#1910 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
It was the third day of my work experience at a Stockbrokers in the City of London. Being Stockbrokers they had Bloomberg on 24/7. We all watched in horror as the events unfolded. At first everyone thought it was just a accident, but as the second plane plowed into the second tower the reality struck us.
Britains' deepest sympathy goes out to all who were affected by the cowardly and atrocious event. We cannot express how we all felt by your great loss. This October i will be visiting Ground zero to pay my respects with my family. Be strong, and God bless.

Let us just pray that no one has to pay such a great price again!

Adam Scott | 16 | United Kingdom

#1897 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
On september 11th, I was At my high school here in Gloucester, Virginia about three hours away from D.C. It was a normal day until about second period when I came into English 10 around 9:28AM. My teacher had the Television and I asked her what had happened. she told me that two planes had run into the World Trade Center(A building i would of never thought about until now) and that a plane crashed into the Pentagon! I was speechless; I couldnt believe what was going on nor did I comprehend it. My mind flooded with thoughts of my uncle and his family who live in Midland Park,NJ not to far from NYC and my uncle in NY who often traveled there for his job( Several days later I found out that he was on the Beltway into NYC when He saw the Smoke and turned around. Thank God!). I prayed they were safe. AS the whole class watched the horrific scene, my teacher told us to write a paper on what we were seeing for some homework assignment. just then one of the towers fell!. this was unbelievable!!!! totally incomprehensible!!!! I remember just saying "i cant believe it! the frikin' tower fell down!" then later the second one fell down . that was the first time I have ever heard a newscaster say "Oh God." on National television,ever. at this point I could not take it any longer. Watching to huge buildings collapse knowing there were thousands of people in them was too much for me. I maintained composure long enough to be excused from the class. I ran out and collapsed, knees hitting the hard floor , and weeped uncontrollably, rocking and moaning for the many people who died and did not know Jesus and were going to Hell. My teacher and several friends carried me to the Guidance Councelors office. i tried to no avail the explian to my counselor what was going on in my torn and bleeding, Heart and soul. EVentually after some 15 minutes of crying out to God in prayer on the floor in the office I was able to regain composure enough to go to class. In the office my teacher had brought my Books with a note saying I did not have to write the assignment and she left me her # so If i needed to talk i could call her . the rest of the day was spent glued to the T.V. watching replays of the horror and death. As this One-Year remeberence comes tomorrow, there will be many tears but we can be strong with Hope for tomorrow in God. God Bless America. UNITED WE STAND

Becky Little | 16 | Virginia

#1895 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
On the morning of 9-11-02, I was in my second period math class. My school is located outside of Washington DC. Rumors were spreading like wild fire through the student body about the world trade center. (the first one) Students were being pulled out of school by their parents, and teachers were tuning on the televisions so that we could keep current with the tragic events that were occurring. Students were crying, for some of them had family who worked in the Pentagon. I was one of those students who got taken out early, and I rushed home to my mother and we just sat and watched the news until 7 pm that night. I don't think either one of us said one thing during the whole period. For the next week, the news could always be heard in our house, along with many outbreaks of tears.

God Bless America

Crushed Student | 16 | Maryland

#1832 | Monday, September 9th 2002
The morning of 9/11 was a morning i wish i didnt have to live. I was in my room sleeping and my mom woke me up about 11am she was screaming come look a jet hit the WTC im thinking ok what the hell is that anyway and why do i have to get up?I walked down stairs thinking she pulling my leg anyway.And when i saw the T.V. screen i thouht i was going to die all i could do was cry. I was watching channel 11 news and the broadcast lady said if you want to help we need blood for the injured. I jumped up out of the chair and called the local Red Cross. They told me i was to young to give blood. That broke my heart because i knew someone was out there i could have saved and all i could do was watch everything get worse.So seeings how i couldnt give blood every where i went that had a donation jar, and i put my money in there. I was born on Pearl Harbor Day and i always wanted to learn more about it but now i think i know enough.I want to say thank you to all the miltary people who are fighting to protect us and say i always will pray for those we loston the horrible day last year.
Gloria | 16 | Maryland

#1782 | Sunday, September 8th 2002
I was in my 2nd period class (I was a freshman in high school) and I remember my principle coming over the PA system telling us that a plane hit the WTC. I sat there thinking... why is she interupting our class for THAT? I admit I didn't know much about the WTC and that's why I remember thinking that. Then the 3rd period bell rang and I walked past a classroom that had the local news on showing footage. I walked past and then went back by the room. I almost had to sit down. I couldn't believe it! I nearly ran to my next class and that's all we did that period was watch the news footage. I, along with millions of other people, witnessed the 2nd plane go into the 2nd WTC. I remember students crying, calling thier parents on their cell phones because thier relatives or parents had flights that day. It was an unbelieveableday and no one will ever forget that. I wish we could all be as political as we were on that day, every day!
Amanda | 16 | Illinois

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