#845 | Sunday, March 10th 2002
September 11, 2001:
Last night, It was on September 10, 2001 I was on duty at a Security Patrol site, as I am in Security. My night as I recall was calm, with a few disturbances as normal. When I arrived home that following morning, a little exausted, I turned on the Television and viewed in shock of a the first N.Y. flaming building shown live on T.V. I did not realize or heard any thing from other sources moments before arriving home because I was enroute for home with radio silence?. You folk in N.Y. saw the immediate devestation effects.
At home, I was about 5 minutes or it seemed into the news when I watched a second plane ram the adjacent twin tower. [I Being a veteran realized we are at war from not hearing about the first hit plane, but a second is deliberate, as the first]. 'Very unusual' I said to myself, 'oh lord'!
I said to myself as a Veteran would, "We are at War"! Still shocked I changed the channel briefly and surely the tragic news was all over T.V.
'This can't not be happening, those innocent people are in the middle of a horrific and uncalled for act of terrorism' I said to myself. The persons involved as being responsible will be brought down by MIL. defense measures for this kind of cowardness.

Bare with me... this is a veterans mind talking war thought, due to defense of you and the United States. If I was not older than the cutoff age for reinlistment back into the U.S. Forces, I would go back and defend my people of the U.S.A. The U.S. Military needs to change the age policy, especially when we/I still have knowledge of previous military defense. I was a soldier and still think about it today. 'This, We/I will defend' is a soldier motto of war defense.

I am not scared of war, because I am hardened by my special area of training. To make a long story short, every true american should be on the defense of terror regardless if they are scared.
Talk to someone that is not scared, and we will sort out the problem of terrorism. Lets all work together. This incident at the Pentagon and New York should not have occurred due to our specialized mil. airborn intelligence and technology of tracking ahead of our own schedule time, anti-terrorism tactics and defense measures to prevent terrorism.

***My heart goes out to all families and innocent victims of war. Veterans and Active Duty MIL>Personnel too! This is war and we need to stick together and in any way...snuff out the bad people terrorist's.***

Back to the television screen live on 9/11 in the Pacific A.M., as I am watching and thinking, wish I could be there to help find people immediately, due to my past emergency service training.
However, I was called back to my work duty here to defend our other part of the Nation from more terror acts.... Sacramento. I was protecting and guarding a State Building around the clock until relieved for rest. Terror just about can occur anywhere, anytime.

Any, I repeat, any suspicious activity of any type regardless how small they are, should be brought to the proper authority by you for investigation before the incident and innocent get involved as a horrific scene. Defend Our Freedom. Be Alert always from this day out.
America will survive terrorism.

**God Bless America and our Freedom, yesterday, today, tommorow, forever.**

Eric Olsen | 38 | California

#660 | Friday, January 25th 2002
. . . In Saipan, Micronesia, a small island south of Japan and east of the Philippines. Awakened by a friend calling from Ohio to report the twin tower and Pentagon attacks. Also to tell me a mutual friend was not to be found. This mutual friend is an economist living in an ultra-small apartment on the back side of a Wall Street stock brockerage (lower Manhatten, NYC).

. . . Some days later my buddy emailed me the economist had returned to South Dakota for consulting work and was not in NYC after all.

. . . As I went back to sleep, I pondered if America would break out in absolute war, and I would be stranded on my island home.

AgXtra | 38 | Northern Mariana Islands

#574 | Monday, December 24th 2001
As with many people going about their daily routines on that fateful day, I was at work. I am a dialysis nurse. To pass the time of day while on the dialysis machine, my patients often watch tv. One of the patients was turning channels to find something to watch, when he suddenly called for me to " come here". I naturally thought there was something medically wrong. When I reached his side he turned his tv around so that I could see and he stated "Look at this." I did not immediately realize what I was viewing, but I did notice that the patient had the tv turned to CNN. It was then I saw a plane going towards a tall building. I still did not realize that this was a " real" event taking place,I thought it was a movie. I pulled up a stool and sat there watching tve tv while the patient began to explain what was happening. As we sat there watching the ongoing coverage, I noticed that there was what appeared to be firemen spraying water on the already burning building from the first plane. Suddenly from what seemed to be coming from out of nowhere, was a second plane crashing into the building. I suddenly realized, in a state of shock and anger, that this was no accident. Once the supposed "suspect(s)" were announced, I immediately wanted to have the country or countries supporting these guys to be bombed off the face of the earth. That feeling lingered for quite a while. Unlike Desert Storm, where I was afraid that someone I personally knew would be going to war and I hpoed and prayed that he wouldn't go, I decided that if I was needed for this war I would go myself. Sometimes I feel that the Government is not moving as fast as they need to remedy this situation, I still feel like they are trying their best. JUST KEEP THE PEOPLE INFORMED !!
Debra Edwards | 38 | Arkansas

#540 | Wednesday, December 19th 2001
September 11, 2001 was my 38th birthday.
I was home when it happen. I was cleaning house and had the TV news on like always. When I saw the first plane hit the first tower, I could not believe what I was seeing, at first I though it was an accident, but I knew something was wrong because planes are not allowed to fly through there, and then when I saw the second plane hit the other tower, I just stood there paralized from head to toe. I live in Brookly NY, you could see the black smoke from my roof top and actually smell the smoke. Days after I found out my next door neighbor lost his son. And my husband's friend who was a fireman whom they played stickball every Sunday lost his life too. It was the worst birthday I have ever had. I don't think i could ever celebrate my birthday again. My husband volunteer for days helping out at ground zero. He described to me how it was. He told me there is no comparison when you see it on TV when you are actually there. My heart goes out to all the people who's life has been scattered. And some many people lost their lives. September 11, 2001 will be a day of saddness for me.

God Bless America

Elizabeth Esposito | 38 | New York

#510 | Tuesday, December 18th 2001
I was at work at the Dearborn, Michigan Ford Engine plant when I heard what happened. Because it's a new area there we had Italians, Germans, English, and Mexicans working on the new machinery {it's part of the contract for the first few years} we ALL were just shocked! One German guy {Ziggy} kept saying "What?" "No! This can't be! Not here!" We listened as we heard the first attack and the second and the third. Most of the Rogue complex was told they could go home. We were not. It made me kind of mad to think that I would die here at work instead of with my family. The Rogue complex has to be the biggest automotive complex in the world and would make a good target. Just made me mad that Ford would want us to stay and let the rest leave.
I remember looking around and thinking if the roof started coming "in", where could I jump to real quick to be safe. I kept thinking when will it end... when I heard of the third attack. Rumours on the radio were flying of this was going to be attacked next then that was. I was really edgey at work. I was hoping my kids were OK and what the school was telling them, if anything.
The next day 2 arabic men were taken up front for questioning.
I do remember to hug my wife and kids EVERY day before work since then, because it goes to show, you never know.

Lawrence Cashero | 38 | Michigan

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