#587 | Sunday, December 30th 2001
On September 11, 2001 I was sitting in my 2nd period class at North Forsyth High School in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. I teacher came into our History class and told us of what had occurred. My heart leaped. Not with sorrow or pain...but with joy. Why joy? This was a very pure moment, where no one had enough information to draw conclusions or real opinions of the situation--the media hadn't leapt down anyone's throat with their propaganda. The World Trade Center had been bombed...what did that mean? That's all I remember contemplating...I didn't even link what had happened to people. I saw the World Trade Center as a beast...an icon of capitalism, and capitalism being the poison pumping through every Americans' veins. The beast had been wounded. I actually wrote this on a message board: "I for one had a huge smirk on my face when they broke the news to me(and no, I'm not happy for the loss of lives). Today, in true sincerity, was pandemonium. Whether or not it is a plot by our own government (which is soooo classical and makes excellent sense), the events that are about to unfold as a result are going to mean so much, and I'm thrilled that the ball is finally rolling. The lethargic American spirit, and its mega-arrogance is the beast personified. And I'm glad to see it got it's kick in the nuts today." Boy...was I wrong. The only thing that has occurred so far is blind new-wave nationalism. No one is questioning anything, but simply becoming more apathetic. I fear of what will become of us. I hope that people learn to open their eyes before they destroy the world around them.
Crystal | 18 | North Carolina

#564 | Saturday, December 22nd 2001
Where was I.................Like so many others, I was hard at work. A fellow employee, came to me and notified me that a plane had just hit the World Trade Center. I was devestated, thinking "how serious is it?". I couldn't fathom the outcome, and what lay ahead in the upcoming minutes. A follow-up, "A second plane has hit the WTC.", then "The Pentagon was just hit", followed by a plane is down in Pennsylvania." MY GOD! what is going on? Silence, ears glued to the radio, no pictures till work is over. Everyone is scrambling to ready themselves. (Did I mention I am a contractor on an Air Force Base?). By noon all non-essential personnel are off the base, not able to return to work until 3 days later. In the aftermath, all of america is thinking "WHY?". There are no answers to evil, the question is useless to ponder. Terrorism IS evil, in te first sense of the word. Evil IS the lack of all LOVE, without love, there is nothing, no hope, no remorse, no respect, no DIGNITY. Nothing in the heart. How are we to overcome evil if we allow evil to exist? How can we preserve peace, when evil does exist? The answers are not easy, if there really are any at all. I was thinking, "Why didn't they shoot down the planes?", ok, so maybe they didn't have enough warning on the first attack, but surely there was warning enough for the second, the third, the FOURTH. Think about it, how can we shoot down innocent people of our ow blood? What would be the explanation given then, if they did. We couldn't know that the mission would have positively been completed. We can't fathom what s in the mind of someone evil enough to do this act, how can we even begin to imagine that someone would actually fly themselves, and all on board into a building. You couldn't do it, nor could I, we can't think that anybody could. Sure, that was the thought out plan of attack, but to actually do it? How can anyone be 100% sure that a plan like that would be completed. The answer to that, is through torture of a sick mind. A mind that is bred to think that is the RIGHT thing to do, it is what you must do. Anyone who can teach that, or allow their mind to be learned in it is evil completely. All involved must be eliminated..........Kudos to President Bush in his address of the situation.

My prayers and love go out to everyone that lost their lives, all that were left behind to suffer those losses, all that were able to help with all their efforts, to our government for coming to terms about it all, and to all our service men and women. In fact my prayers go out to all of america, we have all fealt the blow that was dealt us, on September 11, 2001. To forget, is to forgive evil, to forgive evil, is to give in to it, to give into it, is to die ourselves.....


Neal Wohlgamuth | 41 | North Carolina

#427 | Monday, December 10th 2001
I was at work. I remember all 50 of us sitting there gasping and crying while watching the breaking news on a TV in our Conference room. Working just a few miles out of Ft. Bragg, NC most of our families were military and the threat of terrorist attacks were very real in such close proximity of the Army base. At noon, our director stood with us. We joined hands and prayed for our nation, for the victims and for ourselves. We then left early and closed the offices to go home and be with our families.
Rebecca Gonzalez | 24 | North Carolina

#390 | Saturday, December 8th 2001
It was a normal Tuesday morning for me. My husband had left that morning on his run to Ashville, my daughter was up and demanding breakfast, and my mother-in-law was asking for coffee. I was not awake enough to face the day, only thing on my mind was coffee and a cigarette. It was 8am where I live. I picked up the phone at 8:05 to call my friend to see if she wanted to go shopping. I hadn't had the TV on yet. To early for that. When she answered the phone I said "good morning" she said "not really". Ok, (I think she's foul because of no coffee too). Then she says to me, "have you turned the TV on yet? I said no, and she said you need to. I will never forget that moment in time. I didn't see the first plane hit, but I did see the second. I was dumbfounded. Within minutes they say the Pentegon was attacked. I knew we were under attack. I watched about 15 minutes of it, then hung up the phone with my friend and was back on the phone in and instant trying to locate my husband and my brother. My husband was on a trucking run to Ashville, so I called his cell phone to see if he was ok, and begged him to come home. He couldn't because he had just started to unload. But he promised as soon as he was done he would head back. My brother on the other hand was a different story. He works and lives in San Francisco. He works in the second tallest building there. The BankAmerica building on the 15th floor. I was panic stricken. I finally got hold of him and told him "their picking us off Marc!!" He said no they aren't it'll be ok. After a time they did a evacuation of his building. I made him call me as soon as he got out and then again when he got home. I have never in my life felt so totally helpless and scared. I was afraid I would lose my entire family. Thankfully for me, everyone got home safe and sound. But I will never forget the shock, of seeing it all happen right before my eyes. And knowing I couldn't help.
Karen | 39 | North Carolina

#386 | Saturday, December 8th 2001
I had been at work since 7:00 and was in my office trying to catch up on some work. I had told my wife earlier that day that I would meet her at the gym around 11:00 unless something important happened. Around 8:45, one of my coworkers paged me and said I needed to get down to her office, something was going on at the Trade Center in NY. We watched her small B&W tv completely stunned and then in total disbelief as the second tower was attacked. The feelings escalated further with each new report: the Pentagon, the downed plane in PA, and worries of other flights out there. Needless to say, I called my wife and didn't meet up with her as everyone at my office spent the remainder of the day at work glued to the tv and wondering what would happen next.

Having spent 3 years overseas in the military and having seen the way other countries protect themselves against such terrorist attacks, I was stunned that it could happen in our country but not too surprised. We have paid a terrible price for our overconfidence and inflated egos which took our safety for granted in this country. Now it's time for us to correct those mistakes and find the people responsible for such pain and tragedy. My heart cries for the victims of that terrible day.

I wish our men and women of the military the best of luck in doing their job in a quick and safe manner. Go get 'em guys!!

Bob | 33 | North Carolina

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