#1196 | Sunday, April 21st 2002
I was at school in Des Moines, Iowa
I was the first person in my school to find out that this had happened. I told everybody, nobody believed me until I told them to turn on a tv. Then that awarded me.

Ricky | 16 | Iowa

#1188 | Tuesday, April 16th 2002
I was sitting in one of my school classes and some kid came up and said the pentagon and the world trade center just got hit by three different airplanes I though it was a joke (a very sick joke). Then I went to lunch and by the next period we were all watching the news and people just stared at the t.v. screen in dis-belief... how could someone do this.... why whould someone do this, and then it hit be like a ton of bricks.. the pure hatred that I developed inside had to be released. I know I am very young but I was ready to go to war I wanted to be on the front lines just to see those responsible pay. Now that Hatred is still not gone and I still am ready for war but I want them to remember that they messed with the wrong country.
Jerry | 16 | Ohio

#1184 | Monday, April 15th 2002
I was in drivers ed when another teacher came in and told us that the pentagon had been hit. We turned on the TV and sat in complete silence until we were let out about an hour later.
AC | 16 | Delaware

#1166 | Monday, April 8th 2002
Well, My name is Christina Siceloff and I was in 10th grade at the time this happened. I go to a school in Pennsylvania so it kind of hit close to home when the one plane crashed in Pennsylvania. Well I was in the nurses office of the school when I saw the plane hit the first tower and second and the first tower that fell had fallen. A girl was sitting in the office crying watching it on the tv. I thought it was all just a movie. It wasn't it was real life. I felt so bad. I cryed at some points. But that is where i was on September 11, 2001. God Bless you all.

Christina Siceloff | 16 | Pennsylvania

#1163 | Sunday, April 7th 2002
Looking at the burning buildings, from the 7th floor lunchroom of my high school, Brooklyn Technical H.S. I left my classroom with permission to go to the bathroom, and ran up the stairs from the 3rd floor. Trying to figure out what happened ... I remember hearing from a kid ... "a plane hit the Twin Towers" and something else about terrorists. I was going to bring my video camera that day just for fun too. That day was hectic. Cell phone calls could barely connect, subways were closed off, and alot of students went to the auditorium trying to get in touch with whoever they knew were around that vicinity.
And I stayed quiet, watching the news.

MaGiCs | 16 | New York

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