#1312 | Friday, May 24th 2002
I was working on that tuesday. I am manager of a Pizza Hut in Newcastle-under-Lyme, in the north of England.

I first heard the tragedy when my younger brother sent me a text message on my mobile phone. It read "Bruv, they've attacked America. The world trade center & pentagon have been destroyed!find a tv now!"

My initial thought was that some rougue arab nation had planted a bomb or something like that. This was an hour before my shift finished. At 5pm UK time, I hopped on my bike and peddled home as fast as my legs would go. When I got in I straight away turned on Sky News with the intention to put the kettle on for a cup of tea. I finally made that cup of tea about 8 hours later. I have never watched television for that long but I could not turn off. My housemate (who also worked with me) finished his shift at 9pm. He got home about 20 mins later & like me was in total shock.

I have been to the United States 9 times in the last decade. It is the only country I could ever imagine living in, other than my own. I know I could never feel the pain that the people of America felt, it still made me cry like never before.

We will never forget

Stuart Holt | 21 | United Kingdom

#1299 | Monday, May 20th 2002
I am a university student, and when the first plane hit I was working in a factory trying to save up some summer cash. My first thoughts were my god thats awful, but then I arried on working. Then I kept hearing bits about another plane, but nobody was really sure what was happening. I went over to the radio during break to hear more, and it confirmed that two planes had hit the WTC. My dad was working in the same place and my first words to him was, 'this is an act of war'.
When I got home and put on the tv the realisation of what happened hit me. the Pentagon had been hit and the fourth plane Flight 93, had crashed in a field. It was a good hour and a bit since I had heard the news in work and had gotten home. Then the towers collapsed. I didn't realise people would still be in there, I thought they would have had everyone out, but I didn't realise how many people were in there.
It truly is the worst thing to evr happen. I'm Glad Bush declared war on terror. The people who did this deserve their comeupance. Seeing it now still makes me cry, I can only imagine what you American feel. It affected me badly, and Im all the way in Wales. I remember that people were stuck over here trying to get home, and the hotels put their prices up, so members of the public were offering rooms to them for free.
The only good thing to come from this is the way that people have come together.

Becci Cockeram | 21 | United Kingdom

#1272 | Tuesday, May 14th 2002
This event did not have any great affect on me, but I though I should post something anyway. Where Was I...

I was a part time employee of Champlain College, and a full time student. I had just gotten to work in the office that I shared with 4 other people but was meant to only hold 2 at the most. I do not remember very many specifics, but I remember hearing about it from a professor. I thought it was a joke at first until I checked a few news sites and they all agreed. Then it happened again, and I couldn't figure out what I should believe. Anyway, I moved on almost immediately. I continued working that day and that week, and I went to classes. I didn't loose anyone close to me and nobody close to me lost anyone close to them.

I suppose a lot of people would say I am heartless for not greiving at all, or taking time out of my life to morn. That is just what they wanted though, they wanted to shut us down. Instead, I opted to keep going and move on with my regular life.

Samuel Clark | 21 | Vermont

#1254 | Monday, May 6th 2002
September 11th is my daughter's birthday. We were planning for her party when I finally turned on the news and saw the horrific tragedies going on. I will always remember that day because it is my child's birhtday and that was the most terrified I've been in all my life.

Candice | 21 | Texas

#1205 | Wednesday, April 24th 2002
It was 8:00 AM and I just woke up. I live in Hawaii so there was a 6-hour time difference so it was around 2:00 PM EST. I turned on the television and every station had coverage of the WTC attacks. When I saw the first tower go down I was speechless. It was the most horrible thing Iíve seen. Then the second one came down. I watched the coverage for about 2 hours then I finally had to get ready for class. I had a test that day but it was hard to focus on anything but the WTC attacks. When I got to the school library, the big screen television there also had coverage of the WTC attacks. Everyone was standing around to see what happened. I heard that President Bush was going to give a speech about what happened but I had class at that time. I rushed to finish the test and hurried back to the library. I got to see a replay of the speech. The only thing I remember him saying was God Bless America. At that moment I never felt prouder to be an American.
Jonathan Lai | 21 | Hawaii

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