#646 | Tuesday, January 22nd 2002
I was in Computer Applications when the trade center was attacked uh I was typing in the class...like we alwys do! When the announcement came over the loud speaker that our teachers should check their mailboxes...and than we got the message that 2 planes hit both the world trade centers. We then turned on the radio and learned more.
Alex C | 14 | New Jersey

#611 | Saturday, January 5th 2002
Where was I? I was in school in Social Studies class. We were having a test and it was very quiet. Then a teacher came in, whispered something in my SS teachers ear, and then left, sniffing. My teacher but on the television and the first words we heard were, "The World Trade Centers have been hit." I immediately looked up. My uncle worked there a lot. As the picture came up, everyone gasped. My teacher cursed loudly. I was totally shocked, but felt a bit secure. 'They'll clean it up. It was an accident.' So my teacher turned off the TV cause many people were getting upset. We returned to our work.
Fifteen minutes later, another teacher comes in in tears. She tells my teacher to turn on the news and (i swear this is true) the first words that came out of the television were, "The twin towers have collapsed. An estimate of the dead is being made. Maybe of four thousand."
I immediately was shocked. Everyone was gaping at the televison as if it had sprouted wings or something. As we watched the report, saw the smoke and flames, the reality sunk in. It was gone, people were dead. What was happening?
So many people were upset that day. I cried a very many times and a few people were sent home. But I will never forget where I was when it happened. I will never forget the shock that came over me. I will never forget what happened on the morning of September 11th, 2001.

Hermione | 13 | New Jersey

#563 | Saturday, December 22nd 2001
I was, like many others, at work but fortunate enough to have a tv on in the lobby. I watched the early coverage with some trepidation as the news people speculated as to what had happened to the WTC. When the second plane hit, it was as if someone had punched me in the stomach. I knew from that point on that America would be changed forever. The freedoms that I and my contemporaries had enjoyed would no longer exist. I felt an extreme sorrow for both of my children since they would not grow up in the same world that I did. The carefree innocence of my childhood would not be theirs. Security concerns and fears of other terrorist attacks would be on their minds.
Never in my lifetime did I imagine those beautiful twin towers coming down...I had watched them being built as a child having lived just minutes away in downtown Manhattan...my heart goes out to all who lost family and friends in this incredible tragedy. God bless the NYPD,NYFD,and all the Port Authority personnel for saving as many as they did.

John Castiglione | 49 | New Jersey

#552 | Thursday, December 20th 2001
It was the end of my mods 3-4 class (AP English 12) when our vice principal came running in with a note for the teacher. She read it aloud explaining that two planes had each hit both of the towers. At first I didn't believe it, it couldn't be true. I was just so in shock. We weren't allowed to watch the TV's in school, so there were some pretty wild rumors going around (for example- the west wing of the White House was on fire, and that eight planes were hijacked). i was extremely upset that we weren't allowed to know what was really going on. We had a total of two updates during the school day on what was going on- had we been able to watch the news, these horrible rumors would not have spread. Moving on- Volleyball practice was canceled after school (along with all other extra-curricular activities) and I went home to watch the news. I just stared in disbelief as I kept seeing the image of the once so tall and proud towers come crumbling down, killing thousands. I think the worst image that stuck in my head was when a man jumped from about the 80th floor. I just saw him cartwheeling through the air, and then he disappeared behind a building. That is probably one of the most haunting images I have ever seen, and ever will see. I'm still just in disbelief, but the one good thing that is a product of this tragedy is our strong feeling of nationality. I was driving down the main street of our town on Friday night, and there were hundreds of people, many from my own high school, standing out with lit candles and American flags. We honked at them, cheered with them- it was just a great feeling. I wish this sense of nationality didn't have to come at the price of thousands of people
Lisa | 17 | New Jersey

#541 | Wednesday, December 19th 2001
i was at my doctors office,i had to go to the hospital to be induced.i was 38 weeks pregnant.when my husband and i came out of the doc. office his mother called on our cell phone.it was like 9:00 am.she had told us that an airplane crashed into one of the towers.we were in shock.well we got to the hospital and all over the news was the plans hitting the towers,pentagon and in pennsylvania.i heard from many nurses saying ive got to get my children out of school.i was so scared i wanted my 1 year old son.later in the afternoon i had a baby girl 3:26pm. after seeing her being born i just thought to myself. how can i bring a baby into this world. my heart goes all out to the victims,families,firefighters,policemen,all who have died. christine
christine | 25 | New Jersey

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