#238 | Tuesday, November 6th 2001
i can remember it all too clearly to be healthy. I was sleeping on the couch in my dorm room, the tv was off. It was about 10am, I turned on the tv, and saw what looked to be a huge dust cloud hanging over NYC. My family lives there, and I have been around there alot, so, I was like, "Wow, a dust cloud in NYC, kinda wierd...." Suddenly, I heard a banging at my door. My Ex-girlfriend runs into the room, crying... I turned to her and said, "Whats wrong?" She looks at me with tears welling up in her eyes, and screams, "THEY HIT US!" I turned back to the tv just in time to have the image of the second tower collapsing into the all too familiar city-scape of home. She and I ran out of the room, and began calling. Calling anyone we could get in contact with. As details came pouring in, I heard that 4 more plains were in the air. Although this was unfounded, I got everyone that I could into my car, and drove out to my friends house outside of the city. Ever since then, my life has taken new shape. I can't really describe it, but nothing is, nor will it ever be the same anymore.
I can't get the images out of my head. All this descruction over books and a piece of land. Why must it be so senseless? D.C. has never been the same as before. We like to pretend that it is, because the pentagon is not in the heart of the city. But now and that the terrorists are using letters instead of planes.... somehow, nothing is safe anymore. I hope some good will come out of all of this. I cried myself to sleep for days, I couldn't close my eyes on that day because everytime that I did, everything played back.
Now, in this period of recovery and rebuilding, we must try to find our way once again. One last thought. I have never been a fan of war or violence. Not surprisingly, I not only agree with the attacks on afganistan, If osoma ever admits that he had something to do with all of this, then i will join any military force that I can, and I will jump in every single cave until we find him. I will not rest until justice has been served.
I have no hatred for muslims. I have hatred for those who wish to express their religious beliefs and mantras with the blood of thousands. Thos who wish to make a point by killing the innocent. Those who wish to do harm, simply because of how we are not getting along with them. I will never think of sept. eleventh the same way again. I will never see New York the same way again. And there are those who will never see the light of day ever again.
if there is one thing that we should all strive for, it is that this nation never forget when at it's darkest hour, it was capable of almost uniting the world for the first time in history. All because of 19 guys with box cutters and plane tickets.

Casey Krugman | 20 | District of Columbia

#228 | Thursday, November 1st 2001
i was sitting at home, on the computer. my fiancť had come home to grab a lunch when his father came upstairs and was like "hey Bruce...did you hear? a plane just crashed into the WTC..." then his brother yelled up..."there's another one!" i ran inside and turned the TV on, just in time to see the recap of the 2nd plane... it was so sickening i sat there in numb silence. about 5 minutes later i hear that one hit the pentagon. i couldn't say a word. by then Bruce had gone back to work. about a half hour later he comes back in and gives me this huge hug and kisses me. i just looked at him dumbfounded and asked "what was that for?" all he said was "i just needed to come home and reassure myself you were alirght and to tell you i love you." i was so touched. i immediately called my family back home. (i live 1600+ miles from them all). they were all so scared because i "live so colse" as they said, when in actuality i live about 3 states away.
Tracie | 20 | Maine

#226 | Tuesday, October 30th 2001
I thought it wasnít real when I first heard what happened. I was listening to the radio on my way to school and heard about a plane crash into some building. I was too much in my own world to register what the words meant. I had a humanities test that day and was late for my nutrition class so I decided to skip and study for the test. I sat down in one of the chairs in the alcoves of the buildings and saw the TV on. They were discussing the first plane crash and all of a sudden the announcers got a panic in their voices. Another plane had crashed into the second building. Showing footage like that is not an image I will ever be able to get out of my mind. I didnít believe it at first. There was no way I could study now. I kept watching the TV in complete disbelief. It couldnít be real...so many people dead. I didnít and still donít know anyone in New York. My best friend goes to NYU, but sheís spending the semester in Florence and I thanked God for that. I know NYU isnít close to the WTC, but I was still relieved she wasnít even in the city. Whether I knew someone or not in NYC, I cried. I I couldnít believe certain individuals would want to hurt so many innocent people. Monsters was the first word that came to mind. How could anyone human do such a thing? I still cry every once in awhile, because of the coverage still shown and thinking about all the friends and family lost. Thereís still people killing each other, except itís the USA this time. Regardless if weíre attacking terrorists itís still human lives. I know that not many people understand my way of thinking. I am completely against terrorism, but I really canít give an alternative other then what weíre doing now. I just believe thereís too much killing.

Walela | 20 | Oklahoma

#200 | Friday, October 12th 2001
this is going to sound stupid...but i was asleep when this all happened..i have insommnia and i didn't wake up untill about 4:30 PM that evening. when i did, there were about 20 messages on my answering machine from people wondering if i was ok. now i live in VA so i don't know why they were wondering if i was ok..but after these messages..i turned on the tv and joined the millions of people, sobbing for the people lost.
jenny | 20 | Virginia

#188 | Saturday, October 6th 2001
that was my first thought.
then came the tears.
i was watching it ALL on TV.
my friend called me in the morning to tell me what was going on. I didnt even bother going to school. i knew they would close down our university. hell, they even closed down my job location. the big ol' Bank of america clocktower in San Francisco.

I love my country. i just became a citizen. i would die for this country, for what it represents, for what it stands for, and for the simple fact that it is a nation founded under God.

carlo orozco | 20 | California

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