#1304 | Wednesday, May 22nd 2002
the time was around 6:00 am in san diego california. i was sleeping and suddenly my roommate opens my door and starts yelling at me. i thought he was having a nightmare. i couldnt think at the moment. again i asked "what" and he said "were being attacked". again still sleeping i go into the living room and im watching KTLA out of LA and i see one building on fire and suddenly the other building gets hit. what is going on. an attack never in this country would never happen. my roommate mentioned that i probably wouldnt be going into work. i happen to work at a submarine base here in san diego. he left for work and i was still in shock. i got dressed, drove to work and traffic came to a
standstill as i drove closer to the base. about 20 later a woman in her car going the other way tells me that no one is being allowed on base. so i turn around and by the time i get home, the towers have collapsed. all day i was glued to the television in shock.
and again the next day. i felt a sadness for months after. i felt a loss in my soul and felt and still feel like i have to see my family soon. for a time i thought that maybe i needed to see a psychiatrist because i wouldnt feel good until i cried for the day. im still obsessed over this and find myself continuously looking for more video on the attack. and i ask myself how i would have handled it if i had been trapped in the buildings. and my heart breaks everytime i think of the people who chose to end their life by jumping 100 floors instead of burning to death. and i hope they are all in heaven watching over their family members that live with their loss.
god bless them all.

Richard Garcia | 33 | California

#1222 | Sunday, April 28th 2002
I was getting my children off to school, and my husband was watching the news. He came to our bed room and told me that a plane had just hit on of the buildings of the World Trade Center. As we were watching the live coverage on CNN, we saw the second one fly into the second building. THAT was when my heart sank. I KNEW that we were being attacked. As we watched the next 3 hours unfold, we saw the Pentegon hit, and heard of the the other crash. It was like losing a part of myself. I felt fear for the world. Words cannot describe the shock. We are so far away from New York, and Washington, but it was as if it had happened at my front door, i guess in a way, it did.
Melissa | 33 | Louisiana

#1187 | Tuesday, April 16th 2002
On September 11th 2001 my husband and I were sitting in the Mexican Embassy in Orlando Florida. My husband immigrated here from Mexico, and we were in the process of getting his Naturalization finished. He became a full citizen of the USA on September 20th 2001. We watched in horror thinking it must be some mistake, but as the moments passed we soon realized it was very, very real. Life as we knew it was over forever. My husband understood even more what it is to be an American in the coming months.
Amanda | 33 | Florida

#1140 | Monday, April 1st 2002
I was at work rebuilding a house that had a water damage. I was standing at the top of the stairs sorting out the pieces of baseboard so I could reinstall them, when the homeowner screamed from the living room. I stood in front of her t.v. with her in awe I could not believe it. I am a Firefighter,in the National Guard, so it hit me in two ways my fellow firefighters and,what would come next. It still bothers me to know that my brothers in the fire service were in there, but not as much as knowing the reason they were there. noone should have to go through that. They didn't deserve that fate. It could not be the fate god had planed. UBL played god that day. He will be reminded that he is not god.
Rodney Mortimore | 33 | Montana

#1116 | Tuesday, March 26th 2002
On September 11th I was on holiday in Mijas, Spain. After spending a very enjoyable late morning and early afternoon by the pool I will never forget the images that I saw when I returned to my room and switched on the television. My partner and I were totally transfixed for over 3 hours by the events that were unfolding. The first tower had been hit and I saw live the second plane fly into the second tower. Those images will stay with me until my dying day. I will also always remember the american tourists staying at the hotel and thier tears as they telephoned home visibly shaken by the attacks on thier homeland. What took place on that day should never be forgotton. I hope the U.K and all the other democratic countries throughout the world continue to support 100% the U.S and the war against terrorism. Bin laden and his terrorist network must be defeated by whatever means necessary as must all other terrorist groups who threaten freedom and democracy.
Steve W | 33 | United Kingdom

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