#1302 | Tuesday, May 21st 2002
I'm sharon from israel. On that day i were at my army base doying my work when I heared the news on the radio.
we all were shoked and we wer'nt alowed to leave the base and go home.
It was frightning.

sharon | 20 | Israel

#1288 | Thursday, May 16th 2002
I was being searched by police for being outside too early in the morning in my apartment complex. Someone called the cops on me for taking a walk too EARLY.
Nathan | 20 | California

#1250 | Saturday, May 4th 2002
I was sleeping in bed and the radio was on and the radio and my dream fused, so I was dreaming about a plane hitting one of the towers... When I woke up I realized that they were talking about it on the radio but still half asleep I thought it could be some wacky morning DJ joke so I flipped the TV on right as the second plane hit... along with millions of other people at that split second I knew the world had changed.

Then like many other people I spent the rest of the day in disbelief watching the TV as the news stations scrambled to make catchy slogans and graphics

Jason | 20 | Illinois

#1198 | Monday, April 22nd 2002
U.S. Marine corps boot camp at mcrd san diago ca. did believe it really happened.
lcpl r.

k.r. | 20 | North Carolina

#1191 | Wednesday, April 17th 2002
Sept.10,2001 I went to visit my bestfriend who attends William Patterson University in Patterson,NJ.As the evening wound down,we were looking out the window at a gorgeous view of the NYC skyline.The night was clear and crisp and we remarked on how cool it was that we could see the twin towers....The next morning her sometimes over-elaborate roomate announced to my half-sleeping conciousness that we were getting attacked but not to think twice about my continuing slumber.As I reared my head from beneath the blankets,I saw the news coverage and immediately bit back my sarcastic retort.I plodded to the window to see two smokey gray beacons throwing the skyline askew from its former beauty.It was beyond the harshest definition of surreal.The drive home that morning was absolutely frightening.The traffic was unsurpassed by any other day I had ever spent idling on the Garden State Parkway.I thank my lucky stars none of my friends and loved ones were harmed during that nightmare but it is an abhoration I will never forget.
Melissa | 20 | New Jersey

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