#2234 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
I was driving back to work to pick up a delivery I had left behind. I was at the end of the street with Radio 1 on listening to Mark and Lard. The rest of the show had an obvious yet uncharactaristic somber air to it. It felt strange. I didn't know really what to make of it. I told them all at work about it and called a few friends to tell them to keep me posted on the events as I would be driving around all day and be in and out the car all day.
J. A. McGregor | 23 | United Kingdom

#2218 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
Me and my partner had just returned from a holiday in Spain the day before September 11th. He woke me up and told me to come and watch the TV quickly, he had seen the news we all know saddens us and that we will never forget. I thought it was some wind up at first as the film makers of today can produce un real images. Unfortunately it was no film. I sat there with shock and numbness, I didnt know what to say.I have no relatives or friends over in America but I really did feel for them like they were my family. I remember ringing up my dad at work to tell the awful news, he had visited New York and been inside the WTC the previous year. He couldnt believe it either. As further horrific events unfolded that afternoon we just sat in front of the TV unable to comprehend what was happening to the world.

I thought it was never going to end and we really were doomed and I was a witness to it all. It was something I will never ever forget, but one day i will visit New York and Ground Zero and pay my own personal respects and prayers to those that didnt deserve to die that fateful day of September 11th 2002.

Sarah Barrett | 21 | United Kingdom

#2208 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
i was at hockey after skool a year ago + we were never told about it at skool so i didnt find out til i got in the car + my mum told me. at first i had no idea how big a thing it was coz id never heard of the WTC but wen i got home + saw all the pictures of it on tv i realised how serious it was.i cant believe its happened + hope 2 god it never happens again.to anyone.anywhere.
Jenni Young | 15 | United Kingdom

#2181 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
i will remember that awful day forever...i remember where i was when i found out, what clothes i was wearing, what the weather was like.
When i found out i was in a state of utter disbelief, and then anger. However, a year on i feel quite different. I wake up and i am grateful for every day, every joke shared by by friends and every moment with my family.
Those people who died on septemebr 11th are the true definitions of heroes.
They deserve our upmost respect and a place in all our hearts, for eternity.

Rest in Peace.

Lynsey Clark | 16 | United Kingdom

#2173 | Wednesday, September 11th 2002
It had been a normal day at school but as we boarded the bus an eery silence set in as we all strained to listen to the news on the radio. It didn't really sink in at first but as soon as I set foot in the house and watched the news for hours and hours and saw all the footage of the devestation it became all too real. The pain got worse every day as more details were released and the death toll rose. But its worst now, exactly one year on, sure we try to get on with life but every time the pictures flash up on the television your reminded of the horific events of 9-11. Living in England theres 1000's of miles between us and America but not even the hugest distance can stop us feeling the pain and loss.
Antonia Law | 14 | United Kingdom

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