#1385 | Monday, June 10th 2002
i was at school sitting in my third period math class when we were told about the plane hitting the first building. Everybody became very very afraid... even though we live in Ohio.No one ever could have imagined why someone would want to do this to the land of the free... why would someone take our freedom of safety away?
KMS | 15 | Ohio

#1376 | Thursday, June 6th 2002
I was getting ready to go visit my brother and I was sitting in front of my dresser putting on my makeup and my TV sits on it.....I was watching channel 13 and they said "We have breaking new" I was thinking it was an somthing to do with trafic or the weather....but no.....they showed the World Trade Center on fire and I was like in shock. They said that a plane crashed into the building and they don't know anything else. About and hour later I sat there and watched the second plane go into the second building and I sat there and watched thousands of people die. I just started crying and I will never forget that day! I might not live in New York but I live in America!! Everybody is affected by September 11th. Also my boyfriend is a US Marine and we are affected by that too!! I pray for all the families who lost loved ones that day!! ~*Nicole*~
Nicole Jackson | 15 | Indiana

#1362 | Saturday, June 1st 2002
I was horrified, shocked, but not surprised. We brought this upon ourselves, people. America isn't so wonderful to the people we oppress. Terrorism is wrong, and the US is definitely in the business.
Loren | 15 | Wisconsin

#1360 | Friday, May 31st 2002
I remember my mom waking me up early in the morning, she turned the television on and told me to look. She told me that there were terror attacks going on. I couldn't help but laugh. I was thinking that this is a dirty joke. America is the strongest country, how can we be threatend by such a small country. But I have faith that we will not be broken down.
UlaLaToya Carter | 15 | Hawaii

#1358 | Friday, May 31st 2002
in the biology lab i hope none of this happens again

roger | 15 | Canada

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