#1527 | Thursday, August 8th, 2002
It started out like any other day, 7am came and I was at work ready and rarin to go. My co-teacher and I noticed that many of our "kids" were late that day. Neither one of us knew of the tragedy that was unfolding. I remember that mother coming into the classroom and telling us that a plane had just flown into the World Trade Center. We both thought it was an accident until we turned on the radio in our classroom. The rest of the day was myself and my coteacher going through the motions of teaching. It didn't really hit me until I drove to my sisters and saw it replayed on television. It was just like a movie, it didn't seem real. To this day I pray for all of those who lost loved ones and those who were lost. God Bless the hereos of September 11, 2001. May they now rest in peace.
Becky Gensler | 23 | New York

#1528 | Friday, August 9th, 2002
I was asleep then my mom woke me up by telling me that a plane had hit one of the twin towers and having just woken up i was like 'what are you talking about?' so i turn on the tv and right when i turn it on i see the other plane hit the second building....that's not something i ever want to wake up to again. I found out about 15 minutes later that a plane hit the pentagon too. i was so confused...i hadn't been up for half an hour yet and my mom was telling me to fill up my car before they raised the gas prices. yeah...what happened that day will be something i'll remember forever.
Tristan | 19 | Indiana

#1529 | Friday, August 9th, 2002
I was temping twice a week at Callisto's workplace[my sister] while her boss was on vacation. The third employee had just quit. While I was getting reading, I turned on the tv as I do to get me awake in the morning, sometime either before or right after the 2nd one.

My mom was still sleeping; I told my dad on the way to the train station. A couple of people were talking about it on the bus.

After we dropped off our stuff at the office, we headed to the boss' house next door to feed the cat. While we were there, we caught some of the coverage on the cable networks.

It wasn't until later, when I read the stories and saw pictures of people jumping that I cried.
CC | 22 | California

#1530 | Friday, August 9th, 2002
MY boyfriend, Dan Brown, and I were still sleeping when all the planes had hit and we woke up and then we were walking down the hall way and I see this red Supra in front of our house. We then walk to the front door and its our friend Joe. He then says well can you believe what is happening, and we just look at him with this face.

He was like you guys dont know, We were like know what....he says you have to turn the t.v. on.....

We then see all of what had happened while we were sleeping soudly in our bed...

They couldn't believe it and I wouldn't let my mind actually think that it was happeneing.

Later that night we went to go get gas and I looked up into the sky and there was not a single light/plane in the sky. That is when I realized it....

It hit me harder then I would have expected....

God Bless America and all the lost souls....
Jessalyn Johnson | 19 | Arizona

#1531 | Saturday, August 10th, 2002
I was at the American Library in Paris, where I had taken refuge after playing truant once again.
It was near time for me to go home and I was at the checkout desk when I saw the print out from the web. I thought it was a sick joke, or a minor accident. :(
When I got home, I didn't even think about it until I logged onto IRC. Then it hit me.
Fiona | 20 | France

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