#1354 | Thursday, May 30th 2002
It was about 5:30 am when I first heard of what had happened to the first tower. I was still half asleep and I forgot that New York was on a different time zone then L.A. I thought who would do something so stuped at 5:30 in the morning. I went to take a bath and was leaving for school when my mom started screaming that anouther plane had crashed. I said you mean there just happens to be a fire in one building and now a plane hit the other. On the way to school I thought about it and everything begain to make since. Then we heard airplanes because March Air Force Base is near my school but its no longer a base and it does not get used. That day we could hear planes landing and taking off all morning. In between periods I saw the stelf bomber fly over the school going north like to L.A. or something. It was crazy. I ditch school and watched everything on the news with my friends.
Francisco Ramirez | 18 | California

#1343 | Wednesday, May 29th 2002
I was awoken just after the first plane hit the first tower, by my phone ringing, I picked it up and my fiance was telling me to turn on the tv, I could hear his mom in the background screaming that we were at war or something bad was happening.
I turned on the Tv and every channel had all these horrific pictures of a plane hitting this tower. I was so out of it that I told my boyfriend that it must be another country. He assured me that it wasn't. Then I remember hearing the news person saying that a bomb exploded in the Pentagon, we learned a few minutes later that it was the other plane.
I remember my brother calling and telling me he was safe (he lives in Connecticut, but goes to New york often.)
I watched everything unfold, from right after the first tower being hit. I was in shock, I pretty much lived in front of the Tv for the first three days after it happend. I finally saw an interview with the wifes that had husbands on the plane and that was the first time I cried. (even after I saw people jumping out of the WTC because of the fire it never dawned on me that it was real. I just couldn't believe it.)
My father works in the Federal building in San Francisco and he told me that everyone got to go home but him and a couple of his men because they had to stay and secure the building. This freaked me out because I figured that these jerks were surely targeting San Francisco as well.
My dad also had to go the to San Francisco airport and watch for suspicious activity.
Everyday I stop and reflect on Sept.11th. I will never forget what happend, and I will make sure to tell my children so that they know. It's important that these people are remembered. I didn't lose anyone in any of the terrorist attacks, but I still feel a sense of great loss I can't begin to imagine how those that lost loved ones feel. But they are in my heart and on my mind always.

Amanda Carlson | 22 | California

#1342 | Wednesday, May 29th 2002
I was sitting in a diner with seven other new freshmen from my school. It was our "Welcome Week," when we were all asigned a senior to (though they didn't actually say this) humiliate us. They dressed us up in stupid outfits and made us hold embarassing signs. So anyway, there I was sitting in this dingy old diner dressed as a clown when I heard the news. At first I thought that all the teasing my senior had done to my hair had affected my hearing. I didn't quite understand. One senior was talking with her mother on her cell phone about it. We were quiet listening to the bits and pieces of what she said. Of course, at this time the facts weren't at all straight-- "There are planes dropping bombs... There's a fire in the white house... Something's up at the Pentagon... The Twin Towers have collapsed!!!!" Instinctively, I said a prayer. I don't know what I was imagining was going on in the outside world, but I just knew things would never be the same. And that's where I was- in an old diner dressed as a clown from the 80's, sitting next to seven other (already terrified about the first days of school) freshmen. As long as I live, I will never forget it... I don't think anyone will...
Juliette | 15 | California

#1304 | Wednesday, May 22nd 2002
the time was around 6:00 am in san diego california. i was sleeping and suddenly my roommate opens my door and starts yelling at me. i thought he was having a nightmare. i couldnt think at the moment. again i asked "what" and he said "were being attacked". again still sleeping i go into the living room and im watching KTLA out of LA and i see one building on fire and suddenly the other building gets hit. what is going on. an attack never in this country would never happen. my roommate mentioned that i probably wouldnt be going into work. i happen to work at a submarine base here in san diego. he left for work and i was still in shock. i got dressed, drove to work and traffic came to a
standstill as i drove closer to the base. about 20 later a woman in her car going the other way tells me that no one is being allowed on base. so i turn around and by the time i get home, the towers have collapsed. all day i was glued to the television in shock.
and again the next day. i felt a sadness for months after. i felt a loss in my soul and felt and still feel like i have to see my family soon. for a time i thought that maybe i needed to see a psychiatrist because i wouldnt feel good until i cried for the day. im still obsessed over this and find myself continuously looking for more video on the attack. and i ask myself how i would have handled it if i had been trapped in the buildings. and my heart breaks everytime i think of the people who chose to end their life by jumping 100 floors instead of burning to death. and i hope they are all in heaven watching over their family members that live with their loss.
god bless them all.

Richard Garcia | 33 | California

#1288 | Thursday, May 16th 2002
I was being searched by police for being outside too early in the morning in my apartment complex. Someone called the cops on me for taking a walk too EARLY.
Nathan | 20 | California

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