massive those buildings are when you stand at the base of them. They are, were, huge. I couldn't help but think, and I'm sure I was right, that New York city would never be quite the same. I called my mom after first period and cried some more. I felt silly about it then, crying at school but now, I almost think I didn't cry enough. What angered me was the kids at my school seemed oblivious to it all, except for a small few. I was so angry. I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs, "DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT IS HAPPENING?" I went to golf practice after school but it was quickly abandoned as the team went into the pro shop to watch the TV. I watched way too much TV that day. As if watching it once wasn't bad enough. I must have seen the second plane hit the tower 50 times by the end of the day, and watched them fall one hundred times. Now, one year later I still am in shock. With the anniversary four days away, I am a wreck. I've had two nightmares about it in the past four days, and I wasn't even there. I don't know how I'm going to get through next Wednesday, but I will be wearing my ribbon, and I plan on going in and donating blood. I wish every one well and extend my deepest sympathies to those who lost loved ones in the attack on our nation. But I must say, I have never been more proud to be an American!!!
Brandy | 17 | California

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