#1278 | Wednesday, May 15th 2002
i was in my room with my friend- study for a test...
suddenly my mother opened my room's door' and told me to open T.V
i opened....and i couldn't belive what my eyes just saw....i was in shok, it all look like a big bad dream...
i felt realy bad
and i did understand how the people who live there felt...
i had a friend that died because the same reson, she died in "the dolfinaruim" that was in 5291
almost a year....
i want to tell everybody to b strong and i want to sent my sorry to all the victam's family, i live in isreal-so i know how you feel- to lose somebody that u love....

love u and wish u the best...

chen shaul | 16 | Israel

#1263 | Thursday, May 9th 2002
On September 11, I woke up earlier than usual in San Diego, California. I was getting ready and tried to finish my homework which was at the last minute. That was the reason I woke up earlier than I tend to. I tuned into the news channel in the kitchen as I set down my homework on the table. I scribbled down answers to the questions and ate my muffin. I glanced to the news channel once in a while to check the time. I was racing against the time to beat my school busstop. Finally I glanced over and I saw this building on fire. I titled my head and thought it was in some European countries. Soon, I finally focused on the newscaster and figured out that it was in New York. Dazed, I thought it was some kind of joke. When the news turned to their live news, the woman stood in front of a burnt building. I saw the second plane coming toward the second building. I thought to myself, "is that plane kind of too low?" The next thing, there was an explode on that building aside to the burnt building. I was so distanced that I forgot all about my school bus coming. As soon I snapped back to reality, I run upstairs to wake my Mom up to see the news channel. My mom was drownsy and went back to the bed. I turned up the volume and she suddenly woke up to the words of WTC being an terrorism act and Mom was frowning in confusion. She finally turned her head and looked to me and said, "what are you doing here? You were supposed to be on the bus." I told her, "but mom, look! Somebody bombed the world trade center buildings!" She stared straight into my eyes and said "Really?" We sat there watching the news re-running the attacks over and over. Soon the sick feeling arose inside of me with those images. I turned the TV off and said that it made me too sick with depression. Mom nodded in agreement. I went to school anyway, but at school, the TV was on tuning to the news channel while the teacher explained to us how could it affect us. The ironic thing was that few days early my english teacher was preaching to us about Pearl Harbor and how many people do remember where they were when Pearl Harbor was bombed. I guess now the WTC is our "pearl harbor" of our generation.. hard to believe that we witnessed something that would go down into our children's history textbooks.
Kirsi Grigg | 16 | California

#1255 | Monday, May 6th 2002

On 9/11 i was at home sleeping still yet and then when i woke up at around 6:30 a.m. Hawaii time. When i went to the living room i turned on the t.v. and put it to the news. when i put it on the news and they had said that the pentagon and Twin Tower had been hit. Then i got real shock. I asked my antie that "did you know what just happen a while ago" then she said "what" then i said that "the pentagon and the Twin Tower has been hit by these plane" Then when i got to school the half of the school were talking about it and I ask my teacher "did you just hear what happen then she said "I did" Then when i was in my class my teacher had ask all my class mates if we would like to hear more about the twin tower and the pentagon then we all siad yes. So then two of my class mates work the t.v. because our teacher did not know how to work on it. So then when they got to work the t.v. we all have seen how the twin tower had crashed because they keep on repeating how it had happen. So once I've seen everything i felt so scared because how would i know, if I had loss someone even thow i didn't know that person probably it could be my long lost relative. I feel so sad and depressed what happen and now our world had change a whole lot because of this whole terrorism. All i would like to say that those people who lost their love ones , I am here helping them and always thinking of them and that be stong and keep on praying that this terrorism will come in to an end and that all of us will always be United as One!!!. !!! God Bless America!!!

Karen D. | 16 | Hawaii

#1252 | Sunday, May 5th 2002
I was walking down to the guidance office to get so information that morning, and when i got there the whole office was deserted. I asked someone where everyone was, and they said they were all in the back office watching tv. I walked back there to see what was going on and my breath was just knocked out of me when I saw the tv. A few moments later I saw the second plane strike the WTC. A teacher then walked into the office crying, and when we asked why she said,"My mother called earlier and said she saw the first plane hit the WTC from down the street." After that, I was just standing there watching tv and then the first tower fell. BY this time I was late to chemistry so I walked down there. When I got there, everyone was doing a lab, so they had no idea. I turned on the tv and the room just fell silent. A few minutes later the second tower fell. For the rest of the day we were watching tv trying to figure what was going on. There were reports of more planes that were hijacked and we were all scared to death.
Aaron | 16 | Tennessee

#1237 | Tuesday, April 30th 2002
On that day the twin towers fell I thought that I was having a bad dream. Before the night of 9/11 I left my radio on and I forgot to turn it off. So the next morning I kept hearing America was attacK!, I was still half asleep and I thought I was just dreaming. When I actually woke up that day on 9/11 I heard from the radio that someone has attacked the twin towers in New York. I was shocked by the terrible news I woke up my sister telling her what had happend. My sister had a friend who came to Hawaii for a vacation and she was from New york. She left Hawaii to go back to New York a week before the 9/11 attck happened. My sister e-mailed her to see if she was Ok and how was things there at N.Y. Seeing all those peole who were running for their lives when the twin tower fell made me fell so sad that I wanted to cry. Those people that I've seen on T.V's must of have kids at home that was worried about them, hoping that they will survive the most crucial act somone did to innocent americans. After the event on 9/11 I felt so much more patriotic than ever before.
Claire A. | 16 | Hawaii

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