#108 | Thursday, September 20th, 2001
I was awaken by the phone at about 9:30am Denver time (11:30am NY time). My boyfriend got a call from a friend telling us to turn on the TV. We were in total shock, I remember saying that the world was ending. How could this happen in a country like ours? Then I saw it was terrorists; I knew we had enemies, but not to this magnitude. Why would somebody do this to all those innocent people.

I tried to think if I had family or friends in NY or D.C., but I couldn’t think strait. Even though I couldn’t think if I had a friend or family there, I felt the pain of everyone who lost someone. I felt like I had lost a part of me, a part of my freedom.

That day, September 11th, 2001 will be remembered. I hope that all the families that were devastated by this tragedy will one day find peace.
Kelly | 21 | Colorado

#109 | Thursday, September 20th, 2001
I was walked into a class, that of which was a world issues class (how ironic). Someone said "Terrace Planes hit New York" and I said "What" and they repeated it, and I asked "Terrace Planes?", and then the person said "No, Terrorist Planes" and then it hit me. We turned on the radio, and I started to cry. I cried for the fact that war had now reached North America, that it would result in more violence, that two beautiful examples of architecture had been ruined. It isn't fair for this to happen to the U.S., but it also wouldn't be fair for them to retaliate by killing innocent people.
Grant | 18 | Canada

#110 | Thursday, September 20th, 2001
I was at school. The teachers kept it a secret until the next day. My mom was very concerned and I feel very sorry for the people that were injured.
Douglas Schadt | 10 | Texas

#111 | Thursday, September 20th, 2001
I was running cross country. We didn't even know that anything bad was happening. Everyone was acting normal cas no one on the team knew anything about the attacks. We got into the locker room like 45 minutes after the attack on the pentagon, and some girl from the volleyball locker room comes into the cross country locker room and tells us to turn on the radio, and she explains what happened. We were screaming and crying.
Kacey | 17 | Texas

#112 | Thursday, September 20th, 2001
clear memories. it was second period, right before geometry class. i was doing homework. i saw the second plane hit the tower live on the television stationed in the common room of my school dorm. someone said, "someone tried to blow up new york city." i continued. problem 15. problem 16.

online. a friend of mine says, "on television, real small like that, it looks like a movie. but here you can smell the smoke. it's real here."

later, i knew it was real because the same picture was on every channel.

love to the victims.
love to the survivors.
justice to the perpetrators.

but remember, hate perpetuates division. division perpetuates hate.

emily jane | 15 | New Jersey

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