#1024 | Thursday, March 14th 2002
To Bee EN....
Why you ignorant piece of terrorist loving human scum! Fishing? Hopefully not anywhere in this beautiful country of America!! I sincerely hope that since you "thanked God" for the attack on America, that you don't have the gall to partake in anything that America has to offer. I also truly believe that as unfortunate as the situation in Afghanistan, there is some good coming from it. Women now are allowed to go to school, and actually live a full life instead of being treated as a sub-human, such as yourself!
May I suggest, that if you are living here in America, that you pack your bags and get the hell out! Your warped and twisted way of thinking is not welcome in this country!
As Americans, we stand united and strong and will remain so forever!! No psycho will ever break the bond we Americans have.

ELVee | 40 | New York

#946 | Monday, March 11th 2002
9-11! WoW, what a day! I was watching Good Morning America. Charlie & Diane come into our home everyday, but that will be one morning I will never forget as long as I live....I was watching when GMA cuts to the towers not for sure what had happened like the rest of us and as I was watching on --- here comes plane #2 and hits the other tower. My hands covered my mouth and I began to cry! Our family was enduring at 4 month strike at the Powerhouse where my husband worked and he was working a temporay job while on strike and my phone rings immediately and I hear "Don't cry, it will be ok"! He knew I would be very upset. Our 11yr son was at school and I wanted so much to go get him, but my husband said not to panic and leave him at school, he will be fine. That also was my 40th birthday, but in my eyes I couldn't celebrate.......It will be a day I will never forget!
Kristi | 40 | United States

#913 | Monday, March 11th 2002
to H Ilbrahim....Please, this is a website that is dedicated to the memory of those who perished on 9/11. Please have the decency to voice your political views somewhere else. Better yet, why not go back to your country and fight for your beliefs, and let try to heal any way we can. HOW DARE YOU!!
LV | 40 | Connecticut

#780 | Wednesday, February 20th 2002
I was sitting at my desk on the North side of the 34th floor of 1 Liberty Plaza, across Church street to the east of the WTC complex. I heard the sound of a loud jet engine go overhead and saw a "shadow" out of the corner of my eye. The “shadow” disappeared briefly and then I heard a “boom”. I thought “Was that a sonic boom?!?” and I spun around in my seat and lept to the windpw to see if it was and what supersonic jets would have been flying that close and low. I looked out the window sideways to the left (westward) and saw debris shooting out from and raining down from the North tower of the WTC. I saw the smoke cloud rising, holes in the east side and fires burning. Pulverized concrete was both raining down and being blown sideways - easterly across the window. I knew it had to be a plane crash. What kind of idiot... on a clear day... As I ran down the hall to a conference room that directly faces and has an unobstructed view of both WTC towers, I had a small moment of solitude as I realized what I just witnessed and then I ran into some people in the hall and told them “I think a plane just crashed into the World Trade Center!” Some thought it might have been a bomb but I had the timing of the jet sound, the shadow and the boom burned into my memory and was convinced it was a plane crash. In the conference room and looking at the tower, large pieces of debris were continuing to fall from the fašade of the building. Office papers covered the sky and the concrete wind continued. Several people gathered in the conference room and were looking in disbelief. There was an eerie silence and stillness that seemed so out of place looking at such a disaster without the accompanying emergency vehicles or their sirens. I actually reached for a phone to call 911. I knew it was ridiculous – they had to know. But until you hear them coming, it’s almost instinctual to call them. The phone was not hooked up anyhow and we heard the sirens a minute or so later. At some point while standing there in that conference room I realized that this was no mistake. This was deliberate. This was a terrorist attack. It was a perfectly clear day and it seemed unlikely to hit the WTC by accident. I was looking down at the plaza, which sits right below where the plane hit, and I couldn’t believe I saw someone walking – not running – across toward the entrance into the North tower. Even as debris was still raining down. A co-worker, was standing next to me in the conference room looking at the burning tower. Then he suddenly looked down, then turned away from the window and said “Oh my God, that was a person.”

The fire alarms were sounding. Then the PA came on and said we should stay in the building – but away from the side facing the towers. A co-worker and I closed all the office and conference room doors on the West side and then I went to my office and turned on IPTV on the desktop computer. I had just got the IPTV viewer started when there was a another very loud explosion. I looked out the window to the left (West) toward the WTC towers and large fireballs – chunks of large burning debris – were arcing out from the building toward the northeast. My first reaction was that it was a secondary explosion from the first plane. I said or thought “That's why they wanted us to stay in the building. To keep us from being outside and exposed to any debris from secondary explosions.” I left the office to head down to the conference room facing the WTC towers to see what had happened and on the way someone told me that the second tower exploded. I couldn’t believe it. I got the conference room, looked up and saw floors blown out of the South tower. My first thought was whether there was anyway the damage or fires in the first could have somehow spread to the second. It did not seem likely. Then I thought maybe it was a bomb in the second one, somehow synchronized with the plane crash. Another plane never occurred to me in my wildest dreams. I stood watching for a few minutes as debris fell off the fašade of the South tower. Then I went back to the office with the IPTV. The PA now had started to announce, rather urgently, that we should leave the building immediately. I looked at the IPTV and they were showing the footage of the second plane hitting the building and narrating that fact. I was shocked. That was less than 300 yards away! I left the office in a hurry realizing that lower Manhattan was under sustained aerial attack. I still had no idea these were airliners but I realized that if they crashed two planes, there could be others. I grabbed my bag and a made a quick check for anything else I might need to take in case I never saw the office again. Then I checked quickly down the hall for any others who may have still been there. Everyone seemed to have left already so I headed for and boarded an elevator to the bottom (I wanted to lose altitude as quickly as possible). There is alot more to the day and the evacuation from lower Manhattan but I don't want to bore you any longer.

Bill Smith | 40 | New York

#691 | Tuesday, January 29th 2002
I spent the first thirty-nine years of my life in Brooklyn, and I remember watching the construction of the world trade center from my bedroom window as a child. I had moved to Ohio at the end of August, 2001, to live with my girlfriend. On September 11, my mother called me, and before saying hello, she said "Donnie's Okay."
I was confused by this, because I didn't know what had happened yet, so my natural response was "why wouldn't he be?"
She then told me to turn on my TV,and when I reminded her that I don't own one, she suggested the radio, after telling me that terrorists had crashed an airplane into the world trade center. Neither of the buildings had collapsed at that point, so we made the conversation short, and I tuned in a radio to a local station, which had suspended all programming to report the events. I heard a reporter recount the collapse of the towers, one at a time, as they fell, and I was overwhelmed by what I was hearing. First I cried, and then I became extremely angry.
My brother, Donnie, worked in the world trade center, as he did in 1993 when it was blown up the first time.
I'm glad my mother called me before I heard about it elsewhere, and I was glad my brother was spared. I didn't know at the time that my cousin also worked in the building, and only found out a week later that she was on the 87th floor of the second tower to be hit, but she started running when the first plane hit, and didn't stop. I'm very happy she's okay too, but her mother suffered many hours of panic before she knew her daughter was safe.
I'm a Carpenter, from Local Union #608, so the Twin Towers were definitely "my buildings." To this day it bothers me that I wasn't there to help out, and was so far from home when tradgedy struck.
I'll be back in NYC when the new towers are built, and I won't be watching from my bedroom window this time. I'll be building them. See you in NYC soon.

Glenn Saari | 40 | Ohio

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