#719 | Sunday, February 3rd 2002
I had just arrived for work. My friend has a radio in her office, and she told me she'd heard it on Power 99 (here in Philly). I thought it was some joke, but when the second plane hit, I realized it wasn't, and I knew terrorists were behind it. How else could something like this be explained? My boss had Howard Stern on in his office, and he and his crew were giving an account of what they right outside their windows in New York City.
No work was done that day. We all stood around talking and listening, or at our desks trying to access overloaded news websites or reach family and friends via phone. I took stock of everyone I knew, trying to think if there was anyone at great risk.
One thing many of us realized was that we needed to see it on TV. At least it was in real time, and we needed to connect what we were hearing and seeing in still photos with live images. A group of us walked a few blocks to our local CBS affiliate, where there was a television set up outside, and people were already gathered. We all stood in silence for awhile, then walked back to the office.
I couldn't wait to go home. We were finally told to leave at 10:45. When I got home, I sat on the floor and hugged my dog, and broke down.

Rachel | 27 | Pennsylvania

#680 | Sunday, January 27th 2002
I was getting my 15-month-old son ready for my moms when I turned on the television and heard something about the Trade Center Tower was hit by a plane. So when the screen finally came in I saw the whole level on fire and going up in flames. While I was getting ready for work I missed the second one being hit, when I came back into my room they were both up in flames. I kept seeing the same replay of the airplane hitting the tower again, and again, and again, it was like a broken reel. Why they kept showing this over and over again was wrong in my eyes but people I guess needed to see the true damage that took place. For the whole day I had different emotions going through me. Such as revenge for the people who did this, and also sorrow for the families that had lost loved ones. My main goal for the day was to come home to see my wife and son safe and sound and thanking God that we are okay. No other day would be like this one was…
Rick Rodriguez | 27 | Texas

#617 | Tuesday, January 8th 2002
I work on Wall Street and on 9/11 I was 2 blocks away and watched as the 2nd tower was struck. It was horrifying and it took awhile for it to sink in that the USA was under attack. Looking back now, I consider myself extremely lucky. I watched as both towers burned and fell, it was heartbreaking. I remember being young and asking my parents if they remembered where they were when Kennedy was assasinated but not quite understanding the impact of such a loss. Now, my children will ask me "Mommy, do you remember where you were on 9/11/01?!" and, like my own parents, I will have to explain the pain and loss that I experienced that day. God bless those we lost and pray that they are at peace. God Bless America!!
Carla Silvestre | 27 | New York

#601 | Wednesday, January 2nd 2002
I was at work when suddenly my friend Mohammid came in. "Do you see the TV...do you see that Sameh?"

I replied no...and I lifted from my dusty plasterboard desk and walked into the hotel lobby to watch channel 98. There is was..a tower had hit World Trade Center. I prayed for the victims. I thought helicopters would rescue them. However, not particulary worried about it being terrorist at all. I went back to answering phones and taking reservations.

Then he ran into the room again

"Another plane hit it!"

And at first I didnt believe it. Then I realized it was true. A second plane had smashed into the tower's. At this point all kinds of reports were coming in that American planes were being Hijacked all over. And unconfirmed car-bombs and bombs everywhere. So me and my co-workers watched...in utter amazement as it appeared America was under a massive attack. We thought it was some sort of Coup going on. Not in America...then we started talking about that slime ball Bin Ladin and Saddam'Hussayne.

Then they showed picutres that the Pentagon had been attacked...Sad...

And then...the tower's collapsed. We looked in utter shock as smoke covered the York Island. We thought it was the end of America..without a doubt. Then the pennslyvania crash and the more reports of bomb's everywhere! Prime Minister Bush came on and they broadcast his speech. He looked scared...I was saddened, shocked, and great sorrow

I want the American people to know that on September 11th. Syrian's filled our temples to pray for you all the victims. For 1 day's there was a national day of mourning. And we weeped...

Although we dont agree with american policies. That is not the issue. This should of never happened. My people support America action against Usama's Base.

God help the victims and survivors! We are with you.

Sameh Wahba | 27 | Syrian Arab Republic

#600 | Wednesday, January 2nd 2002
I was in my car on the way to work - they mentioned the first tower being hit, and it ocurred to me that a massive error had taken place in a plane's navigation system. By the end of the newscast, they mentioned that the second tower had also been hit -- that's when it took on a whole new characteristic. It didn't seem to me that there was *any* way that two planes' systems could possibly go that horribly awry. As I was teaching classes that morning, snatching radio news bits between periods, the drama began to unfold... I wasn't able to make it to a TV until late that night after a string of meetings, and then I couldn't pull myself away from the CNN webcasts of the events.

God's blessings of peace to all killed, injured, or connected to those who were, as well as blessings of hope to my American neighbours.

AMS | 27 | Canada

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