#769 | Sunday, February 17th 2002
I was in the basement getting my roller skates on for gym class Third hour. When Our High school prinpal came on. At first I thought it was something stupid as it usally is. She announced to the school what had happened. My first thoughts were those Iraqi's attacked us, I never thought it was terrirosts. We started gym class and we came back inside 30 min later. When we got back there was a TV in the hall. The TV was "all fuzzy". I added the times up {from a book that i got on this.} And I know realize it was not a fuzzy TV but the smoke and dust from one of the TOWERS COLLASPING! Teachers and students told us that a 4th plane had crashed and a 5th plane was shot down. {We know this as false know} 9th Hour {In TV class} We saw a plane strike into the tower. {From the Left to right Angle.} Everyone even the jocks were shocked with fear. What I will remember the most. Side by Side picture of two towers collapsing. Tower #7 {around 4 o clock} that i saw collaspe live, and the worst that people had to jump to their death since they couldn't breathe. I should of got a haircut that day and went to a school football game but those terriorists stoped that. God Bless America.
Dave | 15 | Wisconsin

#580 | Friday, December 28th 2001
On September 11th 2001, I was beginning another normal day at my high school. After 1st hour one of my friends told me that something happened at the WTC. I was the only one to know about what happened in my 2nd hour, and I was telling everybody, then the principal came on the PA and told the whole school about what happened. Most of the teachers were in tears, and me along with my fellow students just felt numb from the anger and fear of what was to come. Unfortunately my 3rd hour was gym class, and because most gym teachers are heartless, we were forced to do normal activities anyway. The rest of the day we just grieved. They should have let us go home early. But they didn't. I didn't even see the footage until I got home. I just couldn't believe it. I started to cry when I realized there were babies and children on the planes. I was so moved by the heroism of the firefighters and police running into the WTC when people were running out. I have heroes in the sports world that I look up to, but we witnessed true heroism on 9/11/01. I wear a FDNY hat everyday now, showing my appreciation. On September 11th, I was in for a normal day, but it turned out to be a day I shall never forget.
Kevin | 17 | Wisconsin

#375 | Saturday, December 8th 2001
I remember it very clearly. I had just woken up for class. I was going to start to take a shower when i felt and urge to turn on CNN. It was 8:55. After taking a shower and getting dresed. I looked at the TV and saw the horrible disaster. I continued to watch as the second plane crashed into the towers. I could not even fathom what had happened till i was sitting in class and my prof sat with us and talked about it. I think she really knew that we needed somewhere to let our feelings out. Thanks. And God Bless America.
Paul lemke | 18 | Wisconsin

#359 | Saturday, December 8th 2001
I was just getting up and walking back into my room I turned on the news. There was a top story on every channel. Then the next thing you know, right there in front of my face live on the news the second plane hit. I couldn’t believe. It reminded me of scenes from a movie like Independence Day. This is day that will not be forgotten, it was a great tragedy. But at the same time, the amount of people and dropped everything that they were doing to offer aid and support was overwhelming. The whole world came together for a common unity. The lives of those who passed on both in the fall or the towers and the recovery effort will never be forgotten. We will always remember those people as heroes for offering their lives to save the lives of others.
Aaron Axelsen | 18 | Wisconsin

#329 | Saturday, December 8th 2001
It was so surreal ...

I'm 46 years old and have been a paraplegic for a year, having suffered a stroke in the
thoracic region of my spinal cord in Nov. 2000. Five weeks in the hospital, five months in
a nursing home to rehab and strengthen my upper body, then home ... with a significant
ulcer on the skin of my posterior, requiring bedrest and machinery to heal the sore.

You do what you can to keep your mind busy in these circumstances and I was lying in bed
playing a video game when the phone rang. It was my identical twin brother, who works for
a satelite radio company in Washington D.C.

"Do you have the news on?" he asked.

"Not yet," I said, reaching for the remote. "What happened?"

Before he could answer, MSNBC came onscreen, and I stared in disbelief as one of the World
Trade Center towers was burning.

"A plane flew into it," my brother said. I immediately recalled an incident back in the
30s when a plane crashed into the Empire State Building, and reminded my brother about it.

"Do you think it was something like that?" I asked. "An accident?"

"I dunno," he said. "But I'm thinking terrorism.

Just as he said that, the second plane hit, and just about dropped the phone.

I told my brother I wanted to watch, and would talk to him later. And minutes later, the
phone rang again ... just seconds after it was announced there was "some sort of explosion
at the Pentagon." They weren't ready to tie it in to the WTC explosion yet. But I was.

"One hit the Pentagon," my brohter said.

"Stay home today," I told him. He lives in Laurel, MD, and I figured if he stayed out of
D.C., he'd be fine. Because I was afraid is was going to be raining airplanes in New York,
Washington, and all over the country!

"Not to worry," he said. His wife wasn't letting him go anywhere.

I watched the news in a state of shock, wondering what would happen next, never dreaming
that the two buildings that had survived the bombing in its parking garage eight years
earlier were doomed.

One of the talking heads on MSNBC was ... well ... talking, when you could tell that the
producer was talking in his ear. They cut to New York. The first tower had collapsed. They
showed a tape of it doing so. Minutes later, as a reporter filed a story over the
telephone, she let out a yelp. The second tower was coming down.

That's when I started to cry and pray.

Later, I heard about bin Laden, the heroism of those on the plane destined for D.C. that
ended scattered on a Pennsylvanian field, and the cell phone calls from that doomed

And I remember saying aloud, to nobody, "This isn't Islam." I am not an expert on the
religion, but I know it defies the stereotype. I know it basically teaches the same things
the Christian Bible teaches ... love God and love your neighbor. And, I thought, as all
religions have teir right-wing fanatics ... so does Islam. But the Islamic fanatics get
all the press. Later in the crisis, when right-wing Christian fanatics like Jerry Falwell,
Pat Robertson and Franklin Graham ... who must have disappointed his father terribly ...
said the attacks were the result of God withdrawing his protection from our country, I was
almost as angry as I was when the planes hit.

I'm a lay minister in the United Methodist Church who is working toward becoming useful
again following my sudden attack of paraplegia -- and have done some studying. Check out
some of the stuff in Leviticus and Deuteronomy! The law God gave Moses has some pretty
harsh stuff. Then, if you wish to follow the hard-line right-wing interpretations, make
sure you kill your children if they get insolent. Says so. Deuteronomy 21:20. Is your
daughter a virgin? Hope so. Or else we gotta kill her. Check Deut. 22:23. And guys? If
there's something wrong with your ... uh ... 'manhood,' there'll be no church services for
YOU! Read Deut. 23:1

And let us not forget! This was the law handed down from God to Moses!

If we were to keep these laws, we'd be called murderers, and rightly so. Yet, I suppose,
if one wanted to establish some sort of jihad based on these Old Testament "truths" --

-- no, we'd still be murderers.

So as I watched the chaos in NYC and these thoughts went through my mind, I couldn't help
but wonder about the scene at the gates of Heaven. Would, as bin Laden seemed to assert,
God be flicking away the infidels and only allowing in those who follow bin Laden's brand
of Islam?

Or, now that we're at war and there's a good possibility that Osama could find himself
standing face to face with God, explaining why he did what he did.

Funny what goes through your mind while your world is changing.

Bob Schmalfeldt | 46 | Wisconsin

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