#1458 | Wednesday, July 10th 2002
Im a British soldier and was on exercise in Canada when someone said that the WTC had been attacked.
We were on a maintenance day so we were just sitting in the middle of this huge plain with a crappy little radio to tell us what was going on. I have distant family in NY.
Later the Welsh Guards company commander assembled us all together and briefed us on events, thats when we learnt about the Pentagon.It was frustrating as we couldnt get to see the news for another 2 weeks and when I eventually did see the pictures it was just overwhelming.
In March 2002 I deployed to Afghanistan and was part of ISAF (International Security Assistance Force)in Kabul.
I believe I am right when I say that these creatures that did what they did are not representative of most Afghans.
I also think, along with many, that we have entered a new age, this wont be an isolated event and this jealous hatred that drove them still persists.

Gary | 30 | United Kingdom

#1445 | Friday, July 5th 2002
i had waken up around 8:30am central time on that morning. i had left my portable scanner on overnight, because we had severe weather the night before & skywarn spotters were activated.anyway, the ham operators on that frequency in our area were talking about a plane had crashed into the world trade center towers. i did'nt really think that this was severe until i came downstairs.my mother was up already, dad had already left to go to work that morning. she had a doctors appointment that morning & she was getting ready to leave. i asked mom 'what the heck is going on? i heard the ham operators saying plane have crashed into the world trade center towers.' mom said for me to watch the television & they'll replay the second plane crashing. when i saw the towers buring for the first time i could'nt believe what i was seeing. then they show the second plane crashing. i was say 'whoa, whoa, geeez i can't believe this.'! mom had the NBC on. i heard tom brokaw say that there is a decleration of war. i thought 'well this is it, i guess!' i did'nt go back to bed. i was too hooked of knowing what was gonna happen next.just when my mom started to walk out the door they said over the tv that a plane hit pentagon. i told mom i'm gonna stay up & watch this news coverage & i told her to becareful on the road.i could'nt believe that i saw both twin towers crumble to the ground. all of manhattan was covered in smoke & ash.i went to my work place around 6:00pm that evening. i had that day off. i work at a local craft/floral store. i had to get my new schedule for the next week. my manager 'amy' had a 13 inch color tv at the cash registers with the FOX newschannel on. she asked me how we were doing, i told we were doing fine, just can't believe that this is happening. driving into work that evening, had a really strange atmosphere. i can't explain it. it was'nt like a normal tuesday. but, it seemed people were doing there normal routines that day. i learned that some of the gas station were really jacking-up the prices of gasoline. some places were selling unleaded gasoline between $6.00 & $9.00 a gallon. bunch of idiots trying to take advantage of the situation. but, they got caught though, thanks to our attorney general.but, i think this will be a day we all will never, ever forget. god bless america.
Jason | 30 | Indiana

#1387 | Tuesday, June 11th 2002
It has now been 9 months since that terrible day. You never forget the uneasy feelings we all felt that day. I was 2000 miles away from my family and so desparately wanted to get home to hug and see them one more time. They say time heals all.... will be ever be normal again?
JG | 30 | California

#1368 | Tuesday, June 4th 2002
The morning of September 11, 2001 I was at work in White Plains near the Westchester County airport. I had gotten into work at about 8:30 and about 20-25 minutes after getting there received a phone call from my husband who was on his way to New Rochelle for a real estate closing. He told me that he had been listening to Howard Stern and that there was mention of a plane hitting the World Trade Center. He had switched channels and was listening to 1010 WINS in order to get more information. At the time we both thought the plane was mostly likely a small one whose pilot had had a heart attack at the controls. My co-workers and I tried to get news online, but ended up going into my boss's office to watch TV. The only station we could pick up was a Spanish one so we watched the events unfold on TV while listening to CNN on the radio.

Being about 8 months pregnant at the time I was extremely nervous once we realized that the tragic events in NYC and Washington DC were most likely the result of terrorist attacks. Being near the airport further worried me as they were beginning to shut things down in my area and were bringing in alot of police with automatic rifles and other heavy equipment. I did not linger at the office much after the first tower fell, but went to my in-law's house nearby. Together, my mother-in-law and I watched the second tower fall.

I remember thinking about all the people that we knew (relatives and friends) that worked in lower Manhatten. My husband's uncle was on top of a building on Canal Street doing some electrical work and we kept trying to find out if anyone had heard from him. Slowly, one by one, phone calls trickled in to tell us that all our immediate relations were ok. Only later that day did I speak to some of my co-workers and find out that my boss's son had been on Flight 93. I remember being completely overwhelmed by the news.

9/11 is most certainly a day that I will never forget. My sister and brother-in-law both contributed to the recovery effort at Ground Zero because she is an EMT and he is a fireman. They relayed stories and horrors too gruesome to believe. This past January I visited Ground Zero with my family. Much of the site had already been cleared but it was a very moving experience. I pray that this is the worst that I will have to see in my lifetime. Not a day goes by that I do not think of that day in September and mourn for the lives that were lost and the innocence that this nation can never recover.

Heather | 30 | New York

#1331 | Tuesday, May 28th 2002
I was in my car listening to "Howard Stern".I had dropped my daughter off at school and was on my way home.When I watched everything on TV unfold I was just sick with saddness,fear,hatetred and this horrible feeling of being powerless.By 11:30 am.I had all three of my children close by.It was very hard trying to explain something I did not understand myself.Now as some time has past, our fears are gone and our anger has turned into pure "PATRIOTISM".Every evening before I sleep I think of all that was lost that day and it makes me realize over and over how much my world and every thing and everyone arond me means to me,and how I do appreciate my every waking moment.

Cambria Quick | 30 | Pennsylvania

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