#103 | Wednesday, September 19th, 2001
I live in Perth, Western Australia, I was watching TV at about 9.30 pm when my wife and I saw a news flash on the bottom of the screen saying that the WTC had been hit by a plane. We flipped stations and caught the second plane hitting the other tower.

We werent really sure that it was real for a while. We just couldnt believe that such a thing could happen. The magnitude of it was just overwhelming.

We watched the news till early that morning. The sense of sorrow and loss we felt for the American and International victims will stay with us for a long, long time.

May this never happen again.

God Bless all those who perished and those who have lost loved ones.
Andrew Rodger | 32 | Australia

#104 | Thursday, September 20th, 2001
I was in my warm bed sleeping after another long night of working at Wendy's. I had not heard anything about it until 4:30 that evening. I was in total shock and horror. My two roommates(who are married and are my best friends in the world)were visiting New York. I left work early to try and call them to make sure they were still alive. When I got home at around 9 or so, they had left a message saying that they were ok and were already back here in Richmond. They had arrived at 6:30p.m. For a little while, I was like the rest of the nation, wandering if those I cared for were still alive. My heart goes out to all those who did not make it and to those who lost loved ones. Even now, when I hear an airplane going over, I look up and my heart stops.No one will ever be the same again. Not me, not you reading this or anyone else.
David McGirt | 26 | Virginia

#105 | Thursday, September 20th, 2001
Being in Melbourne Australia, it was nearing 10:30pm on 11.9.01. I was lying in bed, and it occurred to me that I hadn't fed my cat. He was sobbing morosely outside my window.
I wandered out to the living room, where my parents were watching TV.
I saw a tall building burning. I sank onto the couch, despaired. I thought a plane had accidentally hit the building. Then I saw the second plane. Hit the second building.
I choked, and dropped the cat food. Curled up into a little ball on the sofa, crying. I was scared that such a thing could happen. I was worried for people I did not know and had never met. My heart was breaking for their families. I couldn't ever have imagined something so senseless, so shattering.
A plane hit the Pentagon.
The first tower fell. In the safety of my own home, a million miles away I heard the screams and the utter despair. It was happening inside of me.
I felt I had suffered an irreversible injury.
And the second tower fell. I screamed, and cried and sobbed, for I knew the world would never be the same again.
Do I sound incredibly sappy and flowery to you? I can't think of words to describe how I feel, only dissociated prose, please forgive me.
My parents forced me to my room, that I should sleep. Like I should ever sleep in this state, at this time.
I turned on my radio, to more stories of utter bleeding loss, to more heartbreak.
I should never be the same again.
So there you have it. I was at home, alone in my thoughts.
It could have been my father.
It could have been me.
Sare Page | 16 | Australia

#106 | Thursday, September 20th, 2001
I woke up at 11:00 a.m. in New York's Lower East Side. I never turn the television on in the morning, and only listen to NPR if I'm working that day. (I wasn't working that day) So I wake up, make coffee, wash my face, and then check my email.

After logging on to the Internet, I opened my email program. I was completely confused and shocked at what I was reading. I must have received over 30 e-mails that morning which read: "We're at World War 3, call me when you get this!", "Are you okay?!!! Where are you?", "The Pentagon was hit also!", "CALL ME! CALL ME! CALL ME!"

I immediately turned on the television, and that's when I first became scared. Since my roommate and i don't have Cable TV, I couldn't find a single television station that was working! I finally came to one station which was just a blue screen with big white letters that read, "DUE TO THE CRISIS THAT HAS RECENTLY OCCURRED IN NEW YORK, OUR BROADCASTING IS BEING SUSPENDED." Okay, that freaked me out!

I found CBS finally and the images I saw on the television were truly horrifying. Not only was it horrifying to see, but when I finally came to the realization that we live 2.1 miles (5 minutes) from the WTC and my Father works for the Pentagon, I just fell numb.

I moved to NYC from Washington, DC on September 1, 2001. This is all I really feel like talking about right now...

Tada Neurobotic | 28 | New York

#107 | Thursday, September 20th, 2001
I was on my way to class that morning when I heard on the radio what was going on. At first I didn't know what to think...if this was some kind of joke or what. But, at the beginning of class instead of going through the usual lecture we turned on the t.v. and watched both towers come down without saying a word. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop....not to mention how scary it was that this was actually happening. Like everyone is saying, it was like watching a scene out of a movie...thinking none of this was real and that nothing like this could ever happen to our nation.
Amber G | 22 | North Carolina

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