#994 | Wednesday, March 13th 2002
Hello my name is Ahmed Muhamedov
I was at work in Grozny,Chechnya (officialy Russia) when i heard the news at about 4 in the evening. I could'nt believe that something like this could happen in America.It seems not even anyone is safe from terrorists now.Being from an unstable country i know what devastation war can bring, so we pray for peace and freedom for tyranny.

Ahmed Abdullah Muhamedov | 22 | Russian Federation

#980 | Tuesday, March 12th 2002
I was still 21 when the attacks occurred but my birthday was coming up on September 26th. I feel like I was one of the last people in the U.S. to find out. I was asleep in bed at noon (3:00 EST) when my mom called me on her separate phone line from downstairs. She said to get up already and proceeded to tell me the news. As she always did so I wasn't paying much attention until she said that the WTC had been destroyed. I said what do you mean destroyed, it's still there isn't it. She said no it's completely gone and the Pentagon has been attacked. I had only one thought right then, I said to her "The Taliban. Mom, it was the Taliban." I hadn't turned on a TV, radio, nothing. I've known about them and how they've made people suffer for years, but it was the first I'd heard of Osama Bin Laden. That day, as I watched grown men cry, I worried about all my friends in Connecticut, which we had moved away from 2 months earlier. I knew early on we'd go to war, which was actually a big relief because I knew someday someone would have to remove the Taliban.
Lorie Cuni | 22 | Nevada

#961 | Monday, March 11th 2002
I remember when I first heard what happened. It was about 8a.m. my mom had called and woke me up. All I could make of the call was that I needed to wake up and turn on the television. When I did I was in shock and disbelieve at what was going on. How could someone do this to us? How could these people hijack not only 1 plane but 4 planes? I had mixed feelings of outrage and sadness. Outrage, by thinking that there are people in this world who are so heartless and cruel. And sadness for the people lost and for the families of the fallen.
After seeing the towers fall I decided that I needed to do something to try and make things a little better for the people in NYC. But being in Illinois and so far away the only thing I could do was donate. So I waited in line at the Red Cross for over 3 hours to give my pint of blood. And every time I saw a sign saying Donations I pitched in. I wish there was more that I could have done.
God bless America and NYC

Melissa | 22 | Illinois

#947 | Monday, March 11th 2002
I was at Illinois Central College in buisness math class. My professor came in and said my God children were at war. "Anything I am going to teach you can wait." "Go to a tv, radio, or get on the internet and watch this and learn what has happened." I remember a tight feeling in my chest because the school was warned by officials that colleges were a possible target.
I watched as friends and strangers stood in tears and hugging anyone that we could get a hold of. The entire day just seemed like everyhting stopped. That night we were glued to every news station that would give us some possible hope.
I remember skipping homework because I was just to stressed out. The teachers who experienced Pearl Harbor were just as stressed. We all thought that the world as we knew it was coming to an end.
The super power of the world had just been attacked by our own planes. My God have mercy.

Joe Bignell | 22 | Illinois

#881 | Sunday, March 10th 2002
my family came here from turkey with nothing, and now 30 years later, we are living the american dream. and being a native new yorker, i was able to experience what 9/11 truly meant. i was lucky...not only to be alive, but that every single one of my family members and friends made it home safe that day. it is unfortunate to say however, that everyone knows someone affected directly by this tradgedy. i work in a hospital about 25 minutes away from manhatten...i was just arriving at work that morning when i heard what had happened on the radio. i walk towards the hospital and everyone is outside on their cell phones. i was in shock, i was worried, most especially about my father and uncle who both work in the city. i tried calling my father but the call wouldn't go through because the lines were down. i called my mother and she was unaware that it had even happened. the hospital was then put on emergency standby...and that's all we did. stood by...waited for something, anything to wake us up from this awful nightmare.
anonymous | 22 | New York

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