#1310 | Friday, May 24th 2002
I will never forget the day, as will millions of others. I remember it as if it were yesterday. I was in class and a secretary barged in to tell us the news. We had no idea of the impact of what we had just been told. We raced to a tv set down the hall. The pictures on it looked as though we were watching a movie. Not one sound could be heard, except for sobbing. For over an hour, no one spoke a word. The silence said all that could be said. And,although no one was speaking, I knew in my heart that we were all thinking and feeling the same thing. It was totally unbelievable. No words could ever describe the terror or heartbreak that I felt at that moment. And I will never ever be able to forget that feeling. NEVER.
Jessica Buckles | 24 | Tennessee

#1238 | Wednesday, May 1st 2002
I live in Southern California, and that morning still seems like yesterday. I was in bed, and I had slept with my TV on the night before. I stirred awake and saw the first building smoking. I just turned over. I put the covers over my head, and then my phone rang. My mom was calling my dad,who is a police officer, telling him the police are on alert for more attacks. I ran inside, and woke my father and he jumped up when I told him. We are all from New York, so when it really hit me that this was REAL, my heart just sank to the bottom of my stomach. I watched the second plane in horror. I thought who in the world would do this? Who hated America so much? I thought that the wars were over and we could all live in harmony. Then they started saying who it was, and I just had to sit here in California and watch my hometown fall to pieces. I couldn't call ANY of my family in New York because all the phone lines were busy. I was scared. Eventually we got a hold of everyone. It took my cousin Sal 14 hours to get home from the city. Blessed Be he got home. Then the names of the victims started appearing. I thought, "how horrible for the friends and family." Then I found out I was a friend of one of the fallen. Her name was Lisa Frost. She was 22 years old, and my friend. I was saying to myself, "I hope thats not the Lisa Frost I know..." and it was. I had the fortuante experience of being Lisas friend. I was a grade ahead of her, and I kind of showed her around. She was athletic, beautiful and had a lot of friends. She was your typical high schooler. I graduated, and we lost touch, but I knew she went off to Boston University for college. She graduated #1 at her class in college. She had a life awaiting her in California. I had heard that she was supposed to fly back a week or so before the 11th, but she or her job got postponed, and then she was set to fly home, to California, on Sept. 11th.
I'll never know what it's like to be a close family member, but this was my experience as a friend. Her memorial was beautiful. We released doves in honor of her, her 22 years on earth, and 30 or so for each passenger on her plane. I wept all day, but I thought that she would be watching from heaven, and she wouldn't want that day to be a sad day. I had so much to worry about for weeks after the 11th, my dad being a police officer, and my brother, and just being an American on guard. Watching all of the attacks over and over again. I saved every article and news paper with information of the attacks, because I want my kids (if I have any) to know what their moms hometown went through and what America went through. I will never forget anything about that day. My heart will always ache for all of Us. But God is with us all...and now I have one more angel watching my back.
Thanks for letting me tell you my story. I hope it is or becomes helpful to someone.

Stephanie | 24 | California

#1178 | Saturday, April 13th 2002
I was at work in New York, I heard it on the radio and then the phone rang. It was one of my buddies in the radio industry saying it wasn't an accident. I began making a mental list, trying to remember who I knew who worked down there. I didn't think I would have to worry about my FDNY friends. But, I should have. I lost five of them that day and my life will mever be the same.
JP | 24 | New York

#1131 | Friday, March 29th 2002
I was in college at the time. In my networking & communication class. We heard someone crying in the hallway but did not think anything of it. Once class was over nothing but sadness walked the halls in our building only to find out the terrible tragedy that occurred on the morning of 9/11/01. I will never forget it.
Monica | 24 | Florida

#1103 | Sunday, March 24th 2002
I was asleep the morning the attack happened. I heard my mother yelling to father about what was going on and I jumped out of bed and went for the T.V. and when I cut it on I couldn't believe my eyes and when I thought that it was over the buildings collapsed and I almost gasped for air. The thought of the terror attacks happening was devastating but then for the 2 tallest buildings in America to fall straight to the ground was utterly breath taking. As I seen them fall I thought of all the people who where still inside. The sad part was they hadden't even known what happened. We could see what was going on because we where on the outside but the victims don't even know what hit them. Thats the part that tears the soul to pieces. But later on that day at work we worked and watched T.V. the whole day. We shared our feelings with each other young and old. That was the one day that all our personal problems where put aside.
K. | 24 | Pennsylvania

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