#1306 | Wednesday, May 22nd 2002
I heard about this attack form my aunty. I woke up around 6:00 a.m. Hawaii time. I was
getting ready for school and then I got a call from my aunty. She told me when is your
mom them coming back home? The reason is because my mom was in Las Vegas and she
was coming home the next day. So the my aunty said “well... I don’t think she’s coming
back tomorrow....! because.... there’s a terrorist attack right now. And so she told be to
put on the news. Once I turned on the T.V. it was already on the news. So that’s when I
saw the Towers in smoke. And the reporters taking about what just had happend. So I
was really shocked, worried and scared. So then I did go to school and all day at school
everyone was talking about it.
When school was done, I went straight home to call my mom at Las Vegas. I told
her if she had heard what had happend. She said “ Yeah.... I heard it on T.V. down at the
casino. Everyone was looking at the T.V.” So I asked her if she was coming home? She
said she didn’t know, because of what happend. But then the next day she did come
So this attack did affect my family and of course to the whole world.

Laura Florendo | 16 | Hawaii

#1301 | Monday, May 20th 2002
Shanes Oral History

Q:What is your name?
A:Vernon Sato.
Q:How old were you when you heard about the Persian Gulf War?
A:I was just about 30 years old.
Q:How did you first hear about the invasion?
A:I was watching the news and then I saw it.
Q:Where were you when this happened?
A:I was at home.
Q:Describe how you felt?
A:I guess I was a little mad at Iraq for what they did.
Q:How did this effect you and your family?
A:It didn't really effect our family just that we started stocking up on food.
Q:How did you feel towards Iraq?
A:I felt sorry for them because I they were going to get their butts kicked in war.

Shane Sato | 15 | Hawaii

#1281 | Wednesday, May 15th 2002
it was september 10th about 10PM, i had been traveling across the united states for about 20 hours, with my step mom and my baby sister, we were on our way to Virginia.my sister and i had fallen asleep in the back seat. it was now September 11th, and i woke up to the sound of the radio, all i heard was "a plane had crashed into the world trade center." over and over.it was a tragedy but i didnt realize how serious it was at the time...i could see nothing,i could only hear what was going on. all i remember was that something terrible had happened and it was not going to end with just this incedent.then we heard a plane had crashed into the pentagon in washington D.C. instantly i thought of my unlce who works there as a computer tech. person in the army, or something and that i had to get ahold of him.later we found out that he was on the other side of the pentagon at the time. i realize that my family was luky in this situation unlike many others. my grandma had been traveling from iowa on a plane to california the exact day and my mom had gotten ahold of her and she was safe at a airport in St.Louis. i know that my family was fortunate in this situation and not many were. this was and still is a terrible memory that everyone now has to live with. i never thought i would have gotten the chance to see what a real war was like and i have never wanted to, but now its happened!!!
Nicole Anthony | 16 | Hawaii

#1276 | Tuesday, May 14th 2002
I woke up in the morning about 6:30am and got ready for school. I had extra time before I leave so I turned on the tv and saw paper and dust all over the streets of New York. I also saw this same program on about 50 or 60 other channels but didn't quite get the real story until a news reporter said two planes crashed into the world trade center. I thought it was an accident but how could that have been an accident? When I came home from school was when I got the real story. Two planes on a suicide mission to destroy the two world trade center buildings, another suicide mission to attempt to destroy the Pentagon, and another plane headed for camp david perhaps.
Jonathan Allen | 15 | Hawaii

#1269 | Monday, May 13th 2002
It was such a tragic event in the United States when the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were attacked by terrorist. I was in tonga when this happened. I woke up that morning and my father was sitting in the living room watching television. From where I was standing it seemed to me that he was watching a action movie. But then I realized that they kept on replaying the same part over and over again. I asked him What happen? He was stunned. He was surprised somebody would dare do this to the U.S.. Because America is such a powerful country. I am so sorry but I cant go on its too unforgettable.
Luke Taufoou | 17 | Hawaii

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