#1223 | Sunday, April 28th 2002
I was in chemistry class when I found out. The t.v. was on, and I remember seeing the plane crash into the second tower. I couldn't believe it.
Lilly Sabet | 16 | California

#1215 | Saturday, April 27th 2002
Hi well it was september 11 and it was an odd day for my school. i didnt really notice what happened until i turned on my radio as a regular routine when i heard something that i never heard before. People were crying saying that they saw something fall and at first i thought it was a commercial but then they told the world to turn on the T.V. right when i turned it on i was so shocked... seeing a big building burning in flames. Honestly i didnt even know what the world trade centers were until i saw it on tv and then i was so heart broken seeing a building going down just like that. When i reached school thats all me and my friends along with teachers could talk about. That was our subject throughout the whole day and everyone was so devestated by the actions of some dumb terrorist. All i know is that i am happy that me and my family became more tight and closer and the fact that the families of others lost their mom, dad,sister, brother, daughter, son, or just friend...I give my love to you guys
John Bayudan | 16 | Hawaii

#1213 | Friday, April 26th 2002
Hi, I'm Jonathan Green. I was on my way to homeroom at my local highschool when I heard that the WTC had been hit. I didn't believe it until I saw it on the T.V. in my homeroom class. I couldn't believe what I saw, but realization set in rather quickly. Ever since, I have done nothing but prayed for my government, my nation, my local policemen, fireman, and most importantly our nations military. I didn't have family, but it really upset me, that I wasn't able to do anything but watch as the WTC fell. I think I've said enough about my comments, and these were my thoughts, so I don't have much to say. I felt sorry for the family also. But for now, this is it. Except that I must say that I have also prayed for the families of the victims. But for now, I have to go.
Jonathan Green | 16 | Florida

#1211 | Friday, April 26th 2002
I was sitting in the school library- second carrol from the back of the east wing- when I heard 7th graders giggling about the white house burning up, which i figured was a stupid joke. Then, at the end of the class period, i gathered up my book to go to Art. I turned a corner, and saw a somber group of four librarians and history teachers looking at two of the computers. On one monitor, a video loop of the first plane was playing. Mrs. Guild was at the other one, saying "I can't get anything on the Pentagon!" It felt like a battle command center. I gave up on classes, and found my friend Giselle, who had a discman/radio, and we each listened through a headphone to CNN. When one of the towers fell, we realized that this wasn't a fun story anymore. I went downstairs to find my best friend, whose mother was working at a hospital in New York, and because of the state of emergency, who wouldn't be allowed to leave until early the next morning. Other girls were crying because of parents whose NY location was unknown, NY friends, or relatives on airplanes. My friend Tara, who has Iranian family, was sobbing because of the rumors that middle eastern citizens had flown the planes. "We won't be able to go back to Iran anymore!" she wailed. ABout an hour before lunch, the administration gathered the entire high school together so we could ask question and watch the news. In the middle of a silent moment, a sophomore's mother came in to take her home. Her friend had been on one of the planes to hit the WTC. I sat between my two calmest acquaintances, who debated miltary reactions over my head. After the FAA had called all planes out of the sky, we heard rumors that one was left, and heading for Philadelphia. I'll look at airplanes quite so innocently again.
Rachel S. Aronson | 16 | Pennsylvania

#1208 | Thursday, April 25th 2002
On September 11, 2001 I was on my way to school. The time was about 7:30 am Rocky Mountain time. At that moment, my teacher Mr. Tonk told me about the attack. When I first heard about it I was stunned. I thought that it had been an accident. But then the other plan crashed into the towers.
When I saw this, I was undescriptable. I did not know what to think. All I remember doing, was turning to my friend Josh, and saying, "We will soon be at war. A war not only among nations, but a war that will be right in our back yards".
When I said that, I was scared. I didn't know where else they would attack, or if they would. I didn't even understand why they did it. Was it out of hate? Steven Seidel

Steven Seidel | 16 | Colorado

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