#1777 | Sunday, September 8th 2002
September 11th, for me like many, started out as an ordinary day. I got up that morning and went to school. It was toward the end of my first period class that our principal came into the room with a look on his face I will never forget. It was like I could tell what he was going to say before he said it. He montioned for our World Geography teacher to come to him in the back corner of the room. As they whispered to each other the teacher got the same look on his face as I had seen on the principals. The teacher said nothing in return but instead walked to the other corner of the room to turn on the TV. At the time only the first tower had been hit. We watched in complete silence for 20 minutes before having to change classes. In the next class the teacher did not have the TV on and did not talk about the events, either she thought it would upset us or she didnt have knowledge of it. Next was lunch. Even though the lunch room was filled with 100 some teenagers, there was complete silence. An erie silence. After that I went to my Tech/Computer class. Our teacher, a former marine, was in disbelief but was very coperative in telling us of the days events. We watched CNN and saw the people running out of the buildings and around the block. I remember checking several times that day to see if I was having a nightmare -- because what I was seeing seemed like an episode of the twlight zone. The last period that day was Algebra class. As I walked into the class our teacher had his head on his desk -- I felt like doing the same. He told us that the amount of people that died that day were several times that of Pearl Harbor. It was hard to grasp all the information being put out by the teachers and media that day. It was a day I will alsways remember very vividley, and a day none of us will ever forget. God Bless America.
Ryan | 14 | Virginia

#1771 | Sunday, September 8th 2002
on september 11th i was at school, and we were in the middle of class changes. I heard people talking about how a plane crashed into the World Trade Center. When i got to my next class the TV was on, and i saw the second plane hit the World Trade Center. I had an immediate feeling for revenge. im also half middle eastern so i wasnt sure if my dad would be affected.
alex | 14 | Tennessee

#1768 | Sunday, September 8th 2002
I was ill at home when my dad called me ,he said that something was wrong in America and he told me to turn on the TV.I turned on CNN and watched the first tower burning like hell,suddenly the second tower was hit by the second plane,it was live on CNN and I just went on with my things,it took me a couple hours to realize what happened and all I could do was cry,scream and just sit there with my mouth wide open.
It went on and on,America,the country of freedom was attacked,the country where hopes and dreams come true ,I just couldn't believe it.
As I flipped over the channels I saw Bin Laden fans party,thrilled with this tragedy.
I'm not an American,but I always felt connected to America ,more than to The Netherlands,The Netherlands is weak and America is a country of patriotism,a country that's good for my people(I felt bad about not being a Israeli or something because they really mourned,their flag hung half-mast)
The attacks are always in the back of my mind,we have to help all the family of the victims,support America and it's friends and help them with the war against terrorism.
Americans can be proud of their country.

Peace and God bless America.

Noah | 14 | Netherlands

#1735 | Saturday, September 7th 2002
i believe that it is not right that we had to have something bad happen to our country to unite like we did. Dont get me wrong i believe in the support of families but in some way we all think that it is wrong.
Robin Britton | 14 | Ohio

#1730 | Saturday, September 7th 2002
On September 11th, I was at school in my first period class...I remember my History teacher comming in the classroom telling my science teacher what had happened. When my history teacher left my teacher turned on the tv...from then on in every class of the day we watched tv...since i go to a private school, at 12 one of my teachers came over the intercom and the whole school prayed...it was really sad...alot of kids were calling their parents, one of my friends uncles worked in the world trade center...she was crying...she used my cell phone to call her dad and he told her that he had heard from her uncle and that he was ok...one of my old coaches worked in the pentagon...a couple weeks after everything happened he came to tell the school his story...he was only a few halls away from where the plane hit the pentagon...he told us about how he was pulling people out of the mess and how he was so greatful to be alive...fortunately i didnt have any relatives or friends hurt or killed in the september 11th attacs...i feel very sorry for anyone who did and i want them to know that there is always someone praying you through...God has a reason for everything he does and he is always there...well...sorry to everyone and thanks to everyone who helped (firefighters, police officers, volunteers) they are our REAL heros...
katie | 14 | Georgia

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