#442 | Monday, December 10th 2001
I was at my work early. I always listen to my favorite radio NPR morning news. At around 9.50 am, I heard the first report of a plane crashing into one of the World Trade Towers. The news did not sound any sense of tragic proportions and I might have reacted with any seriousness. If this was very tragic then the NPR station whould have gone into high gear bringing us the latest events. Not so, all i heard was music. Slowly, I began to hear from folks at work, how a plane had crashed into the tower. They sounded more alaramed. AT this time I wanted to get the facts, and I turned to internet. I guess all my favorite News site were pounded and I just could not get any facts. NPR was still blaring music. I now called my wife at home who was blissfully unaware of all these tragic events going on. I did not try to explain anything to her and just screamed at her to switch on the TV and tell me what's going on. She kind of caught my urgency and knew some thing was not right. She then started to tell me everyting on the TV.
By now NPR had switched to reporting the events and also how other planes were crasing into other buildings. I just wanted to get home, but since I work for the utility company, I had to stay put.
This was the Biggest most Tagic event in my life.

Suresh Kamaiah | 36 | Michigan

#339 | Saturday, December 8th 2001
I work for the Big Three in Detroit, Michigan.

While doing the days work, my cube pardoner was checking his pager for news, when he commented that a airplane had flown into one of the New York World Trade Towers. At that moment, I though it was just a small piper type of airplane. Moments latter someone had turned on a TV to one of the news channels and we could see what was going on.

It just didn't seem real. How could it happen? What was going on? Was this real? Too many questions that didn't have any answers.

But then all of a sudden, before our eyes another airplane hit the other tower. Two airplanes hitting both towers, incomprehensible. Again, how could it happen and what was going on? Then a report of the Pentagon being hit with yet another airplane. This was beginning to become too real, but still did not make since why anyone could deliberately do such a thing? What was to be next? Why destroy so much? Why use commercial passenger airplane with people on board? These structures are part of the world business centers, all of the people who were in the buildings. Why? The questions didn't seem to have any good answers.

There was nothing else for me to do but make coffee. Keep the coffeepot in my area going. A few hours latter, management sent us home.

Afterwards answers came slowly.

What was to come in the future would come more slowly.

Where do we draw the line? What is the difference between terror and a bully?

How will we/our country deal with this? How will the world deal with this? How will the terrorist deal with this? What will be the retaliation to terrorism?

W. Kirk Crawford

W. Kirk Crawford | 56 | Michigan

#262 | Wednesday, November 21st 2001
Working at my desk, listening to Howard Stern. It was unreal.
ryan | 28 | Michigan

#217 | Wednesday, October 24th 2001
i work at a coffee shop on the campus of the university of michigan. i was working with 3 other people and the last of us had gotten to work at 8am. so unlike many students, we didn't see/hear any of it in the morning before class or work. i remember a customer telling us that the world trade center had gotten bombed or attacked or something and we were all just in shock. we were kinda standing around being, like, "um, how weird that we are at work serving freaking lattes to architecture students while all of this is going down." a kid came up and thought we were joking when we told him what had happened. he wouldn't believe us and was finally, "but i have 2 uncles who work in the wtc." i didn't even know what to say. we spent the rest of the day getting updates on what was going on via customers. it was so bizarre to be shut-off from all of the media that everyone else was getting. we just had word-of-mouth. it was unbelievable. i'll never forget it.
hillary | 22 | Michigan

#196 | Tuesday, October 9th 2001
When I heard about the attacks, I was walking out of my morning Spanish class. I walked out of one hallway and saw about 20 people gathered around a television, pushing to be able to see the screen. I hurried back to my room so I could watch what was happening myself. As I walked down the hill I heard everyone talking about the planes hitting the towers. When I got back, I immediately turned on the television and couldn't believe what I was seeing. Every channel was broadcasting about the terrorist attacks and everyone was in panic.
Classes were cancelled for the afternoon because so many students either didn't want to go to class or spent the entire class talking about what was going on. The rest of the week it was discussed about it all my classes except one. My professor was bound and determined to get us to move on I guess.
When people were shown jumping from the towers, I couldn't help but wonder what I would have done if I were in there shoes - whether I would have jumped or tried to get out or just stayed there. So many innocent people lost their lives for a reason that can never be fully explained. Why do people hate us so much and why would you go to this extent to express that hate? It obviously didn't matter to the terrorists that they were also taking their lives, because they knew going into this that they wouldn't come out alive. Why prove to someone that you despise them so much by taking your own life? Why do you even have to prove it? Do you have no decency for people? Innocent people died September 11th, people who could have done something wonderful and beneficial for this world. It is no one's fault who is alive now, because these terrorists had the opportunity to say no; they had the opportunity to make a change.
My prayers go out to all those who knew anyone who was hurt or who died September 11th: may you be able to tell your friends and family what a wonderful person was taken from this world for no good reason; may they forever live in your memories. My prayers also go out to rescue workers who died September 11th who risked their lives to save the innocent who were in the wrong place at the wrong time by no fault of their own. My thanks and prayers go out to all those who are doing something to make a difference for those who were affected by this tragedy - may you be blessed for the good that you have done.

Kristin | 19 | Michigan

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