#1956 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
We were on our first full day of honeymoon when the towers were attacked. We have two reasons to remember that day, and the one reason we would do anything to change and wish that it had never happened. The world stopped on that tragic day. We're not American but we felt it too and our hearts go out to all those who suffered in the biggest tragedy our generation has ever encountered. God bless you all!
Ellie and Paul Holland | 23 | United Kingdom

#1954 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
It was my very first day in my new house, the house I still live in now. I was on campus, in the library. Dozens of computers were on, linked up to all kinds of information networks, but no one seemed to realise what was happening. it was only when I arrived home and my housemate - who I had met only the day before - gently took my hand and sat me down, that I realised something terrible had happened.
I will never forget this day. I can only pray that those for whom the memories are too vivid and horrible to bear, the years will be kind and soften the pain.

Emily | 19 | United Kingdom

#1945 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
I was at my job as a Learning Assitant in the Isles of Scilly when as i was on the internet the MSN page came up with the appaling and frightening pictures of what was happening at the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon. As i watched and read i couldnt believe my eyes. It was a truly shocking day that i will never forget and i am thankful that i did not know anyone who was involved but my heart goes out to all those that lost loved ones in the atrocity, all those husbands with no wives, wives with no husbands, parents with no children and children with no parents and all those that lost friends.
Hannah Conisbee | 24 | United Kingdom

#1939 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
the 1st time i heard anything i was in the boys school common room at lunchtime. i remember walking in and wondering what on earth had happened as there was a deadly silence, something i had never experienced there before. after school i travelled up to birmingham as i was due to attend a meeting on the ryder cup, an event i was due to marshall at. it never took place as understandably the americans refused to fly. i was very disappointed at first and then when the enormity of the event hit me i felt very selfish.i remember the american p.r. lady being very sad and quiet and she seemed distracted for the entire evening. i remember feeling very scared that a massive nuclear war would start.
danielle | 18 | United Kingdom

#1937 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
On 11th september 2001 it was my 40th birthday. That paled into insignificance when i watched the news unfold before my eyes. Remembering always.
karen robertson | 40 | United Kingdom

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