#1015 | Thursday, March 14th 2002
I remember the attacks of September 11 i remember being in school down on 24th street, I remeber hearing about the first crash and my friend and I running to the balcony on the 10th floor of our school staring in astonishment as we saw a second plane go in minutes after. I remeber watching figures almost looking like ants going down the sides of the buildings. As i looked for several mnts i saw the first tower fall. During this time I had heard of the other plane crashes and me being into computers thought it was a Y2K problem. Then I found out that people had benn running around certain states opening fire on others, then I knew there was problem. These attacks made my mother take me out of the school, these memories wll remain in my mind always. My heart is with all the victims and families of the attacks on September 11, 2001, not only in the world trade center but in the other attacks as well.
Mike | 15 | New York

#1002 | Wednesday, March 13th 2002
I actually didnít even know anything happened until me and my sister walked to the bus stop. It just felt like an eerie day. It started in my dream. My dream was about a big city with brite lights everywhere and all of a sudden the lights turned off in the whole city and a fire started and the whole city was dark except from the light of the flames. And that was my dream.
Then, I chose to wear my "New York" tank top I had gotten like a few months before and hadn't decided to where it until that day. When we came to the bus stop, my sisters friend, Jr. told us about it. It was such a shock. His first words where, "We are in WW 3 !!!" Heheh, it was a weird day. God bless the victims families of 9/11.

Chelsea | 16 | New York

#988 | Wednesday, March 13th 2002
I was sleeping in my Mom's house in New Jersey when she came and work me up saying "great things are happening, planes just hit the twin towers, one of them is gone." I was kind of groggy so I looked out my window towards manhatten but of course I couldn't see anything because of the palisades blocking my view. I went downstairs (at this point only one of the towers had collapsed) and turned on the TV. only a couple of the channels worked because a lot of them broadcast from the tower. My first concern was that my dad lived only a few blocks from the towers, but my mom had gotten a call from him and he was picking up my sister from school (she went to school in Riverdale) and they were both coming to New Jersey. However our housekeeper who we had known for a long time was at my dad's house so I kept trying to call it. My mom was very upset and gave up but eventually I got through to her. She said "oh, everything's fine here, there's something wrong with the water though." She was 8 blocks from the towers and she didn't know they had been hit! So we told her to try to get out... she was fine and so was the house. In a little while a couple of my friends came by because the school had said "classes will continue but if parents want they can take their kids home" so they just left. That's my 9/11 story.
Sam | 17 | New York

#974 | Tuesday, March 12th 2002
i was a t home on that faithful day .. just waking up for the morining routine and turnd on cnn and couldnt believe what was un folding in frount of my eyes. i pulled my daughter out od school and thenm broke down and cried as the towers fell. i will never forget and never forgive. i had family that died in the wtc attacks... our world will never be the same........
peter white | 35 | New York

#937 | Monday, March 11th 2002
I came into work at 8:30 that day and heard on the radio that a plane had hit the WTC. I thought it was a little accident with a small plane, but a few minutes later someone told me to go to CNN.com and I saw the gaping hole in the building. I went to the fire escape of my office building on 31st street and watched the towers burn. As time went by, people kept coming out and telling us "The pentagon blew up" and "they got the Supreme Court". Obviously people were in shock and reacting poorly. All but myself and 2 people left the fire escape by the time the first tower went down. I stood in frozen shock. I grew up right outside NYC and have lived here for almost 4 years so those towers were a mainstay in my life, like NY's two front teeth. Seeing them fall made me cry, shake, fear for my life and just horrified. What I didn;t realize at the time was that I witness the deaths of over 2000 people. When that hit me a few days later, it absolutely broke me down inside. We may move on, we may rebuild, we may be happy again when we root for the Yankees. But we will never forget, we will never understand, and we will never ever be the way we were when we first woke up on Sept 11 2001.
Craig Werwa | 26 | New York

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