#1050 | Sunday, March 17th, 2002
I live in Manhattan and was on my way to work. I stopped by the local street vendor selling coffee and he had his radio on. I asked him what was wrong, and he told me two planes were hijacked and flown into the world trade centers.

I thought nothing of it. I grew up with those towers, I thought they were indestructible. My office is in Midtown on the penthouse floor with a clear view downtown. It wasnt until i got to my desk, which has a bullseye view of the towers, did I realize the scale of the attack. The thick black smoke going on forever, the HUGE gaping hole in the first tower, i thought i was dreaming. Everyone in the office was by the windows, just watching in awe. Nobody said a word. We just stood there dumbfounded.

What was in front of our face was something unimaginable. This was around 10:00AM just before the first tower collapsed. It is one thing to watch this from a television, its another thing to watch it live. When the first one collapsed, people started panicking. We did not know what happened, where there bombs inside the buildings? We had no clue. People started calling their friends that worked downtown, but all the lines were either dead or busy. It was the most confusing and eerie day of my life.

Manhattan was closed off, so people that lived outside of the island had to stay at a friends or walk home accross the bridges. My girlfriend and I just wandered the streets like everybody else in the city. YOU NEVER see people walking aimlessly in the streets of new york, but that day, people had nowhere to go.

It was the worst day of my life.
Michael | 24 | New York

#1051 | Sunday, March 17th, 2002
I was getting ready for work, as usual. My husband had earphones on, as he usually listens to sports talk before work. Before we left home he informed me that the station reported there being an explosion at the Pentegon. I regret to say my only thoughts were "wow, that sucks." He turned off the earphones for our ride to work, and he dropped me off at my job before continuing to his.

Usually my fellow employees are wandering around the store getting things ready for opening. I found them all crowded in the break room, staring at the small TV that never gets good reception. That day it was getting good reception. They all had tears in thier eyes. And that's when I saw the clouds of smoke on the TV. That's when I learned what had happened. Even the jokesters and insensitive ones that worked with me were fighting the tears.

Minutes after I got there, a tower colapsed. A few of us left, not wanting to watch any longer.

Shortly before 8am one of my coworkers usually gets on the intercom and tells a witty joke. That day she said a prayer. All of us in the store stopped what we were doing, and bowed our heads.

We opened the doors for business, although hardly anyone came that day, and the ones that did were quiet, with tears in thier eyes. The whole day we took turns in the breakroom, watching the latest. Even customers would wander into our breakroom at the sound of the news station.

No one seemed to want to work. It was if our jobs were all of a sudden meaningless. I tried to find something to do, just to make that day go by faster, but nothing made it go away. It's a day I will never, ever forget.
Bonnie | 21 | Arizona

#1052 | Sunday, March 17th, 2002
I learned of the attacks early in the day, as they were happening. I was already at work and someone ran in and said a plane just crashed through one of the World Trade Centers. They had a television on downstairs and I ran down there to see what was happening. What a mess, I watched as another plane struck the towers, then soon after both fell. How bad could this be?!

Being a fire fighter, I immediately though of all of the rescue workers and whether or not any had been trapped. There must have been people in there, which of coarse, we learned later that there were.

For the days following, I could any feel sorrow, grief, sadness, and anger at what had happened. The people, the rescuers.... I put my name on a list to assist if needed in the city. We're about an hour from New York and many of the guys signed up. We would have done anything to help. We later helped Ladder 3, which was lost, with donations from the firehouse. Ladder 3 in particular because we have one as well. We were never called to help, but all of knew we could be and would have done whatever was needed.

I hope to visit the city again soon and maybe get down to southern Manhattan to see pictures and maybe see part of the site..... My thoughts go out to everyone who was involved and to those who have the ultimate sacrifice to save others.....

Peace to them all....
Jeff Pajor | 25 | Connecticut

#1053 | Sunday, March 17th, 2002
At the time of the World Trade Center bombing, I was in bed waking up. It was just past 8:00am in Idaho. My husband usually wakes up to the clock radio and the radio was on that morning as I was waking up. I remember the announcers talking about the World Trade Center and mentioning World War 3 but didn't really give much credence to a bunch of morning radio djs.

My husband had been in the bathroom getting ready for work at Micron when he received a page from his boss that said, "Turn on the news." So he did and then he came and told me to come out to the living room. We just could not believe it. We watched live as the second building come down.

I thought we were definitely going to war and that the government would re-institute the draft and my husband would have to go off to fight. Thankfully it has not affected my life personally yet although I've read many accounts from the people it has. What amazing heroes on flight 93...
Andrea Anderson | 25 | Idaho

#1054 | Sunday, March 17th, 2002
I was sitting in my Economics class, when my friends and I were laughing at some old economic theory when there's a knock at the door. It was about 9 am in Atlanta, GA. Anyway, my teacher answers the door and it was the teacher across the hall; he told him something quickly in a hushed voice while we continued to joke about that theory which I can't remember. It was kinda dark outside and rather cloudy. My econ teacher turned on the tv, telling us in a calm voice that the towers have been hit. The class watched cnn in silence as we watched the tape on the twin towers, then the live converage of the pentagon.
Kati | 18 | Georgia

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