#1999 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
I was working at the time in a deli as the manager when i had customers come in and say that a plane had crashed into the WTC i could hardly believe what i was hearing! We turned on the television in the store and to my dismay it was true from that point on the day was a blur to me...you see there were many members of the fdny that had trained me a few years ago in the skill of building collapse and rescue....these same men were now in the situation they had trained me to respond to! Within 48 hours of the towers crumbling into a pile of puliverized concrete, steel, and brother firefighters i was there using the very skills they taught me to rescue them! GOD BLESS THEM ALL!!!!!!!
Dave Bailey | 28 | New York

#1941 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
I live in Queens, New York & work in Manhattan. I'm on the 2nd floor of a 21 story building, My apt. is located about 10 miles from the World Trade Center. I've worked a few blocks away from the WTC and have an Aunt & friends who live nearby. I also have family, friends and neighbors who worked in the WTC complex. Also many who are NYPD & FDNY.

I would like to thank everyone who helped & those who kept us in their thoughts during our rough times. I could never imagine NY becoming a disaster area, but that's exactly what happened. We needed help & it seemed like the entire world showed up or sent things to help out. THANK YOU ! every last one, THANK YOU !

I would normally take my lunch & sit in across from the Javits Center in midtown, just a short work from work. The day after the attack, the Red Cross & every voulnteer was showing up there to help. I was dazed in a state of shock for the entire time they occupied the area around the Javits Center.

This is suppose to be things I'd only ever see on the news, right ?

I'm still as shocked, angry, and heartbroken TODAY as I was almost a year ago to the day. This was the World Trade Center. It may of happened in the city I live in, in my country, but I hope that people all over the world remember that this was an attack on the world, not just New York, D.C., and the plane that went down in PA.

People from all over OUR WORLD were killed.

Not just New York or the United States.

On the morning of September 11th I woke up early for me. I normally leave for work at about 10:45am. I work in the Editorial Department for the New York Daily News in mid-town Manhattan. When I turned on the t.v. I had it on the local news with the volume off & the radio on. I started getting into my morning routine when I noticed the WTC had a fire, at first I really didn't pay attention to it much. I shrugged it off as a possible fire in Windows of the World. Must be the New Yorker in me.
As time went on & they didn't break to a commerical, I started to figure it was worse then I had originally thought.

I then watched the 2nd plane of cowards slam into the second WTC building filled with innocent hard working people. I then realized what was happening. I watched the first tower come down & can still remember the horror I felt, because I still feel it today. I just can't seem to think of the words to describe it.

After the first tower came down & I couldn't take sitting in my apt. watching CNN anymore. I went downstairs for some air. Not long after, a neighbor Mike who lives on the 18th floor came back to our building. We talk a little about what was going on. I told him the first tower came down. We both went up to his apartment, from there you can see the Manhattan skyline perfectly.

While watching the news & trying to make phone calls without any luck. We saw the second building collapse from his window.

This day has changed my life completely. The number of lives lost on that day has made me take a hard look at myself. They way I view my personal success and what I want out of life is completely different. I realized that I'm not living my life to it's fullest. I'm not doing the things that I enjoy. I have so many things I'd like to learn & do. I want a dog. I want a simple, easy lifestyle. I want to travel to places all over the world...

Now I am doing something about it. My final day working behind a computer all day doing a job that's not right for me will be September 27, 2002. Three days later I will be flying to my new life in the U S Virgin Islands.

This move isn't in fear of living in New York, it's in fear of not getting the most out of my life. Infact, I will be planning my visits back home around the September 11th anniversary. I will NEVER FORGIVE September 11th, but more importantly I will NEVER FORGET September 11th.

KC Keane | 29 | New York

#1866 | Monday, September 9th 2002
8:50 am

Late for work. Sipping my coffee while dressing. News report comes on TV. In awe of what I see on TV. It has to be an accident. A small aircraft probably. Cell phone wonít stop ringing. Weíve lost how many trunks ?!? Iím on my way in. Gotta get to work and see if I can reroute telephone traffic. On the highway listening to the radio. Itís a small aircraft, it has to be. Maybe the pilot had a heart attack and yeah.. thatís the answer. Gez this traffic, come on.

9:00 am

Ok, on the BQE. Finally, Iíll be at tunnel in a couple of minutes. News Report on radio. Second plane ?? Ohh, my god. It cant be.? Not in NY. Itís impossible. There has to be an explanation. I donít believe it..

I can see them. Wow, all the smoke. Look at all the smoke. Damn cell phone. Iíll be there soon, yeah I heard, let me go. Call wife at workÖ Damn. Canít get through. Try again, and again, and again, and again. Iíll call her once Iím at work. Sheís gotta be ok. Sheís near midtown. To far from the towers. Damn it. I canít reach her. Iíll pick her up once Iím in the city. Once I get to work Iíll call her and tell her Iíll pick her up. Damn traffic. Címon move.

9:40 am


OFFICER!! OFFICER!! Hereís my Verizon ID. I have to do some emergency 911 repairs at my central office.

Sorry Sir, only emergency traffic.

Yes I know. I have to get to my switch. I have to make repairs. Try and reroute traffic. So customers can reach 911. Hereís my ID.

Ok, let him through.

VROOOOOOMMM.. Whatís that guy doing on the motorcycle. Oh my god, he just forced his way through the barricades into the second tunnel. OK . Itís ok. Itís ok. Iíll be at the office in a couple of minutes.

The officer is pointing me to the first tunnel. Iím in the tunnel. Itís so quiet. No traffic. Sirens. There coming closer to me from ahead. 2 police trucks in other lane pass me by. What are they saying on the radio. I see light. Iím coming to the exit.

9:50 AM

Look at all the police cars and fire trucks. Ok, I can get on the West Side highway. Iíll be at the office soon. Liberty street a little less than quarter block away.. Damn, they have it blocked. West side highway is blocked right by the towers. How am I gonna get through. Iíll park on a side street and walk through. Let me make a U turn. All the police and firefighters. All emergency vehicles. Iíve never seen so many. Look at the police officer on the corner. On the corner of liberty. Heís looking up.


GO!! GO!! GO!! GO!!

Iím on a side street.. What street am I on?? ITíS A DEAD END. STUPID! STUPID!


Iíll love you honey.. I love you with all my heart. If you can hear me baby. I love you.

Smoke and dust cover my car. I cant see anything. Itís to dark. I canít see anything. Iím going to die.

Light.. I can see some light through the dust and smoke.. Iím going to live. Thank you Father, Thank You. Still canít see very well. Dust like a heavy fog. Iíll just stay here. In the car. Is everyone ok?? Dust is getting thinner. I can see better now. They have left the car and Iím alone now. Iíll just stay here in the car for a minute. Just for a little while then Iíll go.

Cant make a call. Canít reach my wife. The dust is still to thick. Iíll stay here for a little while longer, until I can see better. Itís safe here. I feel safe.

10:30 AM

Screaming getting louder. I CAN HEAR THE SCREAMING LOUDER NOW.


Iíll stay right here. Itís safe here. God is watching over me and itís safe here.

HERE COMES THE BLACKNESS!! Iím safe here. Itís ok. And Iím ok. OH GOD!! THE BLACK CLOUD!! I canít hear anything anymore.. Everything is silent. Iím safe in here. Iíll be ok if I stay in here. I CANíT SEE ANYTHING. ITĒS SO DARK OUTSIDE. I CANíT SEE.

THE DARKNESS IS FADING. I CAN SEE THROUGH THE DUST. I CAN SEE LIGHT ! The dust is fading . I can see. I can see people. I can see police officers and firefighters. Itís ok. The dust is fading and I can see. Itís safe to leave the car. Itís safe to go outside. Damn itÖ Canít reach my wife. Iíll call work. R---, call my wife for me. Keep trying her until you get though. Let her know Iím ok. Let her know Iíll be home soon.

BUZZZ.. Hey Ralph. I got in touch with your wife. I told her your ok.

I stayed there until 5:00pm that day to help emergency personnel. I am lucky to be alive. God Bless those who werenít as lucky that day and the people who loved them.

Ralph Q | 30 | New York

#1852 | Monday, September 9th 2002
I was actually in school, i'm 14. I was in social studies, period for, when my social studies teacher had filled us all in on what was going on. I asked if I could go to the office to see if the needed anything. I was walking trought the hall, when one of the aids, Mrs. Encke, came up to me and said that we needed to stay in our classrooms. I asked if she needed anything, becuase she seemed upset. She said, that all she needed was to keep the 6th and 7th graders calm, and to tell all the 8th graders to try to help, and for us to stay calm also. We all did, but the sad thing was, with all my skools immatuarity, they were all fixed, on getting out of school. I wanted to get home, talk to my parents, and ask them what was going on. But, no body really knew. WE all sat infront of the tv, hopeing, praying, that is wasn't as bad as it looked, but it was. Peopl had died, and although we cried, we knew it wasn't as bad as what the families felt.
On behalf of My family, friends and I, I would like to send out, my deepest sypathy, to the famlies who have lost loved ones. And I would also like to send out Thanks, to all the firefighters, police men, and all that helped in all that could be done. I wish I could have done more, but, since I am only 14, I couldn't, and all I can do, is reasure you, that you all have my prayers, and thanks
With all my love ~~~

Kayla Mertzeis | 14 | New York

#1848 | Monday, September 9th 2002
Hi im 14 years old. My name is Diana i was in school when the twin towers were hit by a plane. I was in reading class when some classmate came in and told us that the twin towers had been hit by a plane i though it was a joke and i started to laugh. But it wasnt a joke, I took it serious when parents started picking up their kids, but i was like it cant be true! I went to science class and a teacher came in the classroom and told my teacher that the twin towers had been hit. At that time i was shocked....after that i went to english class and my teacher was crying hearing the news and as i was listening i wanted to cry too. I thank God that none of my relatives died, but for those who lost a relative a feel sorry for them i know that i would never feel their pain they have sufered...for those people that died they are my heroes...but for me they havent died they are around us, with us and they are alive in our hearts for ever.
Diana V.A | 14 | New York

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