#957 | Monday, March 11th 2002
I was dozing in my inhumanly early (9 AM) psych class along with about 1000 of my peers. I distinctly remember my proff saying something about being 'at a loss for words' over the tragedy that happened today, yet he never explicitly stated what the issue was, and I, having just started my first wk in uni, was still immersed in the newness of my immediate surroundings and oblivious to events beyond the cul de sac of the U of T campus. It was not until when class was let out did I find out and from the unlikeliest of sources -- my voicemail. It was chock full of messages, mainly from my worried parents back in Hong Kong. I heard about the tragedy detailed chronologically (it was morning in HK when the thing happened). The first msg was remotely calm, about the first crash. The panic upped significantly in the next msg, in which my mom informed me that there was a second crash, and then a third at the pentagon, and that it was suspected that this was an act of terrorism. All the people that left me msgs echoed the same concerns: whether I was safe and to warn me to stay away from all American establisments, esp. embassies, and even McDonalds. Initially I had attributed the panic in my parent's msgs to exaggerated parental concern, but my view soon changed as I pieced together how big a deal this was, purely from the volumn of msgs related to the incident from other ppl. I was walking across the very green King's College Circle at the time. It was a warm and sunny, a nice - almost mundane - day, exemplary of late summer, in downtown Toronto, were it not abruptly uprooted from its normalcy by the information of the attacks on our close neighbours.
Polly | 18 | Canada

#930 | Monday, March 11th 2002
Where Was I?
I still asleep untill about 10am. I go to the local community college Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I sleep in the other days. I woke up because people from the insurance company were coming to samples for our mold claim. They mentioned something they heard on the radio about the being hit or burning down. I could not really hear them. I was getting dressed in my room. My mom and brother rushed to the tv and turned on the Fox news channel. There before all of eyes we saw it all replay. The second plane crashing into the building, the Pentigon crash, the plane crash in Pennsyvania, and the plane that was headed to New York that they could not get a hold of but finaly did and had them grounded. The president's speech stayed in all of our minds. My family already knew that it was most defintly Bin Landen. My mom said that my older brother in the navy mentioned that there were reports of him (Bin Laden) stating that something was was going to happen. All I could think of was maybe this is not really happening maybe this is all just a very bad nightmare. But to all my hoping and praying it came to no avail this is real this is happening. Then I mentioned something that I read on the yahoo's news, about Bin Laden's guys taking out the leader of the North allaince. I knew then that this was some collisal plan that they had made to us down and out. Even then I prayed that this was not real. Then the Presendent came on agian and said that this was war and that we will get our justice. I remember that speech in my mind more than the pain and hurt that I felt because I knew that we would not let them get away with attacking us with our backs turned.

Brandelyn Wiser | 18 | Texas

#926 | Monday, March 11th 2002
On September 11th, I awoke to the ringing of a telephone around 7:00 AM Mountain Standard Time. I was trying to sleep in so I went back to sleep. Five minutes later, my mother came into my room with a look on her face that I will never forget. I asked her, "What's wrong" and then, thinking nothing of it, said "what, who died?" She then told me that a plane had hit the world trade center in NYC. I had a vague idea of what she was talking about but did not realize how tall and how many people worked in the bldgs. We rushed to her bedroom to turn on CNN. At about this time, the second plane hit. I was so confused, because I realized that this was not an accident, but, at the time, it did not seem like many people were going to be hurt. We started getting in touch with family members across the nation. I had a cousin who was about to fly to India so we wanted to make sure he was safe. Almost immediately, my friends from Germany called and asked if we were safe. Being in New Mexico, we said we were far away from danger and fine. The third plane crashed into the Pentagon around this time and I found out later that a man I baby-sit for was in the Pentagon (he was safe). As the morning wore on, it became apparent that no one, anywhere, may be safe. I live near an air force base, nuclear storage facilities, two national labs , and my city, Albuquerque, came under heavy security. No one was let off the air force base and my father was sent home because he works in the FBI bldg. I went to school and the staff had set up TV's to watch the news. Class was cancelled at 2:00 PM and I went home, constantly listening to the radio or TV. I was going to fly the next week but my meeting was cancelled. I still remember hearing the sound of a plane several days later and marveling that I had noticed it and hoping that it was going to be safe. ~Christina Crawford
Christina Crawford | 18 | New Mexico

#898 | Monday, March 11th 2002
Six months today and i still can't believe what happend :( It was around 2:15pm in the UK when the planes hit i think. At that time i was in college, it was the first day back after the summer. I had two hours of lectures from 1-3pm. We had the same lecturer so none of us knew what was going on. At around 3pm i left college and went to catch the train back home...

The train seemed so quiet. I don't know if that was because some people knew what had happend, or if it was just how they were feeling that day. There was something eerie about the walk i took from the train station back to my flat. Hardly any cars on the road and no-one walking about.

I got inside my flat and my first instict is always to put the TV on to see if i can catch any news. I put channel3 on and saw some news. I actually prefer BBC1 news so i went through my dial and had a quick look at channel4, news on there too. I thought that was unusual but thought nothing of it and flicked to bbc1. I just remember watching all the footage, i dont think the towers had fallen then..

It seems like 2 days ago and i will remember that day for the rest of my life. Me & my boyfriend sat and watched for hours..in disbelief. I cried and cried for the people who lost there lives that day...

I hope and Pray that nothing like this will ever happen again x x x

Sharon | 18 | United Kingdom

#817 | Monday, March 4th 2002
I was at work when it happened, about 2 in the afternoon UK time. We usually had BBC radio playing, and when the newsflash announced that the first plane was hit, we all thought it was some terrible freak accident. Then, about 30 minutes later, we heard the news of the second plane. All of us sat in stunned silence, hardly daring to believe what we had heard. We had updates all day, and most of us went to the electrical store in the shopping centre at some point to watch it on tv. By the time I got home at 6pm, I heard everything, but seen nothing. The pictures were more shocking than I could ever have imagined, and my father and I sat in astonishment, staring at the television all evening. Still, 6 months on, it barely seems true, and the two towers, which we once all took for granted in movies and tv programmes, stand out now whenever we see them. My thoughts continue to go out to all those in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania, and anyone else affected by the tragedy.
Lindsay Evans | 18 | United Kingdom

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