#1586 | Friday, August 23rd 2002
September 11, 2001. A day etched in memory for life.
My day began as usual, in to work around 7am. This particular Tuesday we had a department meeting at 9am. During the meeting one of the presenters came in with the news that two planes struck the WTC. The meeting continued to go on as normal as possible. No one imagened the enormity of the situation. The meeting was still going on when that same individual reported back that "one of the towers has fallen". I immediately thought "My God, those towers are so giagantic, what would happen when one falls? (I had the fortunate oportunity to visit the towers when I was about 10)" Since I had no other idea I really thought that the tower tipped over rather than fell on itself, and that thought reminded me of the movie Armagedon. Everyone's attention span in the meeting quickly drifted to other thoughts, yet this meeting continued to go on. Finally when the meeting ended around 11am, I remember quickly getting back to my desk and going online to CBSnews, ABCnews, CNN, MSnbc, but everyone of them was completely bogged down. In the generally quiet office people had radios on listening to the events as they unfolded. My first idea of what really happened was when the company set up some temporary TV's in our cafe. At this point both towers had fallen. With my first glance my mouth dropped open, I felt so helpless, so sad, and still not really believing that these two great towers could be smoldering on the ground. The rest of the day was a blurr finding out about the Pentagon and the PA crash. I remember that getting any kind of information was very slow the first day, everything was tied up. Prices at the gas stations went sky high and lines were long. There was an erie silence in the sky. Everything was quieter and everyone knew what everyone else was thinking.

This entire event was extremely hard for me to handle as I'm sure it was for everyone. I still think about the attacks daily, the images...the horror of seeing people jumping from a 110 story building, the total destruction. However through it all I am proud to say that I'm an American! I proudly display a flag from my apartment balcony and whenever I am going about my daily routine I remind myself that we are all American's. And in a bigger realm, we are all members of God's family. Who can forget that not only American's but the entire world we call Earth mourned with us and continues to fight for freedom and peace. I find myself more now than ever continually thinking about the great freedoms we have in this great land, the United States of America. I still feel the grief, I think I always will, I hope and pray that all the people that lost a loved one will feel God's love and seek his strength. We indeed will never forget that horrible day and those who died in our continued fight for life, liberty and the pursut of happiness. God Bless!

Andy Croke | 25 | Wisconsin

#1581 | Wednesday, August 21st 2002
the time here was 4:00 pm when we heard about the attacks. i was at job doing the usual thing when we heard the news on the radio. and they said something like two airplanes had collided in air and one of them accidently hit on of the towers. but it was too soon for anymore informations. so 10 minutes it was confirmed this incident was an terrorist attack. two airplanes had crashed into the towers. and then on radio we listened to a guy who saw the 2nd plane crash into the 2nd tower. he explained that it was like seeing a movie. about 4:30 pm i went home and didn't know anything else but to turn the tv on. and all i saw was the towers crashing down, collapsing. and everything else seemed less important. i got a call from my sister, and i don't remember what we talked about. but i thought she knew about the attacks. so we talked about various things and we said goodbye. and about ten minutes later she rang up again and was obviously shocked about the recent news. the thing is, i thought she knew so i didn't bother to tell her. which is kind of dumb now when i think of it. but i was so numb and confused, this isn't real, this has to be the worst nightmare, ever. soon, i thought, we'll all wake up and think "oh my god, thank you, that was just a nightmare".
Mogwai | 25 | Sweden

#1494 | Wednesday, July 24th 2002
Dallas, TX - The most horrifying memory I have is driving into work listening to the radio. There was a frantic caller asking Kidd Kraddick (local deejay) to confirm the flight number of the first plane that had hit the WTC....apparently she had a loved one on the flight. Usually people call radio stations around that time in the morning to win concert tickets or something.

You could tell that he had the information, but was searching for a way to tell her. I mean, how do you tell someone that live on a radio talk-show? His voice just broke a little and he said "ma'am...our prayers are with you" and she understood.

Patty | 25 | Texas

#1463 | Thursday, July 11th 2002
i had just gotten back from school and my boyfriend (who is american) called me from his place where he was watching cnn. we didn't really talk then - he just told me to turn on the tv and watch cnn.
i couldn't believe what i saw and i called my mom and my colleagues at work (i had the afternoon off). they hadn't heard anything at that time and told me the next day that they spent the rest of the afternoon watching tv after i called.
i think none of us could imagine at that time what consequences this attack would have. i don't think i even got the importance and tragedy until i saw the first tower fall ... i went to see my boyfriend that evening spontaneously (he lives a few miles away) because he really was in shock and i felt like he needed me. i think he knew what it meant a lot sooner than i did. it finally "hit" me a couple of days later when i kept seeing desperate people trying to find their loved ones and single tragedies ...
i want to let everybody in the united states know, that germany grieved with you and still does. and i think everyone who helped victims or even saved a life by putting himself in danger is a real hero!!! LOVE TO YOU ALL from germany *

kim | 25 | Germany

#1448 | Sunday, July 7th 2002
I live in Ireland.I work a night shift,and was due to be getting up when my fiance came running up the stairs shouting.In my confused daze,I could not make head nor tale of what he was trying to tell me.I could only piece together words "attack" "twin towers" "planes".What on earth was going on.......He shouted at me again,I cant really remember what.I got out of the bed and began my descent.When I walked into the living room and focused on the SKY news,nothing prepared me for what was unravelling before my eye's.
My entire body froze,I had goosepimples like never before,It was unbeleivable.Over and over I watched as they replayed the horrific video footage of the planes crashing into the towers.I sat down and cryed.......My brother rang me a few minutes later and asked me was I watching the news.We were as shocked as each other.And in some way we felt enraged and shamed,you see we are of mixed race.Our father was a pakistani muslim.From our little knowledge of the Qu'aran,of what we could remember,These people were not doing this in the name of Allah,They were doing it in the name of Insanity and Evil.GOd Bless all of those who died,and God protect there families.We are with you.

Ayshea Ullah | 25 | Ireland

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