#1271 | Monday, May 13th 2002
9/11/2001--That morning I was taking breakfast in the kitchen at home, in Chile (South America). I was watching a TV show and it was interrupted to inform that a "small plane had crashed one of the twin towers of the WTC". While the man in the news was talking and they aired the first images of the "accident" I started thinking: "this is wrong, how can a plane to be allowed to fly around so many tall buildings... this is not an accident". Suddenly the other plane appeared and I saw it impacting the second tower... LIVE!.

This is probably one of the most shoking experiences in my life. You are not prepared to see something so horrible out of the blue, while your are taking breakfast, and happening just in the other side of the world. I was speachless and crying silently. I had to run some errands and while I was in that I heard about the Petagon attack. When I went back home I learned that the towers had fell down... I couldn't believe it. Even now, after going to NYC and being in Ground Zero, it's hard to think that it really happened.

Andrea Vera | 25 | Chile

#1053 | Sunday, March 17th 2002
At the time of the World Trade Center bombing, I was in bed waking up. It was just past 8:00am in Idaho. My husband usually wakes up to the clock radio and the radio was on that morning as I was waking up. I remember the announcers talking about the World Trade Center and mentioning World War 3 but didn't really give much credence to a bunch of morning radio djs.

My husband had been in the bathroom getting ready for work at Micron when he received a page from his boss that said, "Turn on the news." So he did and then he came and told me to come out to the living room. We just could not believe it. We watched live as the second building come down.

I thought we were definitely going to war and that the government would re-institute the draft and my husband would have to go off to fight. Thankfully it has not affected my life personally yet although I've read many accounts from the people it has. What amazing heroes on flight 93...

Andrea Anderson | 25 | Idaho

#1052 | Sunday, March 17th 2002
I learned of the attacks early in the day, as they were happening. I was already at work and someone ran in and said a plane just crashed through one of the World Trade Centers. They had a television on downstairs and I ran down there to see what was happening. What a mess, I watched as another plane struck the towers, then soon after both fell. How bad could this be?!

Being a fire fighter, I immediately though of all of the rescue workers and whether or not any had been trapped. There must have been people in there, which of coarse, we learned later that there were.

For the days following, I could any feel sorrow, grief, sadness, and anger at what had happened. The people, the rescuers.... I put my name on a list to assist if needed in the city. We're about an hour from New York and many of the guys signed up. We would have done anything to help. We later helped Ladder 3, which was lost, with donations from the firehouse. Ladder 3 in particular because we have one as well. We were never called to help, but all of knew we could be and would have done whatever was needed.

I hope to visit the city again soon and maybe get down to southern Manhattan to see pictures and maybe see part of the site..... My thoughts go out to everyone who was involved and to those who have the ultimate sacrifice to save others.....

Peace to them all....

Jeff Pajor | 25 | Connecticut

#989 | Wednesday, March 13th 2002
I had a vacation day from work. I was in the shower at home. I heard the phone ring once, then twice, then again. I was wondering who would be bothering me already this morning. I got out of the shower to find messages from my mother and my fiancee. I turned on the television immediately. Then I called the school where my step children go to see if I should pick them up. I had so many things I was going to do that morning, but all I could do was sit and watch the television, dumbfounded. It was horrible. I called my job to see if any of our Technicians were away in New York. Thankfully, they were all home. I was horrified. I will never forget that aweful day.
Jessica Tomasco | 25 | New Jersey

#921 | Monday, March 11th 2002
I was in a sales training class preparing for a job at Dell computers. We had a quick break and heard a little of what had happened but the impact of it was not full force because only one tower had been hit at the time and we all thought it was just a tragic airplane crash. Dell's building is right next to the Nashville airport and we all noticed how no planes were flying in or out. Normally during a break we would always see five or so. About ten minutes into our class after the break, someone came in and told us about the second plane and the Pentagon and that was when it hit us all. They dismissed our class for about two hours so we could have the opportunity to watch the news and wait for the President to speak on the teleprompters around the building. I remember the fear in my mind of wondering where would the next plane strike. Normally there are over 100 customers waiting to speak to sales reps and it dropped to 0 and stayed that way for days. The impact on me has been tremendous even though I didn't lose anyone close to me. I think about these events everyday and wish I could extend my sympathies to all the families and friends of those innocent Americans who lost their lives. This is my opportunity and I thank those who put this website together to allow each of us to let us express our condolences.
Tammy | 25 | Tennessee

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