#1447 | Sunday, July 7th 2002
It was during first period that I left the classroom on an errand and I just started to wander the hallway. I looked out the window to see an explosion in one of the Twin Towers. After a friend told me he felt something shake the class ended and we entered second period where the principal told us about what just happened in New York and Washington that morning. Every class we went to, we were able to see the smoke. It was around lunchtime when things went insane. People were being picked up by their parents. Normally it takes my mother 30 minutes to get to my school, but because of the large amounts of police and emergency services, it took her an hour. I was at home around 1:30 to 2:00 and then I watched my sister go as she along with all nurses were summoned to the hospitals. I turned on the television to watch the coverage for several more hours.
G | 16 | New Jersey

#1437 | Thursday, July 4th 2002
On September 11th i was at school. i got in about 3.30 (UK TIME)
when i got in from school my mom was in a panic phoning people asking questions that seemed no one knew the answer to. i didn't look at the tv i was to busy worrying about what was going on with my Aunt.

My great Aunt lives in America and had been visting us in the UK and was flying back that day.
My Nan had taken her to the Airport that day and saw her on to the plane.

my mom finished on the phone, then she explained.

"two planes have hit The World Trade Centres"

i didn't know what the WTC's were so my mom explained. she also told me they don't know if it was my Aunts plane, they didn't know where she was.
i looked at the tv and watched the footage of the second plane fly round and hit the 2nd tower.
i sat on my couch open mouthed i was in shock. it didn't seem real, it seemed like i was watching a movie or something.
i sat on my couch and cried, i feared for my Aunts life and understood how many people were feeling that day.
My aunt didn't like flying at all, she is in her late 50's and was flying alone.
i was luckier then most people though. My aunts plane had been diverted somewhere, she wasn't on the planes that hit.
my deepest thoughts and my heart grieves for all the people that were less fourtante than me!
I am truely sorry, that may sound stupid coming from a 16 year old but i almost lost someone that day so i know how everyone was feeling.
Thank You for reading this.
Stacey Mclean
replies-bad or good-are welcome

Stacey Mclean | 16 | United Kingdom

#1386 | Tuesday, June 11th 2002
i had just returned to my classroom from doing a project at around 9:00am. i found my classmates sitting around the tv. when i asked what was going on i was told that the world trade center had been hit by a plane. for the rest of the day not one class worked. everyone sat around the tvs in their classrooms and watched in shock until 2:00pm when it was time to go home.
Heather | 16 | Vermont

#1374 | Wednesday, June 5th 2002
The day when it happened I only noticed it when i was at school when students were talking about it. I didn't believe them because they always make any kind of jokes. When period one started all the students in my class were very quite and I wonder what was they doing. When the class begins my spanish teacher told us to write 1 page reaction in spanish. So i did, i told her that i didn't know that it happen. So all day we was talking about that terrorist attack. I hope nothing will happen like this again not even a small thing. So I pray Lord to guide all of us.
Shirley Agustin | 16 | Hawaii

#1373 | Tuesday, June 4th 2002
I had just got to school when I saw a teacher watching t.v. in the library. At first I thought it was an action movie I asked her what was that and she said that there was a terriost attack on the world trade center. I was shocked because I remember that there was another terriost attack at WTC couple years back. Then I remember seeing mr. Kagemoto and two other librians come out of the office to come watch it too. Everyone was glued to the t.v. as they watched the horror unfold before there eyes.massive explosions people running for there lives it chaos.Then the whole day at school we just talked about the attack on America. I pray that nothing likethis happens again.
Junior G. Burgess | 16 | Hawaii

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