#930 | Monday, March 11th 2002
Where Was I?
I still asleep untill about 10am. I go to the local community college Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I sleep in the other days. I woke up because people from the insurance company were coming to samples for our mold claim. They mentioned something they heard on the radio about the being hit or burning down. I could not really hear them. I was getting dressed in my room. My mom and brother rushed to the tv and turned on the Fox news channel. There before all of eyes we saw it all replay. The second plane crashing into the building, the Pentigon crash, the plane crash in Pennsyvania, and the plane that was headed to New York that they could not get a hold of but finaly did and had them grounded. The president's speech stayed in all of our minds. My family already knew that it was most defintly Bin Landen. My mom said that my older brother in the navy mentioned that there were reports of him (Bin Laden) stating that something was was going to happen. All I could think of was maybe this is not really happening maybe this is all just a very bad nightmare. But to all my hoping and praying it came to no avail this is real this is happening. Then I mentioned something that I read on the yahoo's news, about Bin Laden's guys taking out the leader of the North allaince. I knew then that this was some collisal plan that they had made to us down and out. Even then I prayed that this was not real. Then the Presendent came on agian and said that this was war and that we will get our justice. I remember that speech in my mind more than the pain and hurt that I felt because I knew that we would not let them get away with attacking us with our backs turned.

Brandelyn Wiser | 18 | Texas

#869 | Sunday, March 10th 2002
I was laid off at the time. Had just sent the kids off to school and settled down with a book and sort of listening to the news.

I saw the second plane hit live and just started crying. I never did finish reading that book.

I will remember this along with the Challenger blowing up for as long as I live.

Teresa | 34 | Texas

#776 | Tuesday, February 19th 2002
I'm in the military and I was off the day of the attacks...I made a brief run to the grocery store, after dropping the kids off at school. When I got back into the car, I turned the radio on to the Tom Joyner morning show...they said that a plane had hit the pentagon and that 2 planes hit the World Trade Centers, and that it was a terrorists attack...I thought, "What the hell is going on..." So, I drove home as fast as I could, and when I got in the door, I ran upstairs and turned on the T.V. That's when I saw the World Trade Center, with it's smoke billowing out of that big black hole, I just sat there with my mouth open...It seemed like a movie to me...and when the first building fell, I just felt so dead inside...I will never forget this image: I remember seeing the people trapped, sticking themselves out of the windows for air and help, a gentleman had his white shirt off, waving it out the window as a helicopter flew around them all...those are the things I remember, and I won't EVER forget them...I hope Bin laden and his network are all brought to justice, he's a coward and he dosen't stand a chance when we get a hold of him...God bless the friends and families for their lost loved ones and God bless this great nation.
Maureen Black | 30 | Texas

#706 | Thursday, January 31st 2002
I'm not working, so I was home, naked, brushing my teeth while listening to/watching the Today show. At the top of the hour they break for local news, and the local break ended with "more on this morning's plane crash at the WTC in a moment on Today." Gulp.

I came out of the bathroom into the bedroom to watch a live interview with a news exec uptown at Penn Plaza, telling what he happened to see, as he was looking out his window as the first plane hit. The camera showed the view downtown to the burning tower--what he saw as he recounted the horror--then as he was explaining what he HAD seen minutes ago, he excitedly said "there's another plane! It's too low! Oh my god!" And live, on the Today show, I watched the second plane hit.

I still get goosebumps, and a sick feeling in my heart when I think about it, or see lower Manhattan. I used to live in NY before moving to Austin. My company had an office in WTC. I've been there hundreds of times. I went to college with a guy who crashed into it with his husband/partner and their adopted son. I'm always going to be sad when I see NY.

Steve Basile | 42 | Texas

#703 | Thursday, January 31st 2002
I remember going to bed on the 10th and thinking “wow I don’t have class tomorrow and I’m off from work, all I’m going to do is sleep”. I then turned off my alarm clock and went to bed. On the morning of 9/11 I had awoken at 8:25 a.m. the time of day that I dread, the ironic thing is that I never wake on time when I have to work or go to school and on my day off I did. I tried to go back to bed but couldn’t so I turned on the television, and saw a picture of a building on fire; I first thought it was a movie so I turned the channel only to see the same picture with the caption on the bottom of the screen that read (World Trade Center buildings collapse in terrorist act) then seconds later to see a picture of the Pentagon on fire and hearing Bryant Gumball say “America is under attack” my heart hit the floor I felt as if I had been punched in the stomach. Being hundreds of miles away from the catastrophe I felt scared and vulnerable. I then immediately called my mother to see if she was okay. After checking the whereabouts and safety of friends and family all I wanted to do was to go back to sleep hoping to wake up again to have all of this been a horrible dream. But it’s not a dream it’s our horrible reality.
Lorenzo | 19 | Texas

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