#1160 | Saturday, April 6th 2002
This day was very important to me.
In this time, on the 11TH September I had confirmation. I found this event out from the bishop. Than I was depressed. I didn't now what happened exactly. I could not think about something different than this. After I had gone from church to my house I watched tv. It wasn'tgood.I was furious. The terrorist could attack full of people building in the New York or Washington without problems. It means, that they can do it everywhere and destroy everything. Then I felt very endangered.

Ania | 16 | Poland

#1159 | Saturday, April 6th 2002
11 September during attack on USA I'm accept confirmation.
I'm to learn about tragedy from a bishop. This information was shock for me, becouse I not believe that many people died.

Agnieszka | 16 | Poland

#1158 | Saturday, April 6th 2002
I was at school. On this day I returned earlier to home, becouse I had have a confirmation. My friends and I got to known about this tragedy from bishop. It was torrible shock for us. I turned on TV when I arrived to home. View crashing plane it was horrifying. When I saw break down towers World Tride Center and perished in ruins people something hurt me. I sympathize with families of tragically killed person.
Gosia | 16 | Poland

#1157 | Saturday, April 6th 2002
11th September I was church that accept saint sacrament. When I returned home in television I learned attack on World Trade Center.This was nightmare.I sympathy with victims of atacck and their families very much.
Bartek | 16 | Poland

#1120 | Tuesday, March 26th 2002
Sept. 11 is my birthday. In fact, I was born 16 years and 13 minutes before the first plane hit the first building. I remember the first time i heard about it. I was in Mrs. Chesely's English class. Our principal announced over the PA for the whole school to "stand for a minute of silence for the tradgedy which had just occured." No one in our class knew what happened. She also told us not to turn our televisions on in the classrooms. We all did anyway. At first, none of us really beleived it. Then it hit us all. I was a bit dissapointed. My sweet 16. It had to be cancelled. All my plans were postponed since everything was closed. I dont beleive in "god" so I didnt pray. I felt bad for the people who died. But that is my story of where I was and how I felt on September 11, 2002.
Jessica Letizia | 16 | New York

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