#1573 | Monday, August 19th, 2002
on september 11th,2001,i found out what had happened right when i entered my 3rd hour.my teacher,Mrs.Magee,was watching the tv and crying.i had no idea what the twin towers were.so i wasn't that sad.but i was shocked because i knew it was something big.ever since then the whole school has been talking about it.it really got our attention.
Kelley | 13 | Kansas

#1574 | Monday, August 19th, 2002
It was weird to wake up to a story about NYC on my radio, especialy since I am in San Diego. I thought I was dreaming, especially when the announcer had to repeat what he was saying and commenting that he thought he'd read his notes wrong. I listened for a few minutes and turned the radio off. After about 15 minutes of silence, I got out of bed and went about my morning routine of getting ready for work and getting my daughter up for school. It wasn't until I was half way to work and turned on the radio, instead of the CD player, that I realized what had sent chills down my spine at 5:57 that morning was real. I can't even begin to describe the feelings that ran through me. I am a native New Yorker with family and friends all over the city, and most of whom work in Manhattan. I listened the rest of the way to work. As I walked in to the store where I work, my coworkers were rushing up to me with concern. Our store had piped CNN over the PA system and turned it on the TV's in our electronics department. After I clocked in, our management invited associates to come and watch the TVs. I had a hard time actually seeing what was happening. All I could do was cry. I had 3 cousins in the WTC and one living near the Pentagon that day. And I am glad to say what so few can... I still have those cousins as well as the rest of my friends and family with me today. But I agree with what so many of you have said, even 11 months later, the sound of an airplane forces me to look into the sky with fear. I admire the men and women, such as my brother, who get into those planes everyday, facing fear dead on. I am not afraid to fly, and I have continued to live my life, but that sense of security has gone. I now hold onto the hope that one day we will have it back. Maybe we will remember not to be so cocky about it, if it ever returns. Maybe then we can let go of he fear that has seeded itself inside each of us. Maybe then I will not cry everytime I hear "Proud to be an American" or "The Star Spangled Banner" or "Where were you?" Maybe then...
Caren | 28 | California

#1575 | Tuesday, August 20th, 2002
at 845am, I was getting off the train in philadelphia, and walking to work. around 855am I stepped in to my office, and found everyone standing in the conference room watching the tv. I saw the second plane hit live on tv.

the day was a slow blur, I actually did work until about 1130, when it kinda sank in what was going on. official word went out that the mayor had ordered the city evacuated of all non-essential personel, the trains were either stopped, or running, depending on who you talked too. I made my way to a friends house in south philly. stayed there until the end of the day, when my Girl Friend came and got me in her car.

duran goodyear | 24 | Pennsylvania

#1576 | Tuesday, August 20th, 2002
tuesday september 11th, started out as an ordinary day. it was my third day of school in the new school year, my junior year. first period was normal, math, same old crap. next period was morallity class, during the class, another teacher came in and said that two planes had hit to world trade center. he said that the thought the first was an accident and then they knew it was terrorism when the second plane hit. i thought it was a small plane, like a piper. during homeroom, they talked about what had happend. we didnt talk about it during spanish, because i dont know, i didnt listen to my teacher the whole period, i just thought to myself, most of my family works in that area.

the next period went by fast. then came lunch, thats when i learned about how big the planes were. i was freaked out. i went and talked to another teacher about what happend and he said one tower was collapsing. it was about 3 hours after both collapsed. in all my other classes we talked about it. when i got off my bus, i ran home, and stopped at my friends house, his dad was outside and i was talking to them about what had happend. they told me. and i saw my mom was home, so i ran to my house. i was talking to my mom, she was upset, as was i. i got a call from my dad after my mom said she had to get out of the house. he said he heard the second plane crash and all the buildings shook down there. he was in the second cloud. he took a ferry across the river to brooklyn and took the train home. i talked to other people in my family. my uncle was telling me what my aunt told him, that my aunt works in a building right across from the wtc. she saw people jumping and the planes crash. they put them into the basement in fear of that there was nuclear stuff on the planes. and she thought that she was gonna die. she said the best thing that she saw was when the marines came in and got them out.

i was hooked to the news for a long time. i still am to the this day. my life is changed forever. i dont think i can ever forgive the people who did thi. i believe anyone who believes that we should believe in peace is living in a pipe dream. the only way to end terrorism is to annialate those who were responsible for this. and for those who say innocent civilians would die, about 3000+ did on 9-11-01. we did nothing for this and i support the united states 100% in our war against terror. and saddam hussein must be taking out of office.
Matt | 16 | New York

#1577 | Tuesday, August 20th, 2002
It was 16:00 over here in Israel. All channels stoped their programs and turned to the news. We were shocked. An attack on the world trade center. First it was one building, then suddenly another plane crashed into the second building.

We watched the news all night. It was a tragedy to the American people but also to us here in Israel, as we are in constant war agains terror.

Here in Israel, unfortunatly, terrorist attack are quite often, and are forgoten very quickly. It became our way of life. Our daily news are forgoten, but the events of September 11th 2001 will forever be remembered.
Oded | 18 | Israel

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