#612 | Sunday, January 6th 2002
On September 11th I was in my classroom taking a test. It was my third period class. All of the sudden I saw tears falling from my teachers face. She had told us to hurry up and finish our test. We did what we were told to do. The we turned on the news and found out what happend.A plane had crashed into the World Trade Center. I will never forget this day and where I was at. May God bless America. Also God bless all the families and people who were affected by this tragedy. Also to the men and women who are overseas fighting in war and may God grant us all peace. I hope we find Osama and shove a missel up his butt and hurt his country like he has done to us!!! GOD BLESS EVERYONE IN AMERICA AND TO OUR MEN AND WOMEN WHO ARE SERVIG OUR COUNTRY!!! Jeremy I miss you and I know you are in the Navy now I pray to God everyday to watch over you. I miss you and Love ya. xoxox
Julie | 15 | Florida

#583 | Saturday, December 29th 2001
On September 11th 2001, my husband and I were in the Mexican Consulate in Orlando Florida. We were watching Cnn on the television in the Lobby, and all of a sudden it showed the First building had been hit. For one second I thought maybe it was an accident, and then I started to realize that the odds of that were great. It was horriblr, and the people in the Consulate were very afraid, once it was clear what was happening.Then we saw the second plane hit, and the Pentagon, and we were really scared at this point. The consulate closed and we headed home, listening to the radio. The towers collapsed!! Cars were stopped on I-4, and people were crying and in shock. We managed to find a place with a television, and the site was horrific.President Bush was here in our city, Tampa, at one of the schools. I will never forget the look on his face when he was told what was happening. The World came to a halt for a few Days, and slowly we started to regain our lives. But some are lost forever. September 11th is a Day I will never forget, nor will the rest of the World. I pray everyday for the families of the victims, and the lost. And I pray for a safer world for my children. We will never be the same or feel completely safe again.God help us all
Amanda | 33 | Florida

#523 | Tuesday, December 18th 2001
This atrocity has not changed my patriotism, except to intensify it. I have and have had American Flag oriented T-shirts commemorating varuious National Holidays for some time before this "popular" tragedy befell our nation.
DSJones | 52 | Florida

#521 | Tuesday, December 18th 2001
I had just gone on morning break. One of my co-workers always gets in his car and turns ont the radio (we are the "smokers"). When he told us of the 1st crash I thought it was a small plane with a malfuntion. Later I found myself funtioning through a haze the rest of the day.
Yesterday, I began to question "UNITED WE STAND" while waiting for the bus home and seeing the people driving (as usual) crazily, honking, screeching tires.
Looks like we're UNITED until we get behind the wheel.. Then it's every man/woman for themselves. Life's too short for road rage or any other kind of HATE!!!!!!!

Donna Jones | 52 | Florida

#456 | Tuesday, December 11th 2001
I was in my apartment, and I heard about it on tv just like the rest of the w orld. My first thought was that we habe been changed forever. I felt changed from the night before, and I still feel changed.. nothing else can be as shocking...
Patrick Turnage | 20 | Florida

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