#1263 | Thursday, May 9th 2002
On September 11, I woke up earlier than usual in San Diego, California. I was getting ready and tried to finish my homework which was at the last minute. That was the reason I woke up earlier than I tend to. I tuned into the news channel in the kitchen as I set down my homework on the table. I scribbled down answers to the questions and ate my muffin. I glanced to the news channel once in a while to check the time. I was racing against the time to beat my school busstop. Finally I glanced over and I saw this building on fire. I titled my head and thought it was in some European countries. Soon, I finally focused on the newscaster and figured out that it was in New York. Dazed, I thought it was some kind of joke. When the news turned to their live news, the woman stood in front of a burnt building. I saw the second plane coming toward the second building. I thought to myself, "is that plane kind of too low?" The next thing, there was an explode on that building aside to the burnt building. I was so distanced that I forgot all about my school bus coming. As soon I snapped back to reality, I run upstairs to wake my Mom up to see the news channel. My mom was drownsy and went back to the bed. I turned up the volume and she suddenly woke up to the words of WTC being an terrorism act and Mom was frowning in confusion. She finally turned her head and looked to me and said, "what are you doing here? You were supposed to be on the bus." I told her, "but mom, look! Somebody bombed the world trade center buildings!" She stared straight into my eyes and said "Really?" We sat there watching the news re-running the attacks over and over. Soon the sick feeling arose inside of me with those images. I turned the TV off and said that it made me too sick with depression. Mom nodded in agreement. I went to school anyway, but at school, the TV was on tuning to the news channel while the teacher explained to us how could it affect us. The ironic thing was that few days early my english teacher was preaching to us about Pearl Harbor and how many people do remember where they were when Pearl Harbor was bombed. I guess now the WTC is our "pearl harbor" of our generation.. hard to believe that we witnessed something that would go down into our children's history textbooks.
Kirsi Grigg | 16 | California

#1238 | Wednesday, May 1st 2002
I live in Southern California, and that morning still seems like yesterday. I was in bed, and I had slept with my TV on the night before. I stirred awake and saw the first building smoking. I just turned over. I put the covers over my head, and then my phone rang. My mom was calling my dad,who is a police officer, telling him the police are on alert for more attacks. I ran inside, and woke my father and he jumped up when I told him. We are all from New York, so when it really hit me that this was REAL, my heart just sank to the bottom of my stomach. I watched the second plane in horror. I thought who in the world would do this? Who hated America so much? I thought that the wars were over and we could all live in harmony. Then they started saying who it was, and I just had to sit here in California and watch my hometown fall to pieces. I couldn't call ANY of my family in New York because all the phone lines were busy. I was scared. Eventually we got a hold of everyone. It took my cousin Sal 14 hours to get home from the city. Blessed Be he got home. Then the names of the victims started appearing. I thought, "how horrible for the friends and family." Then I found out I was a friend of one of the fallen. Her name was Lisa Frost. She was 22 years old, and my friend. I was saying to myself, "I hope thats not the Lisa Frost I know..." and it was. I had the fortuante experience of being Lisas friend. I was a grade ahead of her, and I kind of showed her around. She was athletic, beautiful and had a lot of friends. She was your typical high schooler. I graduated, and we lost touch, but I knew she went off to Boston University for college. She graduated #1 at her class in college. She had a life awaiting her in California. I had heard that she was supposed to fly back a week or so before the 11th, but she or her job got postponed, and then she was set to fly home, to California, on Sept. 11th.
I'll never know what it's like to be a close family member, but this was my experience as a friend. Her memorial was beautiful. We released doves in honor of her, her 22 years on earth, and 30 or so for each passenger on her plane. I wept all day, but I thought that she would be watching from heaven, and she wouldn't want that day to be a sad day. I had so much to worry about for weeks after the 11th, my dad being a police officer, and my brother, and just being an American on guard. Watching all of the attacks over and over again. I saved every article and news paper with information of the attacks, because I want my kids (if I have any) to know what their moms hometown went through and what America went through. I will never forget anything about that day. My heart will always ache for all of Us. But God is with us all...and now I have one more angel watching my back.
Thanks for letting me tell you my story. I hope it is or becomes helpful to someone.

Stephanie | 24 | California

#1233 | Tuesday, April 30th 2002
I remember September 11th like yesterday. I heard on the radio that there had been an attack on the Pentagon and World Trade Center. I was on my way to school and Everyone on the bus was very attentive to the radio that was relaying the dredful news to us. When I got to school all I could hear was rumers about how there was bombs and ammo and so on. I figured that I would be better off just ignoring the rumers 'till I got home from school. In my English class we had the T.V. on and all of us were paying attention to the details and, of course, the accusations. I very specifically remember that my teacher said not to say anything to anyone about what their country did because their country is not them, and they can't control what their country or it's people do. That wasn't even to mention that we still weren't sure exactly who did it. I was then, after 1st period, that I was so anxious to get home and see the news. Now, about nine months after the 9-11 tragedy occured, I still don't go even one day without being reminded of the many who aren't here today.

Joseph Sabet | 15 | California

#1224 | Sunday, April 28th 2002
I live in California. I had the TV on; it was about quarter to 6. I had been vaguely listening to it when the voices became very serious and started talking not in their prepared way but in the it's happening right now tone. I watched the footage in horror as the 2nd plane hit. When the reports came in of the attack on Washington, my only thought was "It's the end of the world."
Mary | 51 | California

#1223 | Sunday, April 28th 2002
I was in chemistry class when I found out. The t.v. was on, and I remember seeing the plane crash into the second tower. I couldn't believe it.
Lilly Sabet | 16 | California

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