#1121 | Wednesday, March 27th, 2002
my grandfather had died september 7th at the age of 81, and me and my dad went down to charleston, SC, to see his funeral which was september the 10th...

well, we decided to stay because it would be too much trouble to go that night. so we stayed, and the next morning my dad woke me up at around 8:00 A.M. and i watched the towers fall, and the replays of the hits, and i wanted to kill the people behind this, but i knew that where they were going, it was going to be much worse than anything i could do to them. i am sorry for those peoples families touched by this, as someone i talked to once said that their cousin or something like that was in the wtc, and they died... :(
Alex Umrysh | 14 | South Carolina

#1122 | Wednesday, March 27th, 2002
the T.V. alarm woke me up that day and the first image was "breaking news" and then i heard what had happened, i didn't believe it at first so i changed channels because i thought it was a hollywood movie, anyways after about 5 diff channels it finally sank into my mind what a tragic day this had become...
Mike D | 21 | Canada

#1123 | Wednesday, March 27th, 2002
On the morning of the 11th of September, 2001, we have just arrived at our older daughter's house in Minot, North Dakota. We have traveled there from Olympia, Washington, about 1,300 miles away. My wife Suki, and I, my sister Eva, my wife's brother Song Yim and my mother-in-law took this trip together to vist our daughter, Shirley, her husband Beau, and their recently born son, Benjamin Cole.

This was to be a very historic occasion because my mother-in-law and my wife's brother traveled here from Korea to visit us and our children for the first time in 24 years. The last time my mother-in-law saw my older daughter was when she was 18 months old. The was also the first time for all of us (except for my wife) to see Benjamin Cole, our first grandson.

The reunion between my daughter and her grandmother was a 'significant emotinal event' as it could be expected and of course we all marveled at our grandson. All of us were at a heightened emotional state when the phone rang and our younger daughter, Michelle was on the phone. Michelle lives in Los Angeles and at first we thought she just wanted to connect with us and vicariously be a part of a very happy occasion. But as soon as Beau picked up the phone, she immediately asked him if we have heard what happened. Beau had no idea what was she talking about and so Michelle told him to turn on the TV immediately.

As soon as Beau turned on the TV, we have learned what those diabolic creeps have done to our country and about the very high number of casualties. All of us were numb at the sight of all that destruction done by these releigious fanatics. We were glued to the TV and just could not believe what a lethal combination of evil and ignorance can produce. We have also learned about multiple acts of heroism and found those stories most inspiring.

Little more than six months have gone by since the 11th of September. Our fervent hope is that so much godd will and actions will come out of that tragedy that the good results will outweigh the the pain and suffering caused by the events of 11 September. Our great military forces have already destroyed thousands of very bad people in Afghanistan and thereby effectively prevented them from doing more bad things. We have replaced an oppressive and brutal regime with a much more civilized regime. We have witnessed countless acts of kindness and heroism and the country as a whole had come together like we always do in times of crisis. And this is just the beginning.

The US was sucker punched and as any fighter knows, that can be painful. The first round started pretty good for the bad guys. This is going to be a long fight. The bad guys will use every illegal punch, every trick in the books and some that have not even made it to the books. Some of the countries in the crowd will root for our enemies. Some of the countries will act as if they are rooting for us when in fact, they will be helping the enemy and will root for them. Most of the civilized countries will rally behind us and will root for us. On the long run, we will prevail. We would like to think that good will overcome evil but that is not always the case (see Holocaust for example). Our perseverance, economic might, technical superiority and ingenuity however WILL prevail and the terrorists will be defeated!
Paul Hardy | 51 | Washington

#1124 | Wednesday, March 27th, 2002
Where was I,on Sept 11th,2001?My husband and I woke a little after 9am,as our normal routine,I put on the coffee,my husband took out our dog,as he walked out the back door,I clicked the TV on as I did every morning,never forgetting this heart felt day,I saw what was to believed a horrible accident,involving a plane crash into the World Trade Centre Building,I sat praying for all the people and there loved ones to help get them thru this day,then in an instant the 2nd plane crashed,I ran to the kitchen yelling as my husband came in the back door,that we are being attacked,he just looked at me,untill he saw what I saw,we sat almost all of the day,hardly able to even talk,I went into work at 3pm,I work at a local supermarket,the air was filled with almost total silence,you could hear a pin drop,the only sounds to be heard was the cash registers,from the few custoers who had found it necessary to shop.
It was a day in my life that I will never forget,my heart will be filled with such grief,as many other Americans,that there could be such hate.Inexcuseable,evil,vicious hate,may God help me and everyone who lived thru this day,and may God help those who have forever lost a loved one.It is past the time that we Americans,take greater care of our county,freedom,and our land,we need to curve all the worries of the rest of the world.We need to be first and formost,always and forever.May God somehow give us all peace and someday forgiveness.
M. | 48 | New Jersey

#1125 | Thursday, March 28th, 2002
I was at work on that gloriously beautiful morning - I'll never forget how crisp the air was, no humidity, sun shining. The strong contrast between the weather and what was happening made it even more surreal. Had to move my car to keep from getting a ticket (simple, stupid problems of ordinary life). On the way down the elevator at the parking garage, another woman was riding with me and asked if I had heard what happened. When she told me, I thought "this can't possibly be true!" But when I got back to the office I couldn't find anyone until I went into my supervisor's office and everyone was huddled around a small TV. Then I knew. Then I watched with others in the safety of our central Virginia office as those magnificant structures collapsed before our eyes and our lives changed forever. There was the simultaneous news of the Pentagon and a missing plane. I couldn't cry, not then. Others were crying. I was too horrified to cry, but I've cried over every story I've heard since that date. A friend is raising his nephew (then 14) and it was amazing to me how unaffected he seemed. We all tried to tell him how this day has just changed his whole life. I think he believes it now. All of the people who were affected by this tragedy; families, stories of those who were lost, even those of people who didn't know anyone personally who died. I wasn't so lucky. A woman who attends my church lost her sister in the Towers. Such a weird set of events that led to her being there. A resident of Chicago who was a trainer, the New York trainings usually happened in Midtown (I believe). But there were so many people expected at this event that it was moved to the WTC. She was evidently setting up the training room when the towers were struck. I believe the meeting room was above the crash site. This past Sunday one of the prayers was written by our primary Sunday School Class and they mentioned asking for comfort for the victims of the World Trade Center. Even now, such a simple expression will make me teary.
Karen Schmidt | 43 | Virginia

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