#1899 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
How excited were all 12 of us, it was our first day of our holiday in Florida and we were heading to Disney's Magic Kingdom. We had traveled all the way from London England the day before and finally we were at Disney.

Whislt waiting to get into the park we heard other British tourists talking about 3 planes being hijacked and that they were missing, of course we didn't think nothing of it and dismissed what we had heard.

We had been in the park about 2.5 hours, the men and the children were queuing for one of the rides whilst us women waited for them, when we heard a very unsual announcement! "Due to unforeseen cicumstances, the park is now closing. Please follow the nearest park representative and calmly make your way to the main exit." We all looked at each other in astonishment not too sure what to do. Then they repeated the announcement, again and again. Finally, we made our way to a representative waited for the men and kids and was told the park was being evacuated. We were stunned. Every one was stunned, no one knew exactly what was happening, just that we had to leave the park as soon as possible. Children were crying, parents were trying to explain to their children the reason why we had to leave.

The evacuation went very smoothly, we managed to get out of the park relatively quickly and without any major panic!

It wasn't until we got back to our vehicle, that we discovered the full horror of what actually happened. I couldn't belive what I was listening to on the radio! We were all stunned into complete silence, even the children had stopped crying and listened to what the nation was being told. I sat in the back of our vehicle in tears. Just the day before we had flown over New York!

It was even worse when we got back to the Villa and switched on the TV. We were watching CNN and the horror unfold. I couldn't stop shaking. I am not a religous person, but I sat there praying for those innocent people, and those that were missing on the 4th hijacked plane.

Throughout the rest of our time in Florida, we met numerous American's who lived in New York and grieved with them.

I will never forget the day 9/11, that day and those innocent people will stay with me for the rest of my days. God bless them.

Leah Adams | 24 | United Kingdom

#1896 | Tuesday, September 10th 2002
I was sitting in my cubicle listening to my cd player. Just a normal day at work. I felt someone tap on my shoulder and I took the earphones off my head, and the voice from behind me said, " The World Trade Center just got hit by a plane!" I immediately thought, "no way", and went back to work. It didn't even phase me that something this tragic had happened. After the first plane hit, then the second, I felt another tap on my shoulder. This time I stood up in my cubicle, and thought about my family as I listened to the radio in my office. I am a veteran of the United States Marine Corps. I immediately thought of my little 2 year old baby girl. I was gearing up to go to war. I was scared. Everybody just stood still. Like the world stopped moving for a day. I am not a very religious person, but every night before bed, I say a silent prayer for the victim's and thier families. My heart belongs to those people and the heros of 9/11. God Bless You All.
Katie Ovanek | 24 | West Virginia

#1843 | Monday, September 9th 2002
On September 11,2001, I got up and went to work, after being there afew minutes I heard the news that the world trade center had been hit, At the office that day everybody stopped working and gathered around the radios. It was a day we will never forget, But we also will never forget how America came together, May God Bless all the fmiles who lost their loved ones that day, And I send this message to all of you We will Never forget Sept.11.2001, It will be in our hearts and minds forever. When I came home that bight I held my family tight and just rejoiced in the fact that we were all together. May god Bless you all, We will Never forget. To all the Hero's we salute you.
Jennifer | 24 | Tennessee

#1789 | Sunday, September 8th 2002
I was getting ready to go to class. The phone rang and my sister told me that "something" was going on in New York at the World Trade Center. I turned on the TV and my heart sank. I sat there and watched the images on my TV screen in complete shock and horror.

Lorie | 24 | Arizona

#1763 | Sunday, September 8th 2002
I was working for Hastings Direct in Bexhill an insurance company in Britain when the news broke. It was actually a customer who had phoned up for a quote which alerted us all to what was going on. I do remeber rushing home to find out exactly what had happended as the rumours flying round the office seemed to bizaar to be true, then seeing it for real was twice as terrible as the rumours! It was an awful day that will haunt most sane people till the day they die and i think everyone prays that we never see another one or for that matter are children never see another.
Cllr Robert Cooke | 24 | United Kingdom

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