#1608 | Tuesday, August 27th, 2002
I had just gotten to work and was making the rounds of checking the fax machines & copiers that they were working since they often jammed during the night. I remember passing a co-workers desk and she said oh my god and i said what's wrong she said a plane crashed into the WTC. I also thought it was a small plane and didn't think much else until the second plane hit the second tower. I felt like I was dreaming and desperately wanted to wake up. People weren't working. They were all on the phones trying to get more info since we didn't have TV's only radios. I woke up my best friends mom to ask her but she had no idea and said to call back. I called my dad and he turned on the tv and was speechless. My brother had just spoken to my mom from his office near battery park and said that as far as he knew he was going about his day and would call later. He was one of the many people to work across the bridge to get home well actually to our parents since he couldn't get home to CT that night. Finally we were allowed to go home at one o'clock. Why a set time considering the morning? who knows. But before they let us go home we all met and said the pledge of allegiance and had a moment of silence for everyone and everything. It wasn't until my husband came home that I really watched the TV. I was scared to watch it alone even though my friend said why its history in the making and that was silly and then hung up to go watch it herself. Guess I didn't want to cry alone. I hope to God that this country has learned from their mistakes and will be able to prevent anything like this in the future. I also hope that we as americans also remember what we felt that day and never forget to be proud to be an american
dawn | 36 | New York

#1609 | Tuesday, August 27th, 2002
I was asleep when it happened. When I woke up, I had an SMS from my best friend on my mobile phone, telling that America was under attack. The first thing I did was turn on the TV. The second thing I did was get online.

Every channel was broadcasting live, I had very little idea what had happened and was filled in by my online friends.

It was about then I started calling my friends in the US. Those who could were already online, but there were some I needed to speak to, even if they were nowhere near NY or DC.

The first few times I called, I couldn't get an international line (I live in Australia). By now, I was completely panicking. When I finally got through to someone, I was reassured that everyone there (South-Eastern Virginia) was fine, albeit a little shaken up.

Then I went outside and for the first time ever, smoked three cigarettes in a row.

It was a school day, but I didn't go. I knew there was no way I would be able to concentrate (and my English teacher, knowing I had previously lived in the US had informed all my other teachers I probably wouldn't be in).

One by one, I managed to get in contact with all of my American friends. Slowly, I was able to relax slightly.

That didn't last.

Once I was certain my people were safe, my thoughts turned to the friends and family of other people. How many wives wouldn't see their husband again? How many children would grow up, not knowing their father, knowing only that he died for the twisted political views of a terrorist.

First, I was sad. I spent many hours crying. Crying for the loss of life, the loss of safety and for the loss of innocence.

Then came anger. I wanted those responsible to be found and I wanted them to be punished to the full extent of the law and then some.

Over time, it has become easier to remember what happened without being overcome by these two emotions. They are both still there, but they are no longer as powerful as before.

My father is flying from his Naval base on the other side of Australia to visit us. He's flying on September 11th. I am not the only one who has begged him to change his flight. This is probably the most lasting effect of the terrorist action against America.

Katie Marchant | 18 | Australia

#1610 | Tuesday, August 27th, 2002
I was at the caldwells in NJ not far from NY NY. Attending school in the am when I herd on the radio that the WTC was hit by a aircraft. After the second plane hit I rushed to Weehawken,NJ where I'm employed , on the Hudson river at Harbor BLVD. where as I was traveling down Rt. 80 east I could see the devistation,and in disbelief!!!
That morning NY city was evacuated bringing thousands of people over to the NJ side of the Hudson River. People that were crying, scared,& dismayed.What a scarey day.
Then A up lift happend when I saw 2 F-16s Flying by backing up the American country that employs it!!!!
WHAT A RUSH!!! Never thought I'd see this in my life.Then I went to the roof of the buildings that I'm the Engineer for kneeled and said a weeping prayer for all the parentless children who would never understand what happened!!to mommy or daddy.or why!!!I guess this is the price we as Americans have to pay cause we so successful!!! God Bless all of us who were effected!!!
Mike | 38 | New Jersey

#1611 | Tuesday, August 27th, 2002
I was 7 months pregnant and ordered to complete bedrest, and on the morning of 9/11 my mom called me and told my husband and I to turn on the TV. She sounded upset and was talking about some "plane crash" at the WTC.
I was shocked when I saw the live coverage of the towers burning, and then later the Pentagon. I remember I couldn't stop shaking, I felt very saddened and scared by the fact that I would soon be bringing our baby into a world of violence.
My husband was sent home from his job shortly after arriving there at 9:00. He's a telemarketer, and had been calling New York selling digital cable. He said he felt terrible trying to make a sales pitch to distraught and angry customers, and was glad when management let him go home for the day.
We withdrew all the money from our savings account because I was afraid of how well America's economy would hold through this tragedy. The next day I stocked up on canned foods, diapers, formula, bottled water and hid the rest of our money. I was too paranoid at the time to think straight!
I never knew anyone that worked in the WTC or Pentagon, but not a day passes when I don't think of the victims and their families and pray that they will find peace. I can't imagine going through what they have, it has shattered my image of us living in a "safe" country.
Our beautiful daughter was born the day after Thanksgiving, and I feel that 9/11 has taught me to be even more thankful for the family and friends I have. When she is older, I will show her magazines and newspapers portraying the events of 9/11 and tell her that horrible day has taught me to appreciate and love her more. God Bless.
Martha O. | 22 | Wisconsin

#1612 | Wednesday, August 28th, 2002
When first plane crasched l was in the way home,because of time difference it was 15 o'clock. l found out what had happened when l got home. l heard a small mention on TV and than an hour later l saw the transmition from New York. First thing that l thought was „ This is New York? No way, from which side?” Those clouds of smoke surrounding WTC made on me great impession. l couldn’t belive that this REALLY was New York. l changed the the channel, one more time, one more, and one... but on every l saw the same picture... l knew it was impossible, it must have been kinda misunderstanding, that it could come about to every country but not to US.. I used to think that Us is the country for whitch nobody would be cheecky.... And than l thought about the war, and what my grandma was talling about it

What did l feel? The fear that l had felt only once before. I was terriblly frieghtend. Ealier l thought that whatever happens – this couldn’t happen to me. All the violence, about everyday l had heard in the news suddenly started concern me. l realized that nobody is safe now, wherever he lives, as long as some crazy people makes what they feeding like to.

Than l thought about the families of WTC workers. About mothers, wives, sisters and children.... What they were doing when they heard about the crash, what occured to them, when they thought than just less than hour ago they had gave midmorning snack to their members of families, had kissed, said goodbye, maybe quarelld.... and didn’t manage to do or say something on time.... And this insecurity ... what happened to their children, sons, daughters...that maybe they were still alive and helth..... l indentifyed with those people cuz l very good know what does it mean to wait in insecurity. I know that it's not enough but it's all that I can do - I wish them all the best cuz they diserve it and promise myself to bring up my children so that they appreciate the human live.
Karolina Korzycka | 16 | Poland

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