#1369 | Tuesday, June 4th 2002
My first visit to New York was last summer. I arrived on the 10 of July and that night the New York philharmonic orchestra was giving a free concert in Central Park. I went there with my aunt who lives in the Upper West Side and we bring a picnic with a couple of bottles of wine and we sat there listing and enjoying the music. I felt in love with New York that night, seeing 100 000 people just sitting and watching the concert in pure harmony with the Park.

Two months later I was in agony as I watch this beautiful city burning and crying...

I'm going back there again this July and I hope they will present a similar concert around the same date so maybe I can make peace with myself and finally end my grieve for the people who died on that day of September.

Christian | 27 | Canada

#1358 | Friday, May 31st 2002
in the biology lab i hope none of this happens again

roger | 15 | Canada

#1320 | Sunday, May 26th 2002
On 9/11, I was at school and had just come in from recess. We were waiting for my teacher to come and begin class, when she came in looking very sad. She told us what happened and since at the time we didn't know very much she said that America was under attack and thousands maybe even hundreds of thousand of people might be dead. At lunch I raced home and turned on the news and me and my dad watched in horror the replaying of the building falling. I don't understand how those terrorist could be so cruel. They had no right to turn the lives of everyone one in America upside down and to bring fear to innocent young children. 24 Canadians were killed on Sept. 11th, and 4 in the war in Afgainstan. I sincerly hope that no one else must die, in pointless attacks and wars.
Jennifer | 13 | Canada

#1319 | Sunday, May 26th 2002
I woke up to my mother, panicky, saying something like "the towers have been hit." It took me a couple of seconds to get it out of her....then the shock set in. First I thought "Oh my God all those people are gone." I turned on the news and saw that one of the planes came from Boston and I got the sickest feeling. I left Logan Airport (Boston) on September 9th. I thought of the New Yorkers I met on my holiday while walking the Freedom Trail and again a sick feeling, hoping the statistics were on their side and they were nowhere near those towers. Here's hoping for peace.
Anna | 29 | Canada

#1305 | Wednesday, May 22nd 2002
On the morning of September 11, 2001 I was hard at work when I heard one of my co-worker yell, “oh my god”. She screamed for me to come into her office. She was on the phone with her mom who was telling her the awful, horrible, unbelievable news of the attacks. The other girl next door to us came out of her office and all three of us stood in the hallways shaking in fear. I can still feel that awful, panicky fear. All of us went home not too long after the news as no one could work. My cousin and I sat in front of the TV all day. I could not (still can’t) believe what was happening. Please everyone, although we don’t want to be fearful everyday of our lives, let us not forget what has happened, with dignity let us keep the memories of those we lost alive and most importantly…THEY CAN NOT CHANGE US, unless we let them. God bless everyone, always and forever.
Jackie | 25 | Canada

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